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Jackson Covered Bridge 13-18-01 #2 (Cumberland County, Illinois)
Built 2000 as a replica of an 1832 bridge built at this site
Modern covered bridge over Embarras River on Cumberland Road
Open to two-lane traffic

Jackson Covered Bridge 14-61-28 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1861, rehabilitated 1977 and 2007
Covered bridge over Sugar Creek on CRN50W
Open despite being damaged twice by oversized trucks attempting to cross it.

Jackson Covered Bridge 29-02-01 (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built 1876; rehabilitated 2004
Covered Paddleford through truss bridge over Ellis River on NH 16A in Jackson
Open to traffic

Jackson Sawmill Covered Bridge 38-36-33 #2 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1878; reconstructed 1985
Covered bridge over West Octoraro Creek on Mt. Pleasant Road (TR 696)
Open to traffic

Jackson's Mill Covered Bridge 38-05-25 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1889; rehabilitated 1992
Covered Bridge over Brush Creek on T413,Covered Bridge Road
Open with a 5 ton limit

Jackson's Mill Covered Bridge 38-63-18 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Rebuilt in 2003
Queenpost through truss bridge over King's Creek on Kings Creek Rd.
Open to traffic

James Covered Bridge 14-40-02 (Jennings County, Indiana)
Built 1887 by Barron & Hole
Covered bridge over Big Graham Creek on CR 625 S
Open to one-lane traffic

Jasper Road Covered Bridge 35-57-36 (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Originally built in Greene County, OH and later moved to park.
Covered bridge over Mudlick Creek
Open to pedestrians

Jay Bridge (N, Older) (Franklin County, Maine)
Built ?; replaced 1896;
Lost through truss bridge over East Channel Androscoggin River on Jay Bridge Road
Destroyed by flooding & replaced

Jay Covered Bridge 32-16-01 (Essex County, New York)
Built 1857 by George Burt; Bypassed 1997; Rehabilitated 2007
Covered Howe Truss bridge over East Branch Ausable River on CR 22
Closed to traffic

Jaynes Covered Bridge 35-21-05x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Built 1850
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Alum Creek on Bale Kenyan Road
Destroyed by arson fire in 1955

Jediah Hill Covered Bridge 35-31-01 (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1850
Queenpost through truss bridge over West Fork, Mill Creek in Mount Healthy
Open to traffic

Jeffries Ford Covered Bridge 14-61-03x (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1915, destroyed by arson on April 2, 2002
Lost covered bridge over Big Raccoon Creek on CR S150E
Destroyed by arson

Jellison Bridge (Ellis County, Kansas)
Built 1934
Warren through truss bridge over Old Channel of Big Creek
Open to pedestrians only

Jericho Covered Bridge 20-03-01 / 20-12-01 (Baltimore County, Maryland)
built 1865, queenpost added 1937, stringers added 1982, heavily renovated 2015
Burr arch-truss bridge over Little Gunpowder Falls on Jericho Road
Open to traffic

Jessup Covered Bridge 14-61-06x (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1910, moved in 1970, destroyed in 1989 when a large tree fell on it, breaking the arches. It collapsed into the creek, floated under the Sanatorium Covered Bridge, and finally stopped near the U.S. 36 Bridge
Lost Covered bridge over Little Raccoon Creek
Destroyed by storm

Joels Bridge (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built 1846; Bypassed 1950; Burned 1975
Lost Covered Paddleford through truss bridge over Saco River
Lost to arson. Substructure remains present.

