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San Felipe Ferry (Austin County, Texas)
Lost Ferry across Brazos River on Atascocito Road
No longer exists

Saugatuck Chain Ferry (Allegan County, Michigan)
Ferry across Kalamazoo River on Pedestrians
Open to pedestrians only

Seabrook-Kemah Ferry (Galveston County, Texas)
Built ca. 1900; Replaced by a drawbridge in 1929
Lost Ferry across Clear Creek
Replaced by a new bridge

Sharpe's Landing (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Lost Ferry across Red River on TX 37; OK 37
No longer exists

Sistersville Ferry (Tyler County, West Virginia)
In continuous operation since 1815
Ferry crossing over the Ohio River between Sistersville, West Virginia, and Fly, Ohio
Toll ferry open to traffic

Siuslaw River ferry (Lane County, Oregon)
Lost Ferry across Siuslaw river on Us 101
No longer exists

Smith Ferry (Baxter County, Arkansas)
Built 1902, Replaced by bridge 1934
Lost cable powered ferry across North Fork River on Ozark Trail (later US 62)
No longer exists

SN - Suisun Bay Ferry "Ramon" (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1915; Operations ceased 1954
Lost Ferry across Suisun Bay on Railroad (SN)
No Longer In Operation

SNCT - Seattle-Port Townsend Ferry (Jefferson County, Washington)
Service ended 1985; Seattle's Pier 26 removed in 2007; Port Townsend pier removed in 2008
Lost Ferry on Seattle & North Coast Railroad

Southern Pacific-Golden Gate Ferries Limited Auto Ferries (San Francisco County, California)
Auto ferry service began 1909; Ferry service stopped in 1958.
Lost Ferry across San Francisco Bay carrying automobiles
No Longer In Operation

Spring Bank Ferry (Miller County, Arkansas)
Built 1834; taken over by state in 1964; replaced by bridge 1995
Lost Ferry across Red River on AR 160
No longer exists

SS Badger, Lake Michigan Carferry Service (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Built in 1952 by Christy Corporation of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Put into service 1953
Ferry across Lake Michigan on US 10
Operates daily May through October, 2 crossings Spring & Fall, 4 crossings in Summer

SS Chief Wawatam (Mackinac County, Michigan)
Built 1911, Taken out of ferry service in 1984; Cut down into a barge 1989, Scrapped 2009
Lost Ferry across Lake Michigan on Soo Lin Railroad
No longer running

St Charles Ferry (Arkansas County, Arkansas)
Built 1955, replaced by bridge 1982
Lost Ferry across White River on Arkansas Rt 1
No longer exists

Stafford-McClelland Ferry (Fergus County, Montana)
Replacement built 2004
Ferry across Missouri River on Stafford Ferry Road

State street aerial ferry (Marion County, Oregon)
Lost Ferry across Willamete river
No longer exists

Staten Island Ferry (Richmond County, New York)
Service started 1817
Ferry across New York Harbor on pedestrian route
Open to pedestrians only

Ste. Genevieve Ferry (Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri)
Toll ferry across the Mississippi River at Ste. Genevieve
Open to traffic

Stow Ferry (Chautauqua County, New York)

Suffield-Thompsonville Ferry (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Lost Ferry across Connecticut River
Replaced by a new bridge

Sugar Island Ferry (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Ferry across Little Rapids Channel, St. Mary's River
Open to traffic

The Dalles-Dallesport Ferry (Wasco County, Oregon)
Built 1873 replaced 1954
Lost Ferry across Columbia River
Replaced by a new bridge

US40 New Castle-Pennsville Ferry (New Castle County, Delaware)
Service ended 1951
Lost Ferry across Delaware River on US 40
Ferry no longer in service; Only posts remain

Valley View Ferry (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
Ferry Started 1785 by John Craig under charter from the Virgina Legislature. Oldest business in Kentucky.
Ferry across Kentucky River on KY 39
Open to traffic

Virgelle Ferry (Chouteau County, Montana)
Original ferry built in 1913; current ferry in operation since 2004
Ferry across MIssouri River on Virgelle Ferry Road
Open to traffic

Wahkiakum County Ferry (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Ferry service started in 1925. Wahkiakum County took over running the ferry in 1962.
Ferry across Columbia River on Westport Ferry Road/SR 409
Open to traffic

Waldport ferry (Lincoln County, Oregon)
Lost Floating bridge over Alsea Bay on US 101
No longer exists

Warehouse Point-Windsor Locks Ferry (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Began service 1783; Discontinued 1886 when bridge was built
Lost Ferry across Connecticut River
Replaced by a new bridge

Washington Island Ferry Line (Door County, Wisconsin)
Ferry Crossing over Port des Morts Straits (Lake Michigan)

Wheatland Ferry (Marion County, Oregon)
Established 1850's, Current ferry built in 2001
Ferry across Willamette River on Wheatland Rd/Matheny Rd
Open to traffic

White Bluffs Ferry (Benton County, Washington)
Established 1861 Service stopped 1943 with creation of the Hanford nuclear reservation
Lost Ferry across Columbia River
No longer exists

White Castle Ferry (Iberville Parish, Louisiana)
Ferry across Mississippi River
Closed to traffic June 2013

White River Sylamore Ferry (Stone County, Arkansas)
Lost Ferry across White River on Arkansas 9
Replaced by new bridge

White's Ferry (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Ferry over Potomac River

Winfield Ferry (Lincoln County, Missouri)
Ferry across the Mississippi River just below Lock and Dam No. 25 at Winfield
Closed with all traffic routed to Golden Eagle Ferry

Woodward Ferry (San Joaquin County, California)
Built 1936
Ferry across Middle River on Woodward Ferry Road
Open to traffic

WP - San Francisco Bay Ferries (San Francisco County, California)
Lost Ferry across San Francisco Bay on Railroad
No Longer In Operation

Yaqunia bay ferry (Lincoln County, Oregon)
lost in 1936 with completion of Yaqunia bay bridge
Ferry across Yaqunia bay
No longer exists

Yellowstone Ferry (Custer County, Montana)
Lost Ferry across Yellowstone River on Ferry Crossing
Replaced by a new bridge