Bridge removed

Fore River Bridge (Temporary) (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Erected as temporary bridge 2015; removed 2018
Lost Acrow Pony Truss bridge over Fore River on 3A Bridge Street
Removed 2018

Piney Creek Bridge (Clarion County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1910; rehabilitated 1970; lost
Losy pony truss bridge over Piney Creek on Piney Rd
No longer exists

St Clair O/Chagrin River Bridge (Lake County, Ohio)
Built 1951
Pony truss bridge over St Clair O/Chagrin River on St. Clair Street
Bridge has been removed

Tyngsborough Bridge (Temporary) (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 2008 to keep the crossing open while main arch span was being rehabilitated; disassembled 2012 after rehab completion
Bailey pony truss bridge over Merrimack River on MA-113
Temporary bridge disassembled