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Old Route 66 (Drain Dt Bridge/Old Westbound US 66) (Livingston County, Illinois)
Concrete tee beam bridge over Drain Dt on the abandoned WB lane of Old Route 66 (US 66)
Open to pedestrians

Old Route 66 Money Creek Bridge (McLean County, Illinois)
Built 1945
Concrete tee beam bridge over Money Creek on Abandoned Rte 66 westbound lanes
Open to pedestrians

Old Route 66 Rooks Creek Bridge (Former Westbound Lane) (Livingston County, Illinois)
Built 1946, bypasses by new alignment
Steel stringer bridge over Rooks Creek on abandoned WB lane of Old US 66
Open to pedestrians

Old Route 66 Turkey Creek Trib. Bridge (McLean County, Illinois)
Concrete stringer bridge over Turkey Creek on Old US 66 (formerly westbound lanes)
Open to pedestrians

Old Rugby Bridge (Morgan County, Tennessee)
Built 1920
Warren pony truss bridge over White Oak Creek formerly on State Highway 52
Closed to all traffic

Old Salmon Falls Bridge (El Dorado County, California)
Built 1925, Submerged 1955-6
Abandoned concrete rigid frame bridge over South Fork American River on Old Salmon Falls Road

Old Stanton Christiana Road Bridge (New Castle County, Delaware)
Marsh arch bridge on DE Route 4 / DE Route 7
Open to pedestrians only

Old Stewart Creek Bridge (Rutherford County, Tennessee)
Was first iron bridge built in Rutherford County, Orginally crossed Stewarts creek between Murfreesboro and Smyra on the turnpike
Pony truss bridge over lyttle creek on pedestrian trail
Open to pedestrians

Old Stone Arch Bridge (Champaign County, Illinois)
Built 1861, rebuilt 1984
Stone arch bridge over Boneyard Creek on pedestrian pathway in Champaign

Old Sublimity Bridge (Laurel County, Kentucky)
Built ca. 1930
Pratt pony truss bridge over Rockcastle River on a pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians

Old Teter Bridge (Furnas County, Nebraska)
Pratt through truss bridge over Medicine Creek on a pedestrian/golf cart trail
Open to pedestrians and golf carts

Old TN 49 Bridge (Cheatham County, Tennessee)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Big Bluff Creek on an old alignment of TN 49
Open to pedestrians

Old Trails Arch Bridge (San Bernardino County, California)
Completed Feb. 20, 1916; traffic diverted May 21, 1947; bridge converted to carry natural gas pipeline
Steel arch bridge over Colorado River carrying a pipeline (formerly carried US 66)
Closed to all traffic

Old Two Lick Bridge (Harrison County, West Virginia)
Built in 1889, restricted to pedestrian traffic only in 1997
Preserved through truss bridge over West Fork River on CR 19/20
Open to pedestrians

Old U.S. 64 Brush Creek Bridge (Polk County, Tennessee)
Built on the old 2-lane alignment of U.S. 64, abandoned and left in place when new alignment in 1967 was built higher, 1/4 mile downstream
Abandoned Pratt through truss bridge over Brush Creek on Pre 1967 alignment of US Highway 64

Old US 171 Vernon Lake Bridge (Vernon Parish, Louisiana)
Replaced in 1967
Concrete deck girder bridge over Outlet to Vernon Lake
Open to pedestrians only

Old US 180 Bridge (Catron County, New Mexico)
Built 1926; Left in-place by New Mexico Highway Dept.
Parker through truss bridge over San Francisco River on an old alignment of US 180
Intact but closed to all traffic

Old US 24/State Road 21 bridge over unnamed valley (Cass County, Indiana)
Not many know about this small bridge which lies on an old alignment of US 24. Privately owned now and only seen during winter on the North side of current Logansport Road which was also US 24 until recently.
Stone culvert bridge over Unnamed valley on Old US 24/State Road 21 on very old alignment(Not Logansport Road that today is also known as old 24)
Closed to all traffic

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge (Laclede County, Missouri)
Built 1922-24
Four-spans - 1 Warren Pony truss, 1 Pratt & 2 Parker through truss bridge over Gasconade River on Old US 66 near Hazelgreen.
Intact but closed to all traffic. Under Fundraising by Workin' Bridges

Old US 78/Five Mile Creek Greenway Bridge (Jefferson County, Alabama)
Concrete stringer bridge over Five Mile Creek on a former alignment of US 78/Five Mile Greenway
Open to pedestrians

Old US27 Burnside Tunnel (Pulaski County, Kentucky)
Built 1927-1928; abandoned 1950
Tunnel on U.S. 27
Closed to all traffic

Old Victory Bridge (Gadsden County, Florida)
Built 1922
Open-spandrel arch bridge over the Apalachicola River on an old alignment of US 90
Open to pedestrians

Old West Bay Drawbridge (Bay County, Florida)
Built 1945, replaced in 1993 with drawbridge section taken out
Bridge over Sr79 / Icww @ West Bay on Sr-79
Open to pedestrians only

