Havemeyer rebar

Bars are deformed in a manner that does not change the net cross sectional area along the length, thus producing a bar where the entire cross sectional area all along the bar carries the tensile load. These bars weigh less per foot than other bars of equivalent strength.

Patent from 1909: https://patents.google.com/patent/US1151947A/en

Sold by The Concrete Steel Company of New York

Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co. Bridge (Harrison County, West Virginia)
Built 1924 by Bridgeport Lamp Chimney Co.;
Concrete through arch bridge over Simpson Creek on Pedestrian Walkway
Open to pedestrians

Stillhouse Road culvert (Jackson County, Missouri)
Concrete culvert bridge over Tributary of Sni-A-Bar Creek on S Stillhouse Rd
Open to traffic