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These are bridges threatened with demolition or neglect, but which would make good candidates for preservation, either through rehabilitation or relocation.

Beatty Road Bridge (Morrow County, Ohio)
Built 1915; rehabilitated 1996
Through truss bridge over Whetstone Creek on CR 149 (Beatty Road)
Closed to traffic after failing an inspection in August 2011

Brooksburg Bridge (Jefferson County, Indiana)
Built in 1894 by the Indiana Bridge Company; bypassed 1948
Abandoned camelback through truss bridge over Indian-Kentuck Creek

Butler Bridge (Sumner County, Tennessee)
Demolished 2013 based on forum comment.
Abandoned pony truss bridge on an old alignment of TN 52 and Butler Bridge Road

Carlton Bridge (Mercer County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1888 by Columbia Bridge Works; rehabilitated 1990
Through truss bridge over French Creek on SR 1015 (New Lebanon Road)
Currently being moved to Michigan for refurbishment and then on to its new home in New Jersey

Cedar Grove Bridge (Franklin County, Indiana)
Built 1914; rehabilitated 1978; Closed Sept. 3, 1999; Demolished Feb. 17, 2016
Lost through truss bridge over Whitewater River on former IN 1 in Cedar Grove
This bridge was demolished 02/17/2016.

Collins River Bridge (Warren County, Tennessee)
Larger of the truss spans once a part of the Hyde's Ferry Bridge (Bordeaux) Bridge in Davidson County, but the Nashville Bridge Co. relocated one of the truss spans to the Collins River site in 1924 to be apart of the Collins River Bridge.
Parker through truss bridge over Collins River on Old TN 287
Closed to all traffic

Dodd Ford Bridge (Blue Earth County, Minnesota)
Built 1901 by L.H. Johnson; rehabilitated in 2015-16
Through truss bridge over Blue Earth River on CR 147
Open to one-lane traffic

Falling Rock Camp Iron Bridge (Licking County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1872; relocated 1927 and 1931
Iron pony truss bridge over Rocky Fork at Falling Rock Boy Scout Camp
Has been moved and restored in the camp.

Grand Auglaize Swinging Bridge (Miller County, Missouri)
Built 1922 by Joseph Dice
Suspension bridge over Grand Auglaize Creek on Swinging Bridges Road (Lake Road 42-18) southwest of Brumley
Intact but closed to all traffic

Independence Bowstring Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1871 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Bowstring through truss bridge over Verdigris River at the end of Burns Street in Independence
Abandoned with deck missing and surrounded by overgrowth

Iron Bridge Road Bridge (Pike County, Indiana)
Built in 1875 by William T. Washer using the Smith Bridge Company's "Iron Arch #1 Design".
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Patoka River on CR 650 East
Dismantled and restored before being moved to Petersburg

Long Shoals Bridge (Bourbon County, Kansas)
Built 1902 by the Midland Bridge Co.
Bypassed through truss bridge over Little Osage River on 265th Street
Closed to all traffic

McIntyre Bridge (Poweshiek County, Iowa)
Built 1883 by the King Bridge Co.; closed to traffic in 1989; collapsed during flooding in 2010; parts restored awaiting to be reerected.
Bowstring through truss bridge formerly over North Skunk River in Milgrove Access Wildlife Area
Destroyed by flooding in 2010, salvageable and awaiting restoration by Workin' Bridges.

McMillin Bridge (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 1934. Bypassed by a new vehicular bridge and left in place in 2015.
Concrete truss bridge over Puyallup River on WA 162 in McMillin
Open to pedestrians only

Mead Avenue Bridge (Crawford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1871; additional trusses added 1912
Two-span Whipple through truss bridge over French Creek on Mead Avenue in Meadville
In storage or disassembled

Meadows Road Bridge (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1858
Lost stone arch bridge over Saucon Creek on TR 376 (Meadows Road)

Mitchell River Bridge (1936) (Barnstable County, Massachusetts)
Built 1936; rehabilitated 1980 replaced 2014
Wooden bascule bridge over Mitchell River on Bridge Street in Chatham
Replaced by a new bridge

Morris Mill Bridge (Giles County, Tennessee)
Built 1884 by the Penn Bridge Works; Closed to traffic in 1980's
Abandoned warren pony truss bridge over Big Creek

