Drew Bridge (Lafayette County, Florida)
Named after sons of George F. Drew (gov. of FL 1877-81); purchased in Brazil by Drews in 1899 & floated by barge to present location. Not in use since 1920.
Bridge over Suwannee River on Suwannee & San Pedro Railroad (1902-1905)
Abandoned since mid 20th century.

MoPac - East Barretts Tunnel (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Built 1851-1853; Abandoned 1944
Lost Tunnel on Missouri Pacific Railroad
Tunnel demolished in 2000's

PRR - Ronks Haupt Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1851; damaged 2018
Haupt through truss bridge over Amtrak (former PRR) on Private farm road
Superstructure damaged in 2018 for unknown reasons

Shelby CR2431 (Shelby County, Missouri)
Built c1908
Abandoned 3 Panel Bedstead Pratt pony truss bridge over Mesner Creek