Old White Bridge (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Built 1913 as a railroad crossing for the White Bridge Road. Bridge made part of the Richland Creek Greeway in April of 2009.
Concrete deck girder bridge over Richland Creek and the old Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railroad on Richland Creek Greenway on a former alignment of White Bridge Road
Open to pedestrians

Old Woman Run Bridge (Braxton County, West Virginia)
Built 1899
Pratt through truss bridge over Old Woman Run on Pedestrian Path
Open to pedestrians

Old Woodruff Bridge (Navajo County, Arizona)
Built 1917
Pratt pony truss bridge over Little Colorado River on an old alignment of Woodruff Road
Open to pedestrians

Osage Prairie Trail - Delaware Creek Tributary Bridge (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Pony truss bridge over Delaware Creek Tributary on Osage Prarie Walking Trail in Turley
Open to pedestrians

Osage Prairie Trail - Hominy Creek Bridge (Osage County, Oklahoma)
Pratt through truss bridge over Hominy Creek on Osage Prairie Trail
Open to pedestrians

Overcup Creek Bridge (Conway County, Arkansas)
Abandoned closed-spandrel arch bridge over Overcup Creek on Old AR 9

Overseas Highway - Seven Mile Bridge (Monroe County, Florida)
Originally built by the railroad in 1912. Replaced and swing span removed 1982; Part of the bridge now used for fishing.
Concrete Arch and Deck Girder bridge over Moser Channel on Old US 1 with a through truss swing span (removed), now used as a Fishing Pier and observation deck in Marathon

Padre Canyon Bridge (Coconino County, Arizona)
Built 1914
Luten arch bridge over Padre Canyon on an old alignment of Route 66
Open to pedestrians

Panhandle Pathway Trail - Tippecanoe River Bridge (Pulaski County, Indiana)
Formerly double tracked rail bridge, then single tracked, now is being converted with planking for pedestrians. Once part of Pennsy RR line from Chicago to Logansport and Columbus, Ohio or Richmond, Indiana
Deck plate girder bridge over Tippecanoe River on the Panhandle Pathway Trail in Winamac
Open to pedestrians

Paper Mill Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Rebuilt by Pennypack Watershed Association-Paper Mill Bridge Restroation funded by William B. Dietrich Foundation 1990
Stone arch bridge over Pennypack Creek on Paper Mill Road
Open to pedestrians

Papinville Bridge (Bates County, Missouri)
Built 1884 by the Kansas City Bridge & Iron Co.; bypassed by new bridge in 1996
Through truss bridge over Marais des Cygnes River just west of Papinville
Open to pedestrians only

Park Place Bridge (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Built 1921, Abandoned 1977, Restored for pedestirans 1986
Parker through truss bridge over Clackamas River on Abandoned 82nd Ave. Bike Path
Open to pedestrians

Parks Covered Bridge 42-66-01 (Dyer County, Tennessee)
Built ca. 1910 by farmer W.E. Parks; relocated 1997 to a city park in Trimble
Covered bridge originally spanning Obion River Drainage Canal within a private farm near Trimble
Open to pedestrians only

Parks Gap Bridge (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Built 1892
Lane pony truss bridge over Back Creek on CR 6 (Parks Gap)
Open to pedestrians only

Parrish Covered Bridge 35-61-34 (Noble County, Ohio)
Built 1914; Repaired & painted red 1964; Restored in 2005
Covered Multiple Kingpost bridge over Olive Green Creek on Co Hwy 8
Open to pedestrians only

Pasquotank River ICWW Bridge (Pasquotank County, North Carolina)
Built 1972
Bascule bridge over Pasquotank River ICWW on US 158 in Elizabeth City
Open to traffic

PE - Belmont Tunnel (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1925
Abandoned tunnel on Railroad (PE)

Pease River Wagon Bridge (Wilbarger County, Texas)
Abandoned wire suspension bridge over Pease River
Single cable tower still standing

Pedestrian Bridge (Dallas County, Texas)
Built 1936 by WPA. Restored ca. 2013
Timber stringer bridge over Unnamed water channel
Open to pedestrians only

Pelloux Bridge (Johnson County, Wyoming)
Built 1912-13 by the Canton Bridge Co.; relocated 1986
Pratt pony truss bridge over Clear Creek on the Clear Creek Trail (a pedestrian trail)
Open to pedestrians only

Pencoyd Viaduct (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1918 by the former Schuylkill Valley Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad; closed 1986
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Schuylkill River built by Pennsylvania Railroad in 1918, now rail-trail bridge for bicycle/pedestrian use
Closed to rail traffic in 1986, reopened as pedestrian bridge Nov. 2015

Penn Central Big Walnut Creek Bridge (Delaware County, Ohio)
Rail trestle over Big Walnut Creek-This was a Penn central line from Columbus to Mt.Vernon.Conrail abandoned the line in 1982.
Open to pedestrians only

