April Fools

Kukin Run Fruitcake Bridge (Lane County, Oregon)
Construction began 1922, completed 1959
Single-span arch bridge over Wash-and-Wear Creek
Open to pedestrians only

Lionel short extension truss bridge (April Fools) (Union County, Oregon)
Built By Lionel cooperation (prefabricated in China) Used over fake creek On model railroad in Summerville Or Relocated To Imbler Or 2017 To be converted on center pivot swing span in 2017
Truss bridge To Soon to cross fake waterway as swing span on O gauge railroad
In storage or disassembled

Niagara-On-The-Lake (Niagara County, New York)
Ship mounted Sherzer Rolling Lift to Strass Heel Trunion Bascule

[APRIL FOOLS] Amanda Memorial Bridge (Mohave County, Arizona)
Built and destroyed by Amanda in 2018
Baltimore truss/warren all verticals truss bridge hybrid over Nothing on Amanda Boulevard
Never built