John Bright No. 2 Covered Bridge 35-23-10 (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Originally built 1881 by Augustus Borneman over Poplar Creek on Bish Road near Carroll. Rehabilitated 1913. Relocated 1988.
Covered bridge relocated to the Ohio University-Lancaster campus in Lancaster
Open to pedestrians only

John Day River Bridge 37-04-01x (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Built 1918; Replaced 1933
Lost Howe through truss bridge over John Day River on Columbia River Highway
Replaced by a new bridge

Johnson Covered Bridge 38-19-37 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1905
Covered bridge over Mugser Run on Cleveland Road
Open to traffic

Johnson Covered Bridge 47-27-04 (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 2005
Howe through truss bridge over Whiskey Creek
Open to private traffic

Johnson Creek Covered Bridge 17-101-01 (Robertson County, Kentucky)
Built 1874 by Jacob Bower; reconstructed 2007-08
Smith through truss bridge over Johnson Creek on on an old alignment of KY 1029
Open to traffic (as of August 2010)

Johnson Mill Covered Bridge 35-60-31 (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Built 1876; rehabilitated 1998
Covered bridge over Salt Creek on Arch Hill Road (CR 82)
Open to pedestrians only

Johnson Road Covered Bridge 35-40-06 (Jackson County, Ohio)
Built 1870; rehabilitated 2000
Covered bridge over Brushy Fork Little Scioto River on Johnson Road
Closed to all vehicle traffic

Johnson's Mill Covered Bridge 38-36-35x (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1854; Reconstructed 1867; Destroyed by Hurricane Agnes June 22, 1972
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Chiques Creek on Marietta Avenue
Destroyed by hurricane

Johnsonville Covered Bridge 07-04-07 (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1976
Burr arch-truss bridge over Moodus River
Open to pedestrians only

Johnston Covered Bridge (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Built 1887
Covered bridge over Clear Creek on Amanda-Clearport Road
Open to pedestrians only

Jon Raab Covered Bridge 35-23-37 (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Built 1891; Moved there 1974
Queenpost through truss bridge over Dry land

Jordan Covered Bridge 37-24-(a (Marion County, Oregon)
Built 1937, Relocated 1988, Burned 1994, Reconstructed 1998
Howe through truss bridge over Salem Power Canal on Park Path
Open to pedestrians

Josiah Hess Covered Bridge 38-19-10 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875
Covered bridge over Huntington Creek on Covered Bridge Lane, northeast of Orangeville
Open to pedestrians only

Jud Christian Covered Bridge 38-19-25 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1876; rehabilitated 1996
Covered bridge over Little Fishing Creek on Ardens Hill Road, northeast of Sereno
Open to traffic

Juniata Crossing Covered Bridge 38-05-28x (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built in 1818 as a 2-lane covered bridge; Lost in St. Patty's Day Storm of 1936
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Raystown Br.Juniata River on US 30
Replaced by new bridge

Kauffman's Distillery Covered Bridge 38-36-32 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1900
Covered bridge over Big Chiques Creek on Sun Hill Road
Open to traffic

Keefer Covered Bridge 38-47-03 (Montour County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1853 by William Butler; rehabilitated 1983
Covered bridge over Chillesquaque Creek on Keefer Mill Road
Open to traffic

Keefer Station Covered Bridge 38-49-02 (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1888, restored 2000
Burr arch-truss bridge over Shamokin Creek on Mill Road
Open to traffic

Keller's Covered Bridge 38-36-13 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1891, dismantled 2006, rebuilt at new location 2010
Covered bridge over Cocalico Creek on Middle Creek Road in Ephrata Township (relocated from Rettew Mill Road 2010)
Open to traffic

Kelloggsville Covered Bridge 35-04-08x (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Built in 1867 by Mr. Potter (First name unknown); Replaced 1947
Lost Covered Town lattice truss bridge over Ashtabula River on Stanhope-Kelloggsville Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Keniston Covered Bridge 29-07-02 (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1882
Covered bridge over Blackwater River on Bridge Road in Andover
Open to traffic

Kennedy Covered Bridge 38-15-13 #2 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1856; rehabilitated 1988
Through truss bridge over French Creek on Seven Stars Road
Open to traffic

Kidd's Mill Covered Bridge 38-43-01 (Mercer County, Pennsylvania)
Covered bridge over Shenango River on Kidds Mill Road (TR 471)
Open to pedestrians only

Kidder Hill Covered Bridge 45-13-03 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1870; rehabilitated 1995
Covered bridge over S Branch Saxtons River on Kidder Hill Rd. C3043 in Grafton
Open to traffic

