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Wallace Covered Bridge 14-23-01 (Fountain County, Indiana)
Built 1871
Howe through truss bridge over Sugar Mill Creek
Open to pedestrians

Walnut Creek Covered Bridge 35-38-04 (Holmes County, Ohio)
Built 2009
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Walnut Creek on CR145
Open to pedestrians

Walter's Mill Covered Bridge 38-56-05 (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1859
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Haupts Run Creek on Private walking trail

Wanich Covered Bridge 38-19-18 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1884 by George Russel Jr.
Covered bridge over Little Fishing Creek on Covered Bridge Drive
Open to traffic

Ware-Hardwick Covered Bridge 21-14-01 / 21-08-04 (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1887; rehabilitated 1987
Covered bridge over Ware River on Bridge Street in Hardwick
Open to traffic

Warnke Covered Bridge 35-68-14 (Preble County, Ohio)
Built 1895, being restored 2008
Covered bridge over Swamp Creek on Swamp Creek Road (TR 403)
Open to traffic

Warren Covered Bridge 45-12-15 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1879 by Walter Bagley; rehabilitated 2000
Covered bridge over Mad River on TR 3/FAS 188 in Warren
Open to traffic

Washington Bridge (Older) 39-04-01x (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1793; Damaged in storm 1867; Replaced 1885
Lost Covered Through truss bridge over Seekonk on I-195
Replaced by a new bridge

Water Hill Covered Bridge 35-21-02x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Built 1874, removed in 1952 due to construction of Delaware Reservoir
Smith through truss covered bridge over Whetstone Creek on Water Hill Road
Removed but not replaced

Water Street Covered Bridge 35-21-39x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Lost Bridge over Little Walnut Creek on Water St/Dustin Rd (Alum Creek & Galena Road)

Waterford Covered Bridge 38-25-04 (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875
Covered bridge over Leboeuf Creek on TR 463 (Niemeyer Road)
Closed to all traffic

Waterloo Covered Bridge 29-07-04 (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1840; rehabilitated 1970
Covered Lattice truss bridge over Warner River on New Market Road in Warner
Open to traffic

Watson Mill Road Bridge 10-97-01 / 10-109-02 (Oglethorpe County, Georgia)
Built 1885; rehabilitated 1998
Covered lattice bridge over South Fork Broad River on Watson Mill Road
Open to traffic

Watson Settlement Covered Bridge 19-02-01 (Aroostook County, Maine)
Built 1911; Bypassed by new bridge in 1984
Howe through truss bridge over Meduxnekeag Stream on Former Carson Road in Littleton
Open to pedestrians

Waupaca Covered Bridge (Waupaca County, Wisconsin)
Built in 1976 to make a crossing over the waupaca river to connect covered bridge estates
Timber stringer bridge over Waupaca River on Covered Bridge Rd.
Open to traffic

Wawona Covered Bridge 05-22-01 (Mariposa County, California)
Built in 1878 this bridge is located in the south part of Yosemite National Park. Just down the hill from historic Wawona Hotel.
Covered Queen-post truss bridge over South Fork of Merced River
Open to pedestrians

Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge 38-36-02 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1878
Covered bridge over Big Conestoga River on Weaverland Road (TR 773)
Open to traffic

Weddle Covered Bridge 37-22-05 (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1937 over Thomas Creek, Removed 1987, Rebuilt 1990 in Sweet Home
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Ames Creek on Park Path
Open to pedestrians

Wehr Covered Bridge 38-39-02 (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1841
Burr arch-truss bridge over Jordan Creek on Wehr Mills Road
Open to traffic

Weirs Channel Bridge (1833) 29-01-P01x (Belknap County, New Hampshire)
Replaced an 1804 covered bridge in order to create the clearence needed for the first ferry on the lake. The ferry "Belknap".
1833 Wooden covered bridge over Lake Winnipesaukee on Main St
Replaced by a new bridge

Wellington Covered Bridge 25-54-02x (Lafayette County, Missouri)
Lost two-span covered bridge over Sni-A-Bar Creek at Wellington
No longer exists

Wendling Covered Bridge 37-20-36 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1936
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Mill Creek on Wendling Road
Open to traffic

Wersh Estate Covered Bridge 35-43-A (Lake County, Ohio)
Built 1940
Other through truss bridge on Unnamed Road
Open to traffic

Wertz Covered Bridge 38-06-06 (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1867 or 1869
Covered bridge over Tulpehocken Creek on Red Bridge Road
Open to pedestrians only

West Cornwall Covered Bridge 07-03-02 (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1864; rehabilitated with hidden steel supports in 1973
Covered bridge over Housatonic River on CT 128
Open to traffic

West Dummerston Covered Bridge 45-13-02 #2 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1872; rehabilitated 1998
Covered Town Lattice through truss bridge over West River on C2001 (East-West Road) in Dummerston
Open to traffic

