Center Pivot Swing Span

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A center pivot Swing Span is a type of swing bridge where a large span is balanced across a swing pier, keeping equal weight on both sides. The span is continuous.

Arsenal Bridge (Scott County, Iowa)
Built 1896, Rehabilitated 1983 & 1997
Baltimore through truss bridge over Mississippi River on 2 lanes of traffic and 2 rail lines in Davenport
Open to traffic

Bay St. Louis Rail Bridge (Harrison County, Mississippi)
Through truss swing bridge over Bay of St Louis on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CN - Four Track Swing Bridge (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Through truss bridge over Conneaut Creek on Railroad

Kasota Drawbridge (Nicollet County, Minnesota)
Built 1909 replacing a iron swing bridge
Lost Lattice deck truss bridge over Minnesota River on Chicago & Northwestern Railway
Removed but not replaced

KCS - Dorcheat Bayou Bridge (Webster Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1884
Deck plate girder bridge over Loggy Bayou (Dorcheat Bayou) on Illinois Central RR
Open to traffic

Princeton Swing Bridge (Green Lake County, Wisconsin)
Main span built in 1901; Approach built in 1908 by the American Bridge Co.
Riveted Warren pony truss bridge over Fox River on Recreational trail on former railroad bed
Open to traffic