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Bellville Bridge (Richland County, Ohio)
Built 1938 by the Mt. Vernon Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1977
Through truss bridge over Clear Fork on OH 13 (Main Street) in Bellville
Open to two-lane traffic

Cemetery Road Bridge (Lorain County, Ohio)
Stone arch bridge over Wellington Creek on Cemetery Road in Wellington
Open to traffic

Cleeves Warsaw Road Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1923; rehabilitated 1970
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Muddy Creek on CR 209

Fish Creek Bridge (Mahoning County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1880
Pony truss bridge over Fish Creek on TR 15
Closed to all traffic

Gaston's Mill Bridge (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1875
Stone arch bridge over the Sandy and Beaver Canal on TR 929 (Echo Dell Road)
Open to traffic

Glen Echo Ravine Bridge (Franklin County, Ohio)
Built 1921
Concrete arch bridge over Glen Echo Ravine on OH 23 in Columbus
Open to traffic

Great Miami River CR 21 Bridge (Logan County, Ohio)
Built 1882 by the Massillon Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1997
Whipple through truss bridge over Great Miami River on CR 21
Open to traffic

Greenway Recreational Trail - Mill Creek Road Overpass (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Originallly built 1897 by the King Bridge Co. over Mill Creek on Mill Creek Road (TH 197); later relocated
Through truss bridge over Coffee Creek on the Greenway Recreational Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Haul Road Bridge (Lorain County, Ohio)
Built 1902
Stone arch bridge over a haul road on CR 30 in South Amherst
Open to traffic

Insley Road Bridge (Wood County, Ohio)
Built 1930 for the Dixie Highway
Concrete through arch bridge over Rocky Ford on Insley Road
Intact but closed to all traffic

Jims Run TR 556A Bridge (Monroe County, Ohio)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Jims Run on TR 556A
Open to traffic

Liberty Blvd. Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1899
Stone arch bridge over Doan Brook on Liberty Blvd. in Cleveland
Open to traffic

Lisbon Street Bridge (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Built 1940
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Little Yellow Creek on Wells Avenue (Old OH 7) in Wellsville
Open to traffic

Main Avenue Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1940; rehabilitated 1992
Deck truss bridge on OH 2 (Main Street) in Cleveland
Open to traffic

McCollum Road Bridge (Mahoning County, Ohio)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Bears Den Creek on McCollum Road (CR 314)
Open to traffic

Mill Road Bridge (Darke County, Ohio)
Built 1881 by the Massillon Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Greenville Creek on TR 385 in Gettysburg
Open to pedestrians only

OH-424 Oberhaus Creek Bridge (Henry County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1842
Stone arch bridge with pony truss addition over Oberhaus Creek on OH 424 in Napoleon
Open to traffic

Old US24 Dry Creek Bridge (Henry County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1900
Stone arch bridge over Dry Creek on US 24
Open to traffic

Olentangy River CR 141E (St. James Rd.) Bridge (Marion County, Ohio)
Built earlier over Scioto River and moved to this location 1937; rehabilitated 1987, disassembled and replaced late 2015/early 2016
Through truss bridge over Olentangy River on CR 141E (St. James Rd.)
In storage or disassembled

Pancake-Clarkson Rd. Bridge (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1890 by the Penn Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1960
Through truss bridge over North Fork Little Beaver on Pancake-Clarkson Rd. 1031
Open to traffic

Piney Fork TR 125 Bridge (Jefferson County, Ohio)
Bowstring truss bridge over Piney Fork on TR 125
Demolished and replaced.

Salt Creek OH 56 Bridge (Pickaway County, Ohio)
Built 1935; rehabilitated 1985
Pony truss bridge over Salt Creek on OH 56
Open to traffic

Smith Park Trail Bridge (Butler County, Ohio)
Pony truss bridge over Hydraulic Canal on Pedestrian Pathway
Open to traffic

West Avenue Bridge (Mahoning County, Ohio)
Built 1929; closed to traffic in 1997
Through truss bridge over Mahoning River on West Avenue in Youngstown
Closed to all traffic

Willard Road Bridge (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Relocated here 1919, rehabilitated 2012
Deck truss bridge over NS RR on Willard Road (TR 843)
Open to traffic

Willey Road Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1911; rehabilitated 1996
Rainbow arch bridge on Willey Road in Crosby Township
Open to two-lane traffic