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South Salem Covered Bridge 35-71-02 (Ross County, Ohio)
Built 1900 Rebuilt 2006
Covered bridge over Buckskin Creek on Lower Twin Road (CR 54)
Open to traffic

South Windsor Covered Bridge 35-04-26x (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
The South Windsor or Plank Road Covered Bridge carried Old Plank Road across the Grand River in Windsor Township, Ashtabula County Ohio, 1870-1970.
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Grand River on Twp Rd. 526 Old Plank Road
Destroyed by fire

SP - Coburg Covered Bridge 37-20-45x (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1891; Replaced 1907
Lost Through truss bridge over McKenzie River on Southern Pacific Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

SP - Willamette River Bridge (Old) (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1887; Replaced 1921
Lost Howe pony truss bridge over Willamette River on Southern Pacific RR
Replaced by a new bridge

Spade Farm Covered Bridge 45-01-02 (Addison County, Vermont)
Built 1824 by Justin Miller; Relocated to private farm 1958
Covered Town lattice through truss bridge on pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians

Spain Creek Covered Bridge 35-80-02 (Union County, Ohio)
Built 1870
Partridge through truss bridge over Spain Creek on Cratty Rd. (CR163)
Open to traffic

Sparta Covered Bridge (Gallatin County, Kentucky)
Built 1872
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Eagle Creek on KY 35
Replaced by new bridge

Speakman Covered Bridge #1 38-15-05 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881
Covered bridge over Buck Run T Branch on Frog Hollow Road
Open to traffic

Speakman Covered Bridge No. 2 38-15-06 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881; rebuilt 2014
Burr arch-truss bridge over Buck Creek on Road

Spencers Grove Covered Bridge (Benton County, Iowa)
Built 2004; is the only covered bridge in Benton County
Stringer covered bridge over Pond Inlet on Private Drive
Open to private traffic

Spencerville Covered Bridge 14-17-01 (De Kalb County, Indiana)
Built 1873 by John McKay
Covered bridge over Saint Joseph River on CR 68
Reopened June 2013 after repairs after being heavily damaged by a semi driver who crossed it.

Spring Park Covered Bridge (Colbert County, Alabama)
Slab bridge with pratt through truss over Spring Creek on Spring Park Train
Open to traffic

Springdale Covered Bridge 16-52-01x (Leavenworth County, Kansas)
Built ca. 1859; rehabilitated 1946; struck by lightning and burned 1958
Lost covered bridge over Stranger Creek near Springdale
No longer exists

Springwater Volunteer Covered Bridge 49-70-01 (Waushara County, Wisconsin)
Built 1997
Covered Bridge over Pine River on Covered Bridge Rd (24th Ln)
Open to traffic

Sprowls Covered Bridge 38-63-03 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875
Covered bridge over Rocky Run on TR 450
Open to traffic

Squam River Covered Bridge 29-05-112 (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Built 1990
Town lattice truss bridge over Squam River on River Street
Open to traffic

St. Mary's Covered Bridge 38-31-01 (Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1896; rehabilitated 1982
Howe through truss bridge over Shade Creek on T358, Covered Br.
Open to traffic

Staats Mill Covered Bridge 48-18-04 (Jackson County, West Virginia)
Built 1887; Moved to Cedar lakes State and given a complete rehab 1982
Long through truss bridge over Tug Fork River on Tug & Bear Fork Road, CH 25

Stark Covered Bridge 29-04-05 (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1862; Washed off abutments and restored c.1890's, Rehabilitated/stringers added 1954
Paddleford truss bridge over Upper Ammonoosuc River on North or Northside Road (off of SR 110) in Stark
Open to traffic

State Dam Covered Bridge 35-23-22x (Fairfield County, Ohio)
Built 1894; Destroyed by arson 1967
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Little Walnut Creek on Amanda Northern Road (TR-16)
Destroyed by fire

State Line Covered Bridge 35-68-02x / 14-81-06x (Preble County, Ohio)
Built 1893; Replaced 1961
Lost Covered Through truss bridge over Four Mile Creek on State Line Road
Replaced by a new bridge

State Road Covered Bridge 35-04-58 (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Built 1983 by John Smolen
Modern covered bridge over Conneaut Creek on State Road (CH 354)
Open to traffic

State Sanatorium Covered Bridge 14-61-38 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1913, relocated in 2008 to a new location upstream
Covered bridge over Little Raccoon Creek
Moved to new location and reopened

Steens Covered Bridge 24-44-02x (Lowndes County, Mississippi)
Built 1885; Replaced after 1936
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Yellow Creek on Steens Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Stevenson Road Covered Bridge 35-29-15 (Greene County, Ohio)
Built 1877 by the Smith Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1975; closed to traffic 2003
Covered bridge over Massies Creek on Stevenson Road (CR 76) in Wilberforce
Open to pedestrians only

Stewart Covered Bridge 37-20-28 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built in 1930 and remained in use until 1982. Due to flood water debris it was then closed. Restored in 1996.
Covered Howe through truss bridge on Garoutte Road
Open to pedestrians only

Stillwater Covered Bridge 38-19-21 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1849 by James McHenry
Covered bridge over Fishing Creek in Stillwater
Open to pedestrians only

StJ&LC - Cambridge Junction Covered Bridge (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 1899; Replaced 1968
Through truss bridge over Lamoille River on St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

StJ&LC - Missisquoi River Covered Bridge (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1898; Bypassed 1968; Destroyed by arson in 1987
Lost Covered bridge over Missisquoi River on former St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County Railroad
Destroyed by fire

Stockheughter Covered Bridge 14-24-05 (Franklin County, Indiana)
Built 1887 by the Smith Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 2009
Covered bridge over Salt Creek on Enochsburg Road
Open to traffic

Stone Mountain Covered Bridge 10-44-01 (DeKalb County, Georgia)
Built 1891; relocated 1965
Covered bridge over Stone Mountain Creek within Stone Mountain Park
Open to traffic

Stonelick Covered Bridge 35-13-02 (Clermont County, Ohio)
Built 1878; rehabilitated 1971; closed after overweight truck crossed 2010; collapsed during rehabilitation Feb. 11, 2014, rebuilt 2015
Covered bridge over Stonelick Creek on Stonelick Williams Corner Road (CR 116)
Collapsed during reconstruction Feb. 11, 2014. Rebuilt and returned to service

Stoney Morrell Memorial Covered Bridge 29-02-j (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built in 1999 for the 1999 New Hampshire Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C.
Town lattice truss bridge
Open to pedestrians only

Stony Brook Bridge 45-12-07 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1899 by John Moseley; Rehabilitated 1968 with steel stringers
Kingpost through truss bridge over Stony Brook on Stony Brook Road
Open to traffic

Stotler Mill Covered Bridge 35-68-19x (Preble County, Ohio)
Built in 1858 replacing an earlier covered bridge which was destroyed when an adjacent mill burned; Replaced in 1925
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Twin Creek on Dayton Street (US 35)
Replaced by a new bridge

Stoudt's Ferry Covered Bridge 38-06-34x (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1857; Collapsed 1948
Lost Covered Through truss bridge over Schuylkill River on Stoudt's Ferry Bridge Road

Stoughton Covered Bridge 45-14-04 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1880; Moved 1959
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Schoolhouse Brook on Private lane
Open to pedestrians only

Stovall Mill Bridge 10-154-03 (White County, Georgia)
Built 1895, bypassed 1959
Queenpost through truss bridge over Chickamauga Creek on an old alignment of the Clayton Road
Open to pedestrians

Sugar Creek Covered Bridge 13-84-02 (Sangamon County, Illinois)
Built 1880 by Thomas Black; rehabilitated 1965
Covered bridge over Sugar Creek at Covered Bridge Road southeast of Chatham in Chatham
Open to pedestrians only

Sugar River Trail - Pier Railroad Covered Bridge 29-10-03#2 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built in 1907 by the Boston & Maine Railroad to replace an earlier covered bridge.
Lattice through truss bridge over Sugar River on Sugar River Trail
Open to pedestrians

Sugar River Trail - Wright's Covered Railroad Bridge 29-10-04#2 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built 1905-06
Covered bridge over Sugar River on the Sugar River Trail (former Boston & Maine Railroad)
Open to pedestrians

Sullivan Railroad Covered Bridge (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Replaced 1882
Lost Through truss bridge over Connecticut River on Sullivan Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Sulphite Railroad Covered Bridge 29-07-09 (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1896 as Covered Pratt Deck Truss, Abandoned 1976, Outer wood burned off by vandals in 1980
Pratt deck truss bridge over Winnipesautee River on Former Boston & Maine Railroad (Franklin & Tilton Railroad)
Closed to all traffic

Sunbury Pike Covered Bridge 35-21-47x (Delaware County, Ohio)
Built 1858
Lost Bridge over Alum Creek on Sunbury Pike (now US 36 - Oh 37)
Destroyed by flooding

Swann Covered Bridge 01-05-05 (Blount County, Alabama)
Built 1933; renovated 2012
Covered bridge over Locust Fork River on Swann Bridge Road
Open to all traffic

Swartz Covered Bridge 35-88-05 (Wyandot County, Ohio)
Built 1878 by Moses Weymouth; rehabilitated 1994
Covered bridge over Sandusky River on CR 130A
Open to traffic

Swift River Covered Bridge 29-02-05 (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built 1869; Bypassed 1974
Covered Paddleford truss bridge over Swift River on West Side Road in Conway
Open to pedestrians only

Swiftwater Covered Bridge 29-05-02 (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Built 1849; rehabilitated 1999
Covered bridge over Wild Ammonoosuc River on Porter Road in Bath
Open to traffic

Switzer Covered Bridge 17-37-01 #2 (Franklin County, Kentucky)
Built 1855. Rehabilitated in 1906 and again 1990. Bridge placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Bridge was washed off its supports on March 1, 1997, but restored in 1998.
Howe through truss bridge over North Elkhorn Creek on KY 1262
Open to pedestrians

Tabo Covered Bridge 25-54-01x (Lafayette County, Missouri)
Washed away in 1928
Lost covered bridge over Tabo Creek on the Santa Fe Trail (now US 24), west of Dover
No longer exists

Taftsville Covered Bridge 45-14-12 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1836; rehabilitated 1869, 1910 and 1952; Damaged by flooding/Southern span removed 2011; Reconstructed 2013
Covered bridge over Ottauquechee River on River Road (C2002) in Woodstock
Open to traffic

Tannehill Covered Bridge 14-03-02x (Bartholomew County, Indiana)
Bulit 1870, Lost 1965
Lost Howe through trussBridge on County Road 650 North over Driftwood River
No longer exists

Tannery Hill Bridge 29-01-e (Belknap County, New Hampshire)
Built 1995
Lattice through truss bridge over Gunstock River on Recreation Trail
Open to traffic

Tappan/ Kittle Covered bridge 32-56-03 #2 (Ulster County, New York)
Rebuilt extensively in 1985 without functional trusses
Kingpost through truss bridge over Dry Brook on Erickson Rd.
Open to traffic

Tare Creek Covered Bridge 35-28-02#2 (Geauga County, Ohio)
Built by John Smolen, former Ashtabula County Engineer on former B&O Railroad Lake Branch
A covered Howe through truss bridge over Tare Creek on Maple Highlands Trail
Open to non-motorized use

Taylor's Ferry Covered Bridge 37-34-01#3x (Washington County, Oregon)
Built 1918; Replaced 1955
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Tualatin River on West Side Highway
Replaced by a new bridge

Teegarden Covered Bridge 35-15-05 (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Constructed in 1876 and bypassed in 1992.
Covered bridge over Middle Fork Little Beaver on Eagleton Road (TR 761)
Open to pedestrians only

Terra Lago Boxcar Bridge (E) (Riverside County, California)
Boxcar over Coachella Canal on Golf cart path
Open to pedestrians only

The Pointe Covered Bridge 49-42-c (Monroe County, Wisconsin)
built to replace a bridge in the same location
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Beaver Creek on Park vehicles, Bikes, snowmobiles and pedestrians

Thomas Ford Covered Bridge 38-32-06 #2 (Indiana County, Pennsylvania)
Replaced an older covered bridge in 1998
Lattice through truss bridge over Crooked Creek on Thomas Covered Bridge Rd. (TR414)
Open to traffic

Thomas J Malone Covered Bridge 35-15-96 (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Built 1870; renovated 1971
Altered multiple Kingpost Covered Bridge over Little Beaver Creek

Thomas Mill Covered Bridge 38-51-01 (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1855
Howe through truss bridge over Wissahickon Creek
Open to pedestrians

Thompson Covered Bridge 29-03-04 (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1832; rehabilitated 1993
Two-span covered bridge over Ashuelot River on Main Street in Swanzey
Open to traffic

Thompson Mill Covered Bridge 13-87-01 (Shelby County, Illinois)
Built 1868 at a cost of $2,500
Covered bridge over Kaskaskia River north of Cowden
Open to pedestrians only

Thorpe Ford Bridge 14-61-07 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1912, bypassed in 1961
Covered bridge over Big Raccoon Creek on a pedestrian path branch of CR900S
Open to pedestrians only

Three Amigos Bridge 14-59-B (Orange County, Indiana)
Built 2000
Steel stringer bridge over Lost River on A driveway
Open to traffic

Traders Point Covered Bridge 14-49-07 (Marion County, Indiana)
Built in 1880 by Josiah Durfee. Was originally located on 86th St. over Fishback Creek near the town of Traders Point. Was later relocated to a private estate, and is now unused. It was reported to be the last covered bridge in the county.
Abandoned Howe through truss bridge on Private lane

Trent's Mill Covered Bridge 46-25-01x (Cumberland County, Virginia)
Unknown lost date
Town lattice truss bridge over Willis River on Trent's Mill Road (Route 622)

Trenton Bridge 30-11-05X / 38-09-48X (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Built 1804-1806; widened and railroad tracks added 1839;
Lost Bridge over Delaware River
Replaced by a new bridge

Tributary of Willow Branch Covered Bridge 25-73-B (Newton County, Missouri)
Through truss bridge over Tributary of Willow Branch on Private Drive
Open to traffic

Trinity Covered Bridge 17-64-01x (Lawrence County, Kentucky)
Last authentic covered bridge built in Kentucky. Disappeared in October, 1981. It was replaced by a concrete structure.
Lost Kingpost through truss bridge over East Fork of Little Sandy River on Little East Fork Road in Fallasburg

Trostletown/Kantner Covered Bridge 38-56-10 (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Purchased by the Stoystown Lions Club in 1965, major repairs in 1994
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Stony Creek on Abandoned road
Open to pedestrians

Trusal-Dice Covered Bridge 38-32-03 (Indiana County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1870
Covered Bridge over Plum Creek on Trusal Road (TR 406)
Bypassed to traffic, Open to pedestrians

Tucker Toll Covered Bridge 45-13-54x / 29-03-22x (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1840; Replaced 1930
Lost Covered Town Lattice through truss bridge over Connecticut River on Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Tunnelton Covered Bridge 14-47-01x (Lawrence County, Indiana)
Built in 1883 by J.J. Daniels.
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over East Fork White River on Tunnelton Bono Road
Replaced by new bridge

Tuscarora Club/ Demis Covered Bridge 32-13-05 (Delaware County, New York)
Moved here in 1935
Kingpost through truss bridge over Mill Brook on Private trail
Open to pedestrians

Twin Bridge 45-11-10 (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1850 by Nichols M. Powers; Washed away by 1947 flood; Converted to town garage
Covered Town lattice truss bridge
Intact but closed to all traffic

Two Bayou Covered Bridge 04-52-01x (Ouachita County, Arkansas)
Built circa 1860, Lost circa 1944
Lost covered bridge over Two Bayou Creek on US 79 in Camden
No longer exists

Uhlerstown Hill Road Bridge 38-09-08 (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1832; rehabilitated 1985
Wooden deck bridge over Pennsylvania Canal on Uhlerstown Hill Road in Tinicum Township, PA
Open to traffic

Union Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875; replaced 1906
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Allegheny River on 43rd Street
Removed but not replaced

Union Bridge (Old) (Saratoga County, New York)
Built 1804; Burned 1909
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Hudson River on Broad Street
Destroyed by fire

Union Covered Bridge 25-69-02 (Monroe County, Missouri)
Built 1870-71 by Joseph C. Elliott; closed to traffic in 1970; rehabilitated 1987-88
Covered bridge over Elk Fork Salt River, just off Route C southwest of Paris
Open to pedestrians only

Unity Covered Bridge 37-20-17 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1936
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Fall Creek on Jasper-Lowell Road
Open to traffic

Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge 45-12-11 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1872; rehabilitated 1967
Through truss bridge over Cox Brook on Cox Brook Road (C2003) in Northfield Falls
Open to traffic

Upper Falls Covered Bridge 45-14-08 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1840 by James Tasker; Rebuilt in 2008; Rehabilitated 2011
Covered bridge over Black River on Upper Falls Rd (C3020) in Weathersfield
Open to traffic

Upper Sheffield Covered Bridge 21-02-01 #2 (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Built 1832; arsoned 1994, rebuilt 1998
Town lattice truss bridge over Housatonic River on Covered Bridge Lane
Open to pedestrians only

US50 Cheat River Covered Bridge 48-39-01x (Preston County, West Virginia)
Built in 1835 by Josiah Kidwell, bypassed by a new bridge in 1932, destroyed by fire in 1964.
Lost Bridge over Cheat River on U.S. Route 50
Destroyed by fire in 1964

Utica Mills Covered Bridge 20-10-01 (Frederick County, Maryland)
Built 1890; rehabilitated 1997
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Fishing Creek on Utica Road
Open to traffic

Valentine Covered Bridge 35-65-15 #2 (Pickaway County, Ohio)
Moved 1908; moved 1971; relocated and moved there 1978; destroyed 2004; rebuilt 2007
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over pond

Valley Pike Covered Bridge 17-81-02 (Mason County, Kentucky)
The Valley Pike bridge is the only privately owned historic covered bridge in the state of Kentucky. In 1972 it was rebuilt by Stock Bower.
Kingpost through truss bridge over Lee's Creek in Fernleaf
Open to traffic

Van Sant Covered Bridge 38-09-03 (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875; rehabilitated 1955
Van Sandt Covered bridge over Pidcock Creek on Covered Bridge Road (TR 392) in Solebury Twp, PA Bucks County Bridge # 73 near New Hope, PA
Open to traffic

Vermont Covered Bridge 14-34-01 (Howard County, Indiana)
Replaced 1958. Kokomo Reservoir was being constructed and this bridge had to go. Originally located near Vermont, Indiana(Howard County), Moved to Kokomo's Highland Park where it still resides today. Pedestrian use only.
Relocated Smith through truss bridge over Kokomo Creek in Kokomo's Highland Park
Replaced by new bridge, bridge moved to Kokomo's Highland Park across Kokomo Creek.

Vermont Covered Bridge 21-14-03 (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1874; moved here 1952
Town lattice truss bridge over Quinebaug River
Open to private traffic

Victorian Village/ Depot Covered bridge 45-13-23 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built in 1967 from remains of the former Depot Bridge 45-13-12
Kingpost through truss bridge over Rock Brook on Private drive
Open to traffic

Vine Street Covered Bridge 14-73-04x (Shelby County, Indiana)
Built in 1892 by Emmett L. Kennedy and replaced in 1959 after attempts to keep it failed.
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Little Blue River on Vine Street (now Morris Ave)
Replaced by new bridge

Waggoner's Mill Covered Bridge 38-50-15 (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1889
Covered bridge over Bixler Run on Wagner Road (TR 579)
Open to pedestrians only

Wagner Covered Bridge 38-19-15 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Originally built 1856 over Roaring Creek; recently relocated
Relocated covered bridge next to Hunt Club Road, west of Bloomsburg
Closed to traffic and pedestrians

Walcott Covered Bridge 17-12-01#2 (Bracken County, Kentucky)
Abutments exist in ruin. A hand hewn floor joist from the 1824 bridge was used in the construction of this bridge. It was bypassed and abandoned when KY1159 was relocated in 1954 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
Timber Through truss bridge over Locust Creek in Wellsburg
Open to pedestrians in small park. The current bridge is all new lumber.

Waldo Covered Bridge 01-61-02 (Talladega County, Alabama)
Built 1858. Bridge was used in the Civil War by Wilson's Raiders in April of 1865. Bridge remained in use until 1960.
Howe through truss bridge over Talladega Creek on an old Socopatoy Indian trail just off AL 77 behind Riddle's Mill Restaurant
Preserved but with approaches removed

Walkersville Covered Bridge 48-21-03 (Lewis County, West Virginia)
Built 1902
Queenpost through truss bridge over Rt Fork West Fork River on County Route 19/17
Open to traffic