Modern bowstring through truss

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Ballona Creek Bike Path Foot Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 2003
Through truss bridge over Ballona Creek on Ped and Bike
Open to pedestrians only

Great Rivers Greenway River des Peres Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Opened September 16th, 2005. Connects the River Des Peres Greenway (on the south) with the Christy Greenway (on the north).
Modern pedestrian truss bridge over the River Des Peres on the Great Rivers Greenway Network in South St. Louis
Open to bicyclists and pedestrians

Ritz-Carlton Footbridge (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Built in 2005
Bowstring through truss bridge over Forest Park Parkway and MetroLink between the Ritz-Carlton Hotel (on the north) and Carswold Drive (on the south)
Open to bicyclists and pedestrians

Shea Bridge (Queens County, New York)
Built into Citi Field/Shea Stadium when it was built from 2006-2009
Through truss bridge on walkway in Citi Field/Shea Stadium
Open to pedestrians only

The Five Shovelmen Bridge (Monroe County, Wisconsin)
The bridge groundbreaking was on Dec 9, 2015. It was constructed entirely by volunteers known as the Five Shovelmen. The bridge has its origins in a Conditional Use Permit agree to by US Silica and the City of Sparta.
Modern bowstring through truss bridge over LaCrosse River on Pedestrians and Bicycles
Open to traffic. Dedicated September 20, 2016

Virgil Gilman Trail Hurds Island Bridge (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 2011
Steel arch bridge over Fox River on Virgil GilmanTrail (former RR grade)
Open to pedestrians

Virgil Gilman Trail IL 56 Bridge (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 2006
Through truss bridge over IL 56 on Virgil Gilman NatureTrail (former RR grade)
Open to pedestrians

Virgil Gilman Trail Orchard Rd Bridge (Kane County, Illinois)
Through truss bridge over Orchard Road on Virgil Gilman NatureTrail (former RR grade)
Open to pedestrians