Superstructure replaced

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235th Street Bridge (Harrison County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1940
Pony truss bridge over Allen Creek on 235th Street
Superstructure replaced

Barge Canal Bridge (Brevard County, Florida)
Built 1961; rehabilitated 1998
Bascule bridge over Barge Canal on FL 3 in Merritt Island
Superstructure replaced

BNSF - Stanislaus River Bridge (Stanislaus County, California)
Built 1905, Truss span replaced with deck girder ca. 1995
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Stanislaus River on BNSF Railway

Bridge Street Bridge (LaSalle County, Illinois)
There was a structure here prior to 1913. Superstructure replaced in the late 1960's/early 1970's.
Deck plate girder bridge over Vermilion River on Eastbound IL 18
Superstructure replaced

C&NW - Lake Wissota Bridge (Chippewa County, Wisconsin)
Built 1916
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Lake Wissota on Chicago & North Western Railway
Superstructure replaced

CB&Q - Rulo Bridge (Richardson County, Nebraska)
Built 1887 under the direction of George S. Morison; replaced 1977 by new truss spans reusing the existing piers
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Missouri River
Superstructure replaced

Chunky River Bridge US 80 (Lauderdale County, Mississippi)
Lost Through truss bridge over Chunky River on US 80

Cincinnati Southern Ohio River Bridge (1st) (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1869-1877; superstructure replaced by current bridge in 1922
Lost Linville variant Whipple through truss swing bridge over Ohio River on the Cincinnati Southern Railroad at Cincinnati
Superstructure replaced

Coldwater Bridge (Branch County, Michigan)
Lost Bowstring pony truss bridge
Superstructure replaced

Columbus Road Bridge (Old) (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1940 by the Public Works Administration; Center span replaced 2013 still in use of vehical traffic
Vertical lift bridge on Columbus Road (CR 356) in Cleveland
Center span replaced in 2013

Current River Beach Bridge (Randolph County, Arkansas)
Built 1929; superstructure replaced 1960
Lost swing through truss bridge over Current River on US 62/US 67
Superstructure replaced

Diversey Avenue Bridge (Old) (Cook County, Illinois)
Lost Parker through truss bridge over North Branch Chicago River on Diversey Avenue
Superstructure replaced

DM&E - 12th Street Overpass (Brown County, Minnesota)
Built 1911, superstructure replaced by modern I-Beam bridge 2011
Lost Steel stringer bridge over 12th N Street on DM&E RR
Superstructure replaced

Farm Creek Camp St. Bridge (Tazewell County, Illinois)
Built 1930, rehabbed in 1996 to remove any trace of creativity
Lost Pony truss bridge over Farm Creek on Camp Street
No longer exists

First Bismarck Railroad Bridge (Burleigh County, North Dakota)
Built in 1882 under the direction of George Morison; superstructure replaced 1905
Lost through and deck truss bridge over the Missouri River carrying the Northern Pacific Railway in Bismarck
Orginal Whipple truss spans replaced with through Warren truss spans, reusing the original piers

First Glasgow Railroad Bridge (Howard County, Missouri)
Built 1878-79 by Gen. William Sooy Smith; superstructure replaced in 1900
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Missouri River on Chicago & Alton Railroad
Superstructure replaced

First High Bridge (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
Built 1876-77, new superstructure built in 1910-11, original substructure demolished in 1913
Lost Deck truss bridge over Kentucky River on Cincinnati Southern Railway at High Bridge

Fisk Bridge (Butler County, Missouri)
Built 1929; main span collapsed Dec. 1975; replaced and reopened Mar. 1976
Lost skewed through truss bridge over St. Francis River on MO 51 (Old US 60) at Fisk
Main truss span replaced, but original approaches and piers remain

