Decorative/Non-Functional Truss

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This category is designated for Truss bridges where by either modification or "rehabilitation", the Truss has been rendered non-functional in a load-bearing capacity, and is only responsible for its own weight. While this is much more common on covered bridges, historic metal truss bridges have also been subjected to this fate.

Ashtabula Creek Bridge (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1910; reconstructed 1996
Pony truss bridge over Astabula Creek on TR 300 (State Line Road)
Open to traffic

Austin-Santa Fe Park Bridge (Neosho County, Kansas)
Built 1872 near Chanute by the King Iron Bridge Co. Moved downstream ca. 1910. Relocated to Santa Fe Park in Chanute, Kansas.
Relocated Bowstring through truss bridge over Little Turkey Creek
Open to pedestrians

Blackstone River Bikeway - Blackstone River Bridge (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1887; relocated to this site 2001
Pin connected Lenticular pony truss bridge over Blackstone River on Blackstone River Bikeway in Millbury
Open to pedestrians only

Blue Bridge (Huron County, Ohio)
Built 1882 by the King Bridge Co.; load-bearing stringers installed during 1996 rehabilitation
Pratt through truss bridge over W Br Huron River on Lamereaux Rd.
Open to traffic

Book Road Bridge (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1921
Warren Pony truss bridge over Poultney River on C2003 in West Haven
Open to traffic

Braley Covered Bridge 45-09-04 (Orange County, Vermont)
Built 1904; Covered 1909; Rehabilitated with steel stringers added 1977; Rehabilitated 2008
Covered "Half High" Multiple Kingpost truss bridge over Second Branch, White River on Braley Road
Open to traffic

Coburn Covered Bridge 45-12-02 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1851 by Larned Coburn; rehabilitated 1973
Covered bridge over Winooski River on Coburn Road (C3030)
Open to traffic

CR 319 Bridge (Howard County, Missouri)
Warren pony truss bridge over Unnamed creek on CR 319
Open to traffic

Depot Covered Bridge 45-11-06 (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1853; Rehabilitated 1974; Steel stringers added 1985
Covered Town Lattice through truss bridge over Otter Creek on Florence Road
Open to traffic

DRR - Critter Country Bridge (Orange County, California)
Built 2017
Slab bridge over Critter Country Path on Disneyland Railroad
Open to traffic

Elm Street Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1870 by the National Bridge & Iron Works; Rehabilitated c. 1900; Rehabilitated 1980
Parker Patent pony truss bridge over Ottauquechee River on VT 12 (Elm Street) in Woodstock.
Open to traffic

Flying Diamond Ranch Bridge (San Miguel County, New Mexico)
Warren pony truss bridge over Pecos River on Ranch Road (Private)
Open to authorized vehicles only

Ford Street Bridge (Monroe County, New York)
Built 1917; rehabilitated/repainted 1962; renamed Ford Street in 1980; widened and reconstructed as a girder bridge in 2001, retaining pony trusses as decorations
Polygonal Warren pony truss bridge over Genesee River on Ford Street in Rochester

Gerloff Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1888, closed to traffic in mid 1970's; Rebuilt by High Steel Structures & reopened July 1998
Pratt through truss bridge over Swamp Creek on Gerloff Road near Zieglersville, PA
Open to traffic

Grove Street Bridge East (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Built 1917; rehabilitated 1997
Former pony truss bridge over Oconomowoc River - East Channel on Grove Street in Oconomowoc
Open to traffic

Hadley Bow Bridge (1885) (Saratoga County, New York)
Built 1885 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; closed 1983; Reconstructed 2006
Pin connected Lenticular half-through truss bridge over Sacandaga River on Old Corinth Road at Hadley
Open to traffic

Libertyville Bridge (Lake County, Illinois)
Built 1921 as the western span of the US51 Kaskaskia River Bridge at Vandalia, Relocated here 1962. Replaced with trusses reused as decorations in 1990
Pratt through truss bridge over Desplaines River on Rockland Road
Demolished and replaced.

LVRC - Fisher Covered Bridge 45-08-16 (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 1908 by St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad; Steel stringers added 1968; Line abandoned 1997; Rehabilitated 2001
Covered double Town Lattice through truss bridge over Lamoille River on Lamoille Valley Rail Road
Open to pedestrians only

Miner Street Bridge (Clear Creek County, Colorado)
Built 1902 by Kuyes and Work. Reconstructed 1990 (the trusses are no longer load-bearing).
Reconstructed pony truss bridge over Clear Creek on Miner Street in Idaho Springs
Open to traffic

Minortown Road Bridge (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1890 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1991
Lenticular pony truss bridge over Nonewaug River on Minortown Road in Woodbury
Open to traffic

Mountain View Street Decorative Trusses (Ventura County, California)
Through truss bridge on Mountain View Street
Open to traffic; Decorative

Mt. Zion Road Bridge (Ellis County, Texas)
Built 1930; trusses appear to have been retained as non-functional decorations when bridge was replaced in 1995
Warren pony truss with alternating verticals bridge over Waxhachie Creek on Mount Zion Road
Open to traffic

Northfield Falls Covered Bridge 45-12-08 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1872; rehabilitated 1969
Covered Town Lattice bridge over Dog River on Cox Brook Road (C2003) in Northfield Falls
Open to traffic

Pawtucket Street Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
First bridge at this location dates to 1796. Current bridge built 1927 & replaced 2019-2021
Deck plate girder bridge with decorative queenpost deck trusses over Pawtucket Canal on Pawtucket Street
Closed to all traffic with demolition and replacement in progress

Randolph Bridge (Jefferson County, West Virginia)
Built 1974
Timber stringer bridge over Shenendoah Canal on Pedesrtian Trail
Open to pedestrians

Ranney Bridge (Essex County, New York)
Built 1902 by Canton Bridge Co.; Relocated here 1925
Pratt pony truss bridge over Ausable River on Private Road in Keene Valley.
Open to traffic

Riverside Avenue Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1871 as part of a six-span bridge over the Housatonic River; relocated here 1895; reconstructed 1989
Whipple through truss bridge over Northeast Corridor (Metro North Railroad) on Riverside Avenue
Open to traffic

San Antonio River Bridge (Monterey County, California)
Relocated here ca. 1940; rehabilitated 2008
Pratt through truss bridge over San Antonio River on Nacimiento Road
Open to traffic

Sharon Station Bridge (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1885 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; reconstructed 1956 & 2000
Lenticular pony truss bridge over Webatuck Creek on Sharon Station Road
Open to traffic

Stony Brook Bridge 45-12-07 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1899 by John Moseley; Rehabilitated 1968 with steel stringers
Kingpost through truss bridge over Stony Brook on Stony Brook Road
Open to traffic

Valley Cross Road Bridge (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built 1905; rehabilitated 1983
Parker pony truss bridge over Wildcat Brook on Valley Cross Road in Jackson
Open to traffic

Waterview Apartments Footbridge (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Pony plate girder bridge over Delaware Canal and its towpath on Apartment Footpath
Closed to all traffic per NBI

Waterview Condominiums Bridge (N) (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1962
Slab bridge over Delaware Canal on Upper Union Mill Road
Open to authorized vehicles only

Waterview Condominiums Bridge (S) (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1967
Concrete stringer bridge over Delaware Canal on Union Mill Drive
Open to traffic

West Woodstock Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1900 by Groton Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 2002 with addition of steel through arch
Pin connected Pennsylvania through truss with added arches over Ottauquechee River on Mill Rd (C3050) in Woodstock
Open to traffic