Kidwell Covered Bridge 35-05-02 (Athens County, Ohio)
Built 1880, closed in 1978 after damage from overweight truck, recently restored and reopened to traffic.
Howe through truss bridge over Sunday Creek on Monserat Road (TR332)
Open to traffic

Kilgore Mill Bridge 10-07-04x (Walton County, Georgia)
Built 1874, burned by arsonists April 23, 1993
Covered Town lattice truss bridge over Appalachee River on Briscoe Mill Rd. (Carl Davis Rd.)
Lost, burned by arsonists April 23, 1993

Kilgore's Ford Bridge 35-71-26x (Ross County, Ohio)
Lost Long through truss bridge over Scioto River on Road

King Covered Bridge 38-30-24 (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1890
Queenpost through truss bridge over Hoover's Run on King Sister Hill Rd TR 371
Open to traffic

Kings Covered Bridge 38-56-06 (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Rebuilt 1906 at site of earlier bridge; extensively rebuilt ca. 2010
Burr arch-truss bridge over Laurel Hill Creek on Bypassed section of PA653
Open to pedestrians

Kings Valley Covered Bridge (Benton County, Oregon)
Built 1925 to replace 1914 Covered Bridge replaced in 1966
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Luckiamute River on OR 223
Replaced by a new bridge

Kingsbury Covered Bridge 45-09-02 (Orange County, Vermont)
Built 1904, Rebuilt 2009
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Second Branch, White River on Kingsbury Road
Open to traffic

Kingsley Covered Bridge 45-11-03 (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1836 by Timothy Horton; rehabilitated 1987
Covered bridge over Mill River on C3039 in Clarendon
Open to traffic

Kingsmill Covered Bridge 35-51-21 (Marion County, Ohio)
Built 2016
Truss bridge

Kintersburg Covered Bridge 38-32-05 (Indiana County, Pennsylvania)
Bypassed in 1977
Howe through truss bridge over Crooked Creek on Bypassed section of Rayne Twp Rd 612
Open to pedestrians

Kirker Covered Bridge 35-01-10 (Adams County, Ohio)
Built 1890; Renovated & reinforced 1950; Bypassed 1974
Covered Multiple Kingpost Through truss bridge on bypassed OH-136
Closed to all traffic

Kissing Bridge (Essex County, New York)
Covered 1994
Covered pony plate girder bridge over La Chute River on Pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians only

Klinepeter Covered Bridge 38-55-03 (Snyder County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1871; relocated in 1982
Covered bridge over Beaver Creek on Railroad Avenue in Beaver Springs
Open to traffic

Knapp's Covered Bridge 38-08-01 (Bradford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1853; rehabilitated 2001
Covered bridge over Browns Creek on Browns Creek Road (TR 554)
Open to traffic

Knecht's Covered Bridge 38-09-02 (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1873; rehabilitated 1983
Covered bridge over Cooks Creek on Knect's Road in Springfield Twp near Springtown, PA. Bucks County Bridge #192
Open to traffic

Knight's Bridge 37-03-02x (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Built 1877
Lost Through truss bridge over Molalla River on Knights Bridge Rd.
Destroyed by wind in 1947

Knights Ferry Covered Bridge 05-50-01 (Stanislaus County, California)
Built May 1864; closed to traffic June 1981; rehabilitated 1989
Four-span covered bridge over Stanislaus River at Knights Ferry
Open to pedestrians only

Knowlton Covered Bridge 35-56-18 (Monroe County, Ohio)
Built 1887; rehabilitated 1995
Three-span covered bridge over Little Muskingum River on CR 387A
Fenced off from pedestrians

Knox Covered Bridge 38-15-15 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1865; rehabilitated 1960
Steel stringer bridge over Valley Creek on Yellow Springs Road in Valley Forge, PA
Open to traffic

Kochenderfer Covered Bridge 38-50-09 (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1919
Covered bridge over Big Buffalo Creek on Fritz Road (TR 332)
Open to pedestrians only

