Orthotropic Deck

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Briefly, an orthotropic deck consists of solid steel plates supported by ribs underneath.

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthotropic_deck

An orthotropic bridge or orthotropic deck is one whose deck typically comprises a structural steel deck plate stiffened either longitudinally or transversely, or in both directions. This allows the deck both to directly bear vehicular loads and to contribute to the bridge structure's overall load-bearing behavior.

A list of all known as built in the US 1960-2003: http://www.orthotropic-bridge.org/2004BridgePages/Pages/USA....

ASCE site: http://www.orthotropic-bridge.org/

Airport Way-Lathrop Poc Bridge (Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska)
Built 1973
Bridge over Lathrop Poc on Airport Way
Open to pedestrians only

Broad Street - Septa Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1921; rehabilitated 1971
Bridge over Septa on Broad Street and West Lehigh Avenue
Open to traffic

County 1563-Long Branch Bridge (Cullman County, Alabama)
Built 2016
Bridge over Long Branch on Cr 1563
Open to traffic

CSX - William Street Bridge (Erie County, New York)
Built 1926
Plate girder bridge over William Street on Csx Transprtation
Open to traffic

Danziger Bridge (Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1988-89
Vertical lift bridge over the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (Industrial Canal) on US 90 in New Orleans
Open to traffic

E.L. Patton Yukon River Bridge (Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska)
Built 1975
Bridge over Yukon River on Dalton Highway
Open to traffic

Egan Drive Poc Bridge (Juneau Borough, Alaska)
Built 1983
Bridge over Egan Drive Poc on Egan Drive Under
Open to pedestrians only

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1937
Suspension bridge over San Francisco Bay on US 101 at San Francisco
Open to traffic

Northern Lights Highway-East High Poc Bridge (Anchorage, Alaska)
Built 1984
Bridge over East High Poc on Nrthrn Lgts Under
Open to pedestrians only

Pekin Bridge (Tazewell County, Illinois)
Built 1982 to replace a lift-type bridge at the same location
Bridge over Illinois River on Illinois Route 9 in Pekin
Open to traffic

PR647-Cibuco River Bridge (Vega Alta, Puerto Rico)
Built 2003
Bridge over Cibuco River on Pr 647
Open to traffic

Rabbit Creek Poc-Seward Highway Bridge (Anchorage, Alaska)
Built 1972
Bridge over Rabbit Creek Poc on Seward Hwy-Under
Open to pedestrians only

Tudor Road-Willow Crest Poc Bridge (Anchorage, Alaska)
Built 1974
Bridge over Willow Crest Poc on Tudor Road
Open to traffic

Yukon River Bridge (North Slope Borough, Alaska)
Built 1975
Bridge over Yukon River on Dalton Highway
Open to traffic