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The cable stayed bridge has sloped cables that typically connect to the deck, pass over the tower, and connect to the deck at an end point symmetrical to the start point. The further from the tower, the more the cable slopes. This results in a "balanced" bridge that does not need at high tension anchor but does have most of it's load on the towers.

The name probably comes from sailing vessels, where the fore-aft lines that hold the mast vertical are called "stays". If the bridge deck were the vessels deck, and the bridge tower the vessels mast, then the cables of the bridge would resemble the mast stays. Never mind the function is practically reversed! The bridge tower supports the deck with the cables - while the vessels lines hold the mast in place.

Like a suspension bridge, the cable-stayed bridge uses cables an towers to support the deck. But while they can be confused and might look similar with lots of spidery cables and tall towers, structurally they are quite different.

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