Kramer Covered Bridge 38-19-23 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881
Covered bridge over Mud Run on Turkey Path Road, north of Orangeville
Open to traffic

Kreffer Covered Bridge 45-02-A (Bennington County, Vermont)
Built 1976
Stringer bridge over Green River

Kreidersville Covered Bridge 38-48-01 (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1839, restored c1959
Burr arch-truss bridge over Hokendanqua Creek on Covered Bridge Road
Open to traffic

Krepp's Covered Bridge 38-63-19 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887
Covered bridge over Raccoon Creek on Covered Bridge Road (TR 799)
Open to traffic

Kriegbaum Covered Bridge 38-19-32 / 38-49-12 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1876
Covered bridge over South Branch Roaring Creek on All Saints Road
Open to traffic

Kuhn's Fording Bridge 38-01-12x (Adams County, Pennsylvania)
It was constructed in 1897 by local builders. Removed in 1982 and given to Lancaster County in their bridge repair program.
Lost Burr Arch truss bridge over Conewago Creek on Township Road 552 (Kuhns Fording Road)

Kurtz Mill Covered Bridge 38-36-03 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1876; relocated here in 1974
Covered bridge over Mill Creek on Kiwanis Road in Lancaster City Park
Open to traffic

Kymulga Covered Bridge 01-61-01 (Talladega County, Alabama)
Built 1861
Howe through truss bridge over Talladega Creek on an access to the Old Georgia Road in Kymulga Park about four miles north of Childersburg on Grist Mill Road
Preserved and open to pedestrians

L.L.Bartram's Covered Bridge 38-15-17 / 38-23-02 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Burr arch-truss bridge over Crum Creek
Intact but closed to all traffic

Lairdsville Covered Bridge 38-41-03 #2 (Lycoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1928; rehabilitated 1940
Covered bridge over Little Muncy Creek on Covered Bridge Road
Open to traffic

Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge 13-10-A (Champaign County, Illinois)
Built 1965
Covered bridge over Sangamon River on Lake of the Woods County Park Road in the Champaign County Forest Preserve
Open to traffic

Lancaster Covered Bridge 14-08-02 (Carroll County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1872 by the Wheelock Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1981; damaged by flooding in 2004, fully rehabilitated and reopened 2006
Covered bridge over Wildcat Creek on CR 500 West
Open to traffic

Landis Mill Covered Bridge 38-36-16 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1873
Covered bridge over Little Conestoga Creek on Sheiner Station Road in Lancaster
Open to traffic

Langley Covered Bridge 22-75-01 (St. Joseph County, Michigan)
Built 1887 by Pierce Bodner
Covered bridge over St. Joseph River on Covered Bridge Road
Open to one-lane traffic

Larkin Covered Bridge 38-15-11 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881; relocated 2006
Covered bridge over a ditch next to Byers Station Blvd.
Open to pedestrians only

Larkin Covered Bridge 45-09-10 (Orange County, Vermont)
Built 1902
Covered bridge over First Branch White River on Larkin Rd (C3013) in Tunbridge
Open to traffic

Larwood Covered Bridge 37-22-06 (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1939; rehabilitated 2003
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Crabtree Creek on Fish Hatchery Road
Open to traffic

Laurel Creek Covered Bridge 48-32-01 (Monroe County, West Virginia)
Built 1911; rehabilitated 2000
Queenpost through truss bridge over Laurel Creek on Cr 23/4 Sls
Open to traffic

Lavender Covered Bridge 35-21-07x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Built to replace an earlier covered bridge. Only bridge along the Scioto River to survive the 1913 flood
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Scioto River on Radnor Road (Del. Co. Rd 198)
Replaced by a new bridge

Lawrence L. Knoebel Covered Bridge 38-19-39 / 38-49-13 (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875
Queenpost through truss bridge over South Branch Roaring Creek on Campground Road; outer sidewalk added in 1970s, and bridge modified to offer higher clearance for campers
Open to traffic

Leaksville Covered Bridge 33-79-04x (Rockingham County, North Carolina)
Built 1852 in the town of Leaksville; Collapsed 1943; 30' stone piling remains
Lost Covered Lattice through truss bridge over Dan River on Old State Highway 87
Replaced by a new bridge

Leaman Place Covered Bridge 38-36-20 #2 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1893
Covered bridge over Pequea Creek on Belmont Road (TR 684)
Open to traffic

Leatherman Covered Bridge 38-63-20 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Queenpost through truss bridge over South Br Pigeon Creek on Leatherman Bridge Rd. TR449
Open to traffic

Leatherwood Station Covered Bridge 14-61-25 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1899, rehabilitated in 1940, closed to traffic in 1979, moved from Williams Creek to Billie Creek in 1981
Covered bridge over Williams Creek on a pedestrian trail southeast of Rockville
Open to pedestrians

Ledyard Covered Bridge (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Built 1859; Demolished 1935
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Connecticut River on present day Wheelock Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Leeper Covered Bridge 35-30-08x (Guernsey County, Ohio)
Built 1850
Lost Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Salt Creek
Collapsed due to an overweight truck

Lehman's Covered Bridge 38-34-B (Juniata County, Pennsylvania)
Built in 1888 and rebuilt after Hurricane Agnes in 1972 using original timbers, but not original truss design
Bridge over East Licking Creek on Mayer Road
Open to traffic

Leonard Street Covered Bridge 22-41-03#2x (Kent County, Michigan)
Built 1879; replaced 1913
Lost Lattice through truss bridge over Grand River on Leonard Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Leota Covered Bridge 14-72-A (Scott County, Indiana)
Built 1995
Modern covered bridge over Coonie Creek on Bloomington Trail Road/Leota Road in Leota
Open to traffic

Lewisburg Susquehanna River Covered Bridge (Union County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1818 for Lewisburg Bridge Co. by Reuben Fields; washed away March 17, 1865
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over West Branch Susquehanna River on road
Replaced by a new bridge

Lewisburg Susquehanna River Covered Railroad Bridge (Union County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1865-68 as joint railroad/road bridge; 5 spans washed away June 1, 1889 and replaced; three spans destroyed in flood of May 21, 1894 and rebuilt; replaced 1912 with new railroad bridge
Lost Bridge over Susquehanna River between Lewisburg and Montandon
Replaced by a new bridge

Lewistown Covered Bridge 38-44-01x (Mifflin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1849 as road bridge; tracks laid across for Mifflin & Centre County RR ca. 1866; completely rebuilt with four Howe truss spans by Pennsylvania RR 1871.
Lost Bridge over Juniata River
Destroyed by severe weather

Lexington Covered Bridge 46-78-02x (Rockbridge County, Virginia)
Removed 1935
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Maury River on Route 11
Replaced by a new bridge

Lexington Road Covered Bridge 25-48-02x (Jackson County, Missouri)
Extant during the Civil War, perhaps into the early '30s.
Lost covered bridge over Little Blue River on Lexington Road
Removed but not replaced

Liliuokalani Gardens Bridge #2 11-01-(a (Hawaii County, Hawaii)
Built ca. 1900
Stone arch bridge over a pond on a walkway in the Liliuokalani Gardens
Open to pedestrians only

Lime Valley Covered Bridge 38-36-23 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1871
Covered bridge over Pequea Creek on Breneman Road
Open to traffic

Lincoln Covered Bridge 01-61-03x (Talladega County, Alabama)
Built 1903 by Johnny Morris before the Civil War; Destroyed by fire July 28, 1963
Lost Kingpost truss bridge over Choccolocco Creek
Destroyed by fire

Lincoln Covered Bridge 45-14-13 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1865; Renovated 1947; rehabilitated 1989
Covered Pratt through arch truss bridge over Ottauquechee River on Fletcher Hill Rd (C3035) in Woodstock
Open to one lane traffic with a weight limit

Lindsay's Bridge (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Replaced 1949
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Conococheague Creek on Sr 3004 (Bino Road)
Replaced by new bridge