Georgetown Branch Trail - Rock Creek Trestle (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Original 1892 trestle was 1,400' by 67' all-timber span rebuilt w/ steel center deck and mostly replaced by fill to 281' length 1904; damaged 1967 fire and 1972 flooding; rail service abandoned 3-1985; demolished 2019
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Rock Creek on former Baltimore & Ohio RR
Superstructure replaced

Gladstone Blvd. Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1897-98 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.; most of superstructure replaced in 2005
Replaced steel deck arch bridge over Anderson Ave. on Gladstone Blvd. in Kansas City
Substantially replaced by a new bridge

Glasgow Bridge (Howard County, Missouri)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1986; closed to traffic on August 4, 2008, for replacement of the superstructure; new bridge opened Sept. 2009
Lost five-span through truss bridge over the Missouri River on MO 240 at Glasgow
Superstructure replaced

Grant Street Streetcar Bridge (King County, Washington)
Lost Howe through truss swing bridge over Duwamish River on 14 Street on Grant Street Electric Railway
Superstructure replaced

Hammond Street Bridge (Old) (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1893, rehabilitated 1939, trusses replaced 1990
Lost Double-intersection Warren pony truss bridge over MBTA Green Line on Hammond Street
Superstructure replaced

Higginsville Road Bridge North (old) (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Lost Bridge over Raritan River on Higginsville Road
Superstructure replaced

Higginsville Road Bridge South (old) (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Lost Bridge over Raritan River on Higginsville Road
Superstructure replaced

IC - Galena River Bridge (Old) (Jo Daviess County, Illinois)
Replaced in 1914
Through truss bridge over Galena River on Illinois Central RR
Superstructure replaced

Keya Paha River Bridge (Tripp County, South Dakota)
Built 1914 by the Standard Bridge Co.
Pony truss bridge over Keya Paha River on 318th Avenue, northwest of Wewela, 1.5 mi. west and 1.5 mi. north of Wewela in Rames Township
Superstructure replaced; roadway appears intact

L&N - Cumberland Swing Bridge (Old Civil War Version) (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Built 1858; Burned 1864
McCallum through truss over Cumberland River on Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Destroyed by fire

Lafayette Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Originally built ca. 1888 by Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Co.; reconstructed in 1935 and 1988
Replaced iron deck arch bridge on Grand Drive just south of Union Blvd. in Forest Park
Superstructure replaced by a similar, but modern, design

LIRC - Flatrock River Bridge (Bartholomew County, Indiana)
Once part of the Pennsylvania Railroad's route between Indy and Louisville, later used by Amtrak for it's Floridian and Southwind trains to Florida, and much later the Kentucky Cardinal. Today owned by the Louisville and Indiana Railroad.
Through truss bridge over Flatrock River on Louisville and Indianapolis Railroad in Columbus
Removed and being replaced because of height restrections on October 28, 2018.

Lower Trenton Bridge (Old) (Mercer County, New Jersey)
rebuilt 1876, 1892, 1898
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Delaware River on PRR
Superstructure replaced

Lumberville-Raven Rock Covered Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1835
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Delaware River
Superstructure replaced

LVRC - Cambridge Junction Bridge (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Original bridge built 1899; Covered span replaced with 2 recycled DPG spans 1968; demolished 2017
Deck plate girder bridge over Lamoille River on Lamoille Valley Railroad
Superstructure removed

Mentor Road Bridge (Geauga County, Ohio)
Rehabilitated 1927
Arch bridge over Hayden Creek on Mentor Road (CR 5N)
Superstructure replaced

MILW - Muscatine Slough Bridge (Old) (Muscatine County, Iowa)
Built 1908; Superstructure replaced 19XX
Lost Slab bridge over Muscatine Slough on Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
Superstructure replaced

Newport & Cincinnati Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1872 superstructure replaced 1897
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Ohio River on L&N Railroad
Superstructure replaced