West Durham Covered Bridge (Marion County, Iowa)
Built 1880; Burned 1965
Lost Through truss bridge over English Creek on Road (Now Highway T17)
Destroyed by fire

West Hill Covered Bridge 45-06-09 (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1883
Covered Town Lattice bridge over West Hill Brook on C4025 in Montgomery
reopened to traffic September 2009

West Union Covered Bridge 14-61-27 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1876, bypassed in 1964
Covered bridge over Sugar Creek on CR525W north of West Union
Open to pedestrians only

Westford Bridge 45-04-05 (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Built 1837; Rehabilitated 1975; Removed 1987; Rehabilitated and Restored 2001
Burr arch-truss bridge over Brown's River on off road pedestrian & bike crossing
Open to pedestrians

Westport Covered Bridge 14-16-01 (Decatur County, Indiana)
Built 1880 by A.M.Kennedy & Sons, bypassed in early 1970's, recently restored and reopened to traffic.
Burr Arch truss covered bridge over Sand Creek on Layton Road
Open to light traffic on a secondary road

Wheeling Covered Bridge 14-26-03 (Gibson County, Indiana)
Built 1877 by William T. Washer
Covered bridge over Patoka River on Moores Bridge Road
Bypassed 1976; Open to pedestrians

Whisky Creek Park Covered Bridge 23-14-a (Clay County, Minnesota)
Bridge over Whisky Creek on pedestrian trail in Barnesville
Open to pedestrians

White Covered Bridge 38-30-30 (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1919
Timber Queen Post Covered Bridge
Open to traffic. In new condition. Steel I-Beams under it. It is actually a new bridge, replacing the original one.

White Rock Forge Covered Bridge 38-36-18 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1847
Covered bridge over W. Octoraro Creek on White Rock Road (TR 337)
Open to traffic

White's Covered Bridge 22-34-01x (Ionia County, Michigan)
Built 1867-1869; Subsequent work 1936, 1967, 1991;
Covered bridge over Flat River on White's Bridge Road
Destroyed by fire July 7, 2013

White's Creek Covered Bridge 48-50-01x (Wayne County, West Virginia)
Built 1877; Replaced by modern bridge in 1957
Lost Howe truss covered bridge over Whites Creek on Big Sandy Road

Whittier Covered Bridge 29-02-08 (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built 1870; Rehabilitated 1983 & 2016
Covered bridge over Bearcamp River on Old NH 25 in Ossipee
Open to pedestrians only

Wilcox Game Preserve Covered Bridge (Marion County, Iowa)
Built 1870
Abandoned town lattice truss bridge over Ravine on Private Road

Wildcat Covered Bridge 37-20-04 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1990
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Wildcat Creek on Austa Road
Open to traffic

Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge 14-61-35 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1906, rehabilitated 1977
Covered bridge over Sugar Mill Creek on CR110E
Open to traffic

Willard Covered Bridge 45-14-02 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1870
Covered town lattice through truss bridge over Ottauquechee River on C3015 in Hartland
Open to traffic

William Street Covered Bridge 35-21-24x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Second covered bridge built at this location. Replaced by a steel bridge
Lost Bridge over Olentangy River on William Street
Replaced by a new bridge

William's Covered Bridge 35-84-09x (Washington County, Ohio)
Build date unknown; Lost in flood 1963
Lost Covered Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Little Hocking River on Welch Road
Destroyed by flooding

Williams Covered Bridge 14-47-02 (Lawrence County, Indiana)
Built 1884, closed to traffic on September 20, 2010, rehabilitated in 2012
Covered bridge over East Fork White River on Huron & Williams Road
Open to pedestrians only

Williamsville (New) Covered Bridge 45-13-05 #2 (Windham County, Vermont)
This bridge replaced an old covered bridge in 2010
Lattice through truss bridge over Rock River on Dover Rd.
Open to one lane traffic with a weight limit

Williamsville Covered Bridge 45-13-05 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1870; rehabilitated 1950
Covered bridge over Rock River on TR 2/Dover Rd. in Newfane Township
Open to traffic

Willow Hill Covered Bridge 38-36-43 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Completed on May 21, 1962. Utilized parts of two former Lancaster County bridges (Miller's Mill 38-36-27 and Daniel Good's Fording 38-36-24).
Burr arch-truss bridge over Mill Creek branch in East Lampeter
Open to pedestrians

Wilson's Mill Covered Bridge 38-63-28 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887; Damaged by arson September 22, 2002; Cover taken off and is being rehabilitated
Queenpost through truss bridge over Cross Creek on Oakleaf Road (T486)
Open to traffic; is not covered

Wimer Covered Bridge 37-15-05 #2 (Jackson County, Oregon)
Original Built 1892, Rebuilt 1927, Rebuilt 1962, Collapsed 2003, Rebuilt 2008
Covered bridge over Evans Creek on CR 887
Open to traffic

Windsor Mills Covered Bridge 35-04-25 (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Built 1867; reconstructed 2004
Covered bridge over Phelps Creek on Warner Hollow Road
Open to traffic

Winter Clove Inn hiking trail covered bridge 32-20-a (Greene County, New York)
Built 1976 by Alfred S. Clark
Bridge over Winter Clove Stream on Hiking trail
Open to pedestrians (hiking trail)

Wolfe Bridge 13-48-01 #2 (Knox County, Illinois)
Built 1848; Cover added 1874; Destroyed by fire in 1994; rebuilt in 1999.
Howe through truss bridge over Spoon river on county road 17
rebuilt in 1999

Wooddale Covered Bridge (New) 08-02-04 #2x (New Castle County, Delaware)
Original bridge was built in 1850 and destroyed by flood in 2003; a replica now stands in its place built in 2008
Replica Covered Bridge over Red Clay Creek on Foxhill Lane
Open to traffic

Wooddale Covered Bridge (Old) 08-02-04x (New Castle County, Delaware)
Built ca. 1850, rehabilitated 1939, 1969, and 1981, lost to flood Sept. 2003
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Red Clay Creek on formerly private lane
Destroyed by flooding from Tropical Storm Isabel in September 2003

Wooded Glen Covered Bridge 14-10-01 (Clark County, Indiana)
Howe Truss covered bridge over Silver Creek on Private Drive in Wooded Glen resort area
Open to traffic

Woods Covered Bridge 38-30-26 (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1882, rebuilt in approx 2005 with mostly new timbers.
Queenpost through truss bridge
Open to traffic

Woodsdale Covered Bridge 35-09-16x (Butler County, Ohio)
Built 1855; Replaced 1900
Lost Through truss bridge over Great Miami River on Liberty Fairfield Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Worrall Covered Bridge 45-13-10 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1868; rehabilitated 1966; rehab in 2010
Covered bridge over Williams River on C3014 in Rockingham
Open to traffic

Wren's Nest Covered Bridge 38-30-33 (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1993
Kingpost through truss bridge over South Fork Wheeling Creek on private drive
Open to private traffic

Wright Covered Bridge 38-63-30 #2 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Totally replaced with new replica in early 1999
Kingpost through truss bridge over North Branch Pigeon Creek on Ridge Rd. T802
Open to traffic

Wyit Sprowls Covered Bridge 38-63-29 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1865; Moved to the East Finley Park in 1998
Queenpost through truss bridge over Templeton Fork
Open to pedestrians

Y Bridge (3rd) (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Built 1832, Replaced 1902
Lost Through truss bridge over Muskingum River & Licking River on National Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Y Covered Bridge 38-19-22x (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887; Destroyed in suspicious fire August 15, 1983
Lost Queenpost through truss bridge over East Branch Fishing Creek on Timber Hollow Road
Destroyed by fire 1983

Yankee Street Covered Bridge 35-21-06x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Built 1859; collapsed 1953 by a truck carrying coal
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Big Walnut Creek on Sunbury Road

Yellow Creek Park Covered Bridge #1 17-30-a (Daviess County, Kentucky)
Covered Bridge over Yellow Creek on a pedestrian/hiking/nature trail in Yellow Creek Park in Thruston
Open to pedestrians

Zacke Cox Covered Bridge 14-61-11 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1908, rehabilitated 1991 and 2002
Covered bridge over Rock Run Creek on CR500S
Open to one-lane traffic

Zane's Crossing Covered Bridge 35-30-31x (Guernsey County, Ohio)
Built 1828; Weakened by Flood of 1913 and replaced
Lost Through truss bridge over Willis Creek on Old National Road US 40 (Dewey Avenue)
Replaced by a new bridge

Zanes Road Bridge 05-12-05 (Humboldt County, California)
Built 1936
Covered bridge over Elk River on Zanes Road in Pine Hills
Open to traffic

Zanesville Covered Bridge 35-60-43x (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Built 1845 ;Destroyed in flood 1913
Lost Through truss bridge over Muskingum River on Dug Road (3rd Street)
Destroyed by flooding

Zehnder's Covered Bridge 22-73-02 (Saginaw County, Michigan)
Built 1979
Town lattice truss bridge over Cass River on Covered Bridge Lane
Open to traffic

Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge 35-23-19 (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Built 1906, moved to Sycamore Creek Park in 1986.
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Sycamore Creek in Pickerington
Open to pedestrians

Zimmerman Covered Bridge 38-54-01 (Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1880; renovated 1996
Covered single-span Burr arch truss bridge over Lower Little Swatara Creek on Covered Bridge Road
Open to traffic