Industrial Spur

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DM&E Industrial Spur - IL2 Overpass (Ogle County, Illinois)
Built 1935
Steel stringer bridge over IL 2 (E Blackhawk Dr) on Dakota Minn & Eastern RR (former CGW))
Open to traffic

DM&E Industrial Spur - Marrill Road Overpass (Ogle County, Illinois)
Built 1941
Steel stringer bridge over Marrill Rd on DM&E Railroad (formerly CGW)
Open to traffic

DM&E Industrial Spur - Rock River Bridge (Byron) (Ogle County, Illinois)
Original Great Western Railroad bridge. Now Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern.
Deck plate girder bridge over Rock River on DM&E RR (former CGW)
Open to traffic

EJ&E - Industrial Spur Bridge (Will County, Illinois)
Abandoned pony/through plate girder bridge over Spring Creek on abandoned EJ&E industrial spur

Green Park Alpha Concrete Spur Bridge (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Formerly used by Missouri Pacific Railroad to serve Alpha Concrete Co.
Abandoned concrete stringer bridge over Gravois Creek, located just west of BNSF Railroad Trestle and off Grant's Trail
Abandoned, with center span over Gravois Creek missing

PRR Industrial Spur - Wildcat Creek Bridge (Howard County, Indiana)
Most don't know about this bridge which is bordered on it's North by Omnisource(Mervis scrap yard) and an old factory on the South side. No railroad traffic over this bridge in long time. Remote, and unseen except from creek.
Abandoned pony plate girder bridge over Wildcat Creek on Unknown for sure. Once part of a Pennsylvania Railroad industry track in Kokomo

UP - Industrial Spur Bridge (Tazewell County, Illinois)
Pratt through truss bridge over MIll Lake on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic