Concrete Slab

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Ernest Vandiver Causeway (Barbour County, Alabama)
Built 1962
Steel haunched deck plate girder bridge with concrete slab approach over Chattahoochee River on US-82
Open to traffic

Frankford Arch / Slab Bridge (Pike County, Missouri)
Unknown History
Slab bridge over Unnamed Creek on former Frankford - Louisiana Pike
Intact but in danger of eventual collapse.

Grand Isle Causeway (Grand Isle County, Vermont)
Hybrid bridge over Lake Champlain on US-2
Open to traffic

Pelahatchie Bay Causeway (Rankin County, Mississippi)
Built 1987
Concrete deck girder bridge with slab causeway approaches over Pelahatchie Bay on North Shore Parkway
Open to traffic

Rosillo Creek Bridge (Bexar County, Texas)
1926 Tee Beam and slab
Open to traffic

Sarah Mildred Long Bridge (New) (York County, Maine)
Built 2018
Vertical-lift bridge over Piscataqua River on US-1 Bypass
Open to traffic

Sly Park Dam Spillway Bridge (El Dorado County, California)
Built 1954
Concrete slab bridge over Sly Park Dam Spillway on Mormon Emigrant Trail
Open to traffic

US-64 Jordan Lake Causeway (Chatham County, North Carolina)
Built 1971
Causeway over Jordan Lake on US-64
Open to traffic