Murray Bridge (Humboldt County, Iowa)
Built 1905 by A.H. Austin; rehabilitated 1982; damaged in car wreck during 2004
Through truss bridge over West Fork Des Moines River on 190th Street, southeast of Bradgate
Open to traffic

Nachitoch Bluff Bridge (Clark County, Arkansas)
Built 1908 by the Morava Construction Co.; rehabilitated 1980; closed to traffic ca. 1996
Derelict two-span through truss over Little Missouri River, just upstream from I-30
Abandoned, with deck partially missing

Old Copper Mine Bridge (Lumpkin County, Georgia)
Abandoned when Copper Mines Road was relocated in 1976
Abandoned warren pony truss bridge over Chestatee River on Old alignment of Copper Mine Road

Old KY 169 Bridge (Jessamine County, Kentucky)
Built 1915 by the Empire Bridge Co. of Lexington, KY to replace a covered bridge, Abandoned Spring 1987; Demolished Novermber 2011
Lost Warren pony truss bridge over Hickman Creek on old 169
Removed by not replaced

Osage Creek Bridge (Benton County, Arkansas)
Built in 1911 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Company of Leavenworth, Kansas
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Osage Creek on CR 71 Southeast of Healing Springs
Replaced by new bridge

Panther Creek Bridge (Miami County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1880
Bowstring through truss bridge over Panther Creek on Private driveway off of Sugar Grove Road about 1 mile West of Owens Road.
Abandoned after new private pony truss was constructed.

Ponderosa Way Bridge #2 (Calaveras County, California)
Built 1935; Deck destroyed by fire 2015
Deck truss bridge over North Fork Calaveras River on Ponderosa Way
Closed. Deck was destroyed by Butte Fire in 2015. Truss remains intact.

Riverside Bridge (Christian County, Missouri)
Built 1909 by the Canton Bridge Co. at Ozark Mill and later relocated here; reopened Aug. 23, 2013 ; dismantled July 2015
Two-span Pratt through truss bridge over Finley Creek on Riverside Drive north of Ozark in Ozark
Relocated to Bass-Pro to be restored and relocated at their site

Springfield Bridge (original location) (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
Completed July 1874 by the King Bridge Manufactory & Iron Works of Iola, Kansas, a branch of the King Bridge Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. Bypassed by a new bridge 1991. Fabrication date circa 1871, a controversy with the two counties delayed set.
Bowstring through truss bridge formerly over Cadron Creek on Springfield Road
Bridge was removed and reassembled in Conway

US 66 Meramec River Bridge Times Beach (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Built in 1931, replacing the Votaw Bridge; made obsolete in 1968 by a new westbound I-44 bridge on a new alignment; deemed unsafe for vehicular / pedestrian traffic and closed on October 29th, 2009.
Deck truss bridge over Meramec River on Old US 66 at Route 66 State Park
Closed to all traffic with deck removed

Valley Road Bridge (York County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1870; relocated here in 1885
Wrought iron Pratt pony truss bridge over Valley Road on the Stewartstown Railroad
Intact, but out of service since 2004

Vera Cruz Bridge (Wells County, Indiana)
Built in 1887 by Indiana Bridge Co., bypassed by a new bridge in 1984
Whipple through truss bridge over Wabash River on a bypassed section of SR 301
Closed to all traffic

Wagon Wheel Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Built 1909; closed to vehicle traffic in 2008 due to flood damage on an approach span; center pier damaged by ice on February 22, 2016 with one span collapsing on March 10, 2016. Remaining spans demolished December 2, 2016.
Through truss bridge over Des Moines River on 200th Street west of Boone
Remaining spans demolished December 2, 2016

Walnut River Bridge (Butler County, Kansas)
Built by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Walnut River, 0.7 mi. west and 2.0 mi. south of Douglass
Open to traffic with 6'6" height restriction.

Washington Bridge (Franklin County, Missouri)
Construction started Oct. 1934; opened to traffic April 8, 1936;; Imploded April 11, 2019
Cantilevered through truss bridge over the Missouri River on MO 47 at Washington

West Farmersville Road Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1917
Concrete curved chord through girder bridge over Conestoga River on West Farmersville Road (PA-1010)
Demo started Feb, 2019. Replacement underconstruction.