Iron arch

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Chestnut Street Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1866; replaced 1957
Lost Iron arch bridge over Schuylkill River on Chestnut Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Doran Bridge (Wayne County, Indiana)
Built in 1885 and designed by city engineer Frank Doran, bridge was closed in 1948 and dismantled in 1950.
Lost Wrought iron arch bridge over East Fork Whitewater River on Richmond Ave
Replaced by new bridge

Driving Park Bridge (Original) (Monroe County, New York)
Built 1890; Replaced 1985
Lost Iron arch bridge over Geneseee River on Driving Park Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

Dunlap's Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1836-39; rehabilitated 1981
Cast-iron arch bridge over Dunlap Creek on PA 4003 in Brownsville
Open to traffic

Glen Miller Park Cast Iron Bridge (Wayne County, Indiana)
Removed ca. 1999, replaced by a replica span in February 2013
Lost Iron arch bridge over Spring overflow on Path
Replaced by a replica span in 2013

Harrison Street Bridge (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Built 1906
Lost Iron arch bridge over Carnegie Lake (Stony Brook) on Harrison Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Lake Street-Marshall Avenue Bridge (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Built in 1888 by Wrought Iron Bridge Company; modified in 1904-5; Replaced in 1989
Lost Bridge over Mississippi River on Lake Street and Marshall Avenue
Replaced by new bridge

Puente Marqués de Serna (Bayamon, Puerto Rico)
Built 1869 (?)
Iron arch bridge over Río de Bayamón on PR 890
Open to pedestrians

Spring Mountain Creek Bridge (Napa County, California)
Deck arch bridge over Spring Mountain Creek on Private Driveway
Open to traffic