Ransome rebar

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Early type of rebar invented by Ernest L. Ransome, an early proponent of reinforced concrete structures.


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Ransome's 1912 book

This bar is usually indicative of a concrete structure being built prior to 1920.

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Alvord Lake Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1889 by Ernest L. Ransome
Reinforced concrete arch bridge over a pedestrian walkway at Golden Gate Park
Open to traffic

BNSF - Eagle Avenue Overpass (Carroll County, Iowa)
Built 1913
Concrete Slab Bridge over Eagle Avenue on BNSF Railway

Cline Road Culvert 1 (East) (Jackson County, Missouri)
Circa 1910
Lost Slab bridge over Tributary of Sni-A-Bar Creek on East Cline Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Cline Road Culvert 3 (Jackson County, Missouri)
Slab bridge over Tributary of Sni-A-Bar Creek on East Cline Road
Open to traffic

Crooked Creek Bridge (Polk County, Texas)
Built 1922
Slab bridge over Crooked Creek on Old Hwy 35
Open to traffic

Eagle Ford Bridge #2 (Dallas County, Texas)
The construction of the low concrete bridges on old Singleton Blvd on both sides of the West Fork is fairly typical of ca 1910-40 style that is attractive and functional.
Abandoned slab bridge over Drainage Ditch on Coppell Road/Singleton Blvd

Hammerquist Road Bridge (Pennington County, South Dakota)
Built 1916
Concrete arch bridge over Rapid Creek on Hammerquist Road
Open to traffic

Hillandale Drive Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Abandoned arch bridge on Hillandale Drive (abandoned section)

Independence Street Bridge (Cass County, Missouri)
Built 1920
Concrete tee beam bridge over Town Creek on Independence Street in Harrisonville
Replaced by a new bridge

West Farmersville Road Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1917
Concrete curved chord through girder bridge over Conestoga River on West Farmersville Road (PA-1010)
Demo started Feb, 2019. Replacement underconstruction.