NM - Missouri River Bridge (St. Charles County, Missouri)
Built 1868; damaged by derailment 1879, 1881. Substantial upgrade finish about 1884 replacing effectively the entire structure
North Missouri Railroad Fink deck truss and Trellis through truss bridge at St. Charles, MO
Upgraded 1880-1884

NYC - Ashtabula River Bridge (Old) (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Replaced in 1911
Lost Through truss bridge over Ashtabula River on Former New York Central Railroad
Superstructure replaced

Old Detroit Avenue Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1910
Lost Open-spandrel arch bridge over Rocky River on Detroit Avenue (Old Alignment)
Superstructure replaced

Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) Bridge (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1939; Demolished 2012 (new bridge built further east)
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Turnpike Ramps; B-487 on Pa Turnpike (I-76)
Superstructure replaced

Reading - Sunbury Bridge (Old) (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1885; Replaced by plate girder bridge ca. 1917.
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Susquehanna River on Reading Railroad
Superstructure replaced

RI - Arkansas River Bridge (Old) (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Lost Through truss bridge over Arkansas River on Rock Island RR
Superstructure replaced

RI - Spring Creek Bridge #1 (Lincoln County, South Dakota)
Lost Brick arch bridge over Spring Creek on Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad

Schuylkill Permanent Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built from 1801; "Remodled" 1850
Lost Through truss bridge over Schuylkill River on Market Street

South Shore - 130th Street Railroad Bridge (Old) (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1908; Replaced 1966
Lost Through truss bridge over Calumet River on Chicago Southshore & South Bend
Superstructure replaced

Sparks Road Bridge (Caldwell County, Missouri)
Built ca. 1905, probably the Canton Bridge Co.; replaced 2009
Lost pony truss bridge over North Mud Creek on SE Sparks Road
Superstructure replaced

Stone Bridge (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1850 ca; rehabilitated 1974
Stone arch bridge over East Br Conococheaque on Sr 3013 (Stone Bridge Rd)
Open to traffic

Swinomish Channel Bridge (Skagit County, Washington)
Built 1927
Lost Bridge over Swinomish Channel on Washington Route 20
Superstructure replaced

UP - Blair Bridge (Old) (Washington County, Nebraska)
Built 1883; superstructure replaced 1923-24; spans relocated to cross Wind River in Wyoming
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Missouri River on Union Pacific Railroad
Superstructure replaced

UP - Omaha Railroad Bridge (1st) (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Built 1873 under the direction of Grenville Dodge; damaged by tornado Aug. 25, 1877; replaced span by span during 1886-87
Lost Post through truss bridge over Missouri River on Union Pacific Railroad
Replaced by new bridge

Upper Black Eddy-Milford Bridge (2nd) (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1862
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Delaware River on Bridge Street
Superstructure replaced

Upper Black Eddy-Milford Bridge (First) (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1842
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Delaware River on Bridge Street
Superstructure replaced

US 80 Chunky River Bridge (Newton County, Mississippi)
Built 1929; replaced 1992
Lost through truss bridge over Chunky River on US 80
Replaced by new bridge

US421 Cape Fear River Bridge (Old) (New Hanover County, North Carolina)
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Cape Fear River on US Highway 421
Superstructure replaced

US71 Overpass (Redwood County, Minnesota)
Built 1928; Replaced in 1997- road realigned at the same time.
Lost Concrete tee beam bridge over Over Minn Valley Rl Auth on Hwys. US 71 and MN 19

Wabash Bridge (Marion County, Missouri)
Built 1872; Drawpsan replaced 1883; Replaced in 1993
Same Bridge. Lift span was the only thing replaced in 1993
Swing span replaced around 1993 with current lift span.

Wangum Road Bridge (old) (Wayne County, Pennsylvania)
Lost in a flood in 1942
Lost Bowstring pony truss bridge over Middle Creek on Wangum Falls Road
Superstructure replaced

Wyburn Road Bridge (Allen County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1895
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Bohnke Ditch on Wyburn Road
Replaced by a new bridge