Recycled Flatcar

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Alameda Diablo Bridge (Contra Costa County, California)
Built about 1940, railings redone about 2005, reinforced 2014
Parallel railroad flatcar deck girder bridge over Dan Cook Creek on Alameda Diablo
Open to traffic

Big Rocky Fork Bridge (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1987 out of 2 railroad flat cars
Bridge over Rocky Fork Creek on CR720S
Open to traffic

Browns Road Bridge (El Dorado County, California)
Built unknown year.
Wood-decked 3 span flatcar bridge over Weber Creek on Browns Rd
Open to traffic

Caballo Ranchero Bridge (Contra Costa County, California)
Built about 1940, reinforced 2014
Parallel railroad flatcar deck girder bridge over Dan Cook Creek on Caballo Ranchero
Open to traffic

Centennial Trail - Kimball Creek Bridge (King County, Washington)
Bridge over Kimball Creek on Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Choctaw Creek Bridge (Van Buren County, Arkansas)
Built 1991
Bridge over Choctaw Creek on CR 18
Open to traffic with 3 Ton Weight Limit

Cook Street Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
Built 1990
Bridge over Keeland Creek on Cook Street
Open to traffic

Faye's Field Footbridge (Scott County, Iowa)
Steel stringer bridge over West Fork Stafford Creek on Footpath
Open to pedestrians only

Flatcar Bridge (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Abandoned slab bridge over Williamson Valley Dry Wash on Unnamed Road

Griffis-Fountain Chunky River Bridge (Newton County, Mississippi)
Built 1922
Through truss bridge over Chunky River on Griffis-Fountain Road at Chunky
Open to traffic

Halls Gulch Bridge (Trinity County, California)
Built 1973
Steel stringer bridge over Halls Gulch on East Fork Road
Open to traffic

Jeep Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Lost Steel stringer bridge over San Gabriel River on Camp Road
Destroyed by flooding

Kolob Resevoir Road Flatcar Bridge (Washington County, Utah)
Bridge over Drainage ditch on Kolob Resevoir Road
Open to traffic

Krchnak Road Bridge (Bastrop County, Texas)
Built 1992
Pony/through girder bridge over Pin Oak Creek on Krchnak Road (County Road 183)
Open to traffic, zoned for load

MILW - Simmons Creek Bridge (Linn County, Iowa)
Bridge was lost before trail was considered; flatcar bridge built 2001
Lost Bridge over Simmons Creek on Grant Wood Trail
Lost long before it was the trail; Replaced by a new pedestrian flatcar bridge 2001

No Name Creek Bridge (Iowa County, Iowa)
Installed in the 1980s
Abandoned Recycled Flatcar bridge over No Name Creek (NBI Name) on Abandoned Farm Road

Rock Creek Flat Car Bridge (Whiteside County, Illinois)
Bridge over Rock Creek on farm field access

Spoon River Bridge (Bureau County, Illinois)
Built 1910
Bridge over Spoon River on CR 800N
Open to traffic

Usal Road Bridge (Mendocino County, California)
Built 1955
Recycled rail car deck bridge with wood road deck over Usal Creek on Usal Road
Open to traffic

Virgin River Rail Car Bridge (Washington County, Utah)
Bridge over Virgin River on Pedestrin Trail
Open to pedestrians only