Pequabuck Bridge (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Built 1833
Stone arch bridge over Pequabuck River before rechanneling 300' west. On Farmington Canal Heritage Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Pequest WMA Trail - Pequest River Bridge #2 (Warren County, New Jersey)
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Pequest River on Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Perrine's Covered Bridge 32-56-01 (Ulster County, New York)
Built 1844
Burr arch-truss bridge over Wallkill River on old state road 213
Open to pedestrians

Peter's Creek S Bridge (Guernsey County, Ohio)
Built 1828 on the old National Road (formerly US 40).
Stone arch bridge over Peter's Creek on the original alignment of the National Road (US 40).
Open to pedestrians

Phoenix Park Trail Bridge (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin)
Built 1903 using relocated parts, abandoned 1981, later turned into a trail
Pratt through truss bridge over Chippewa River on Chippewa River State Trail (former railroad path)
Open to pedestrians

Piano Bridge (Fayette County, Texas)
Built 1885 by the King Bridge Company, rehabilitated 2011-12
Through truss bridge over East Navidad River on Piano Bridge Road
Reopened to traffic on April 2, 2012

Pine Creek Park Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built as an approach span to an 1872 drawbridge in Middletown, it was re-used in 1890 to carry Mill Hill Road in Fairfield over the tracks of the New Haven Railroad. In 1979, the bridge was relocated to its current location.
Pratt pony truss bridge over Pine Creek on a pedestrian path in Pine Creek Park
Open to pedestrians

Pine Island Road Bridge (Old) (Lee County, Florida)
Built 1968 replaced with new single leaf bascule
Bascule bridge over Matlacha Pass on Pine Island Road in Cape Coral
Replaced by a new bridge

Pineground Bridge (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1887 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; Closed to traffic 1978; Bypassed and rehabilitated for pedestrian use 1981
Pin connected Lenticular through truss bridge over Suncook River in Chichester
Open to pedestrians only since 1978, renovation completed in 1981

Pisgah Covered Bridge 33-76-01 (Randolph County, North Carolina)
Built ca. 1910; destroyed by flood August 9, 2003; reconstructed 2004
Covered bridge over West Fork Little River on Pisgah Covered Bridge Road
Open to pedestrians only

Platform Bridge (Marin County, California)
Concrete pony arch bridge over Lagunitas Creek on Sir Francis Drake Bikeway
Open to pedestrians

Pleasant Hill Road Bridge (Etowah County, Alabama)
Built 1882 at Walnut Grove; relocated during 1930s; disassembled 2009
Dismantled pony truss bridge formerly over Black Creek on Pleasent Hill Road in Gadsden
Partially Assembled in a park

Poinsett Bridge (Greenville County, South Carolina)
Built 1820 by Joel Poinsett
Gothic stone arch bridge over Little Gap Creek near Tigerville
Open to pedestrians only

Point Remove Creek AR 113 Bridge (Conway County, Arkansas)
Built 1926 by the Virginia Bridge & Iron Co.; bypassed ca. 2005
Through truss bridge over Point Remove Creek on AR 113 west of Morrilton
Open to pedestrians only

Polo Bridge (Caldwell County, Missouri)
Originally built 1875 over Otter Creek south of Harrison; relocated in Jan. 2002
Relocated bowstring truss bridge in a park in Polo
Open to pedestrians only

Ponderosa Way Bridge #3 (Amador County, California)
Abandoned pony truss bridge over North Fork Mokelumne River on former Ponderosa Way
Deck destroyed by fire, abandoned in place. Approach decks, however, are okay except for minor burning.

Pony Truss Bridge (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Pony truss bridge over Delaware Canal
Open to pedestrians only

Pool Forge Covered Bridge 38-36-01 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Bypassed and transferred to private ownership 1962; In 2005, the bridge became the property of Caernarvon Township to be included in a park managed by Poole Forge, Inc.
Burr arch-truss bridge over Congestoga Creek on Private bypassed road
Open to pedestrians

Possum Hollow Canal Culvert (Dearborn County, Indiana)
Built Circa 1840
Stone culvert bridge over Possum Hollow Creek on Part of the Whitewater Canal
Closed to all traffic

Powell Bridge (McDonald County, Missouri)
Built 1914-15 by the East St. Louis Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Big Sugar Creek on Cowan Ridge Road (CR SE-E-58), just southwest of Route E near Powell
Open to pedestrians only

Pratt Bridge (Howard County, Maryland)
Built in 1902 for the B&O Railroad, abandoned in 1925, rehabilitated in 2002 for trail use.
Pratt through truss bridge over Little Patuxent River on formerly the Patuxent Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, currently carries the Patuxent Branch Trail
Open to pedestrians

Primm Monorail Crossing (Clark County, Nevada)
Warren Through truss bridge over I-15
No longer used. Built to serve a small private passenger train. Function replaced by newer monorail overcross just West of this location.

Princeton Ferry (Glenn County, California)
Ferry across Sacramento River on Ferry Road

Providence Road Bridge (Robertson County, Texas)
Through truss bridge over Little Brazos River on Providence Road
Open to traffic

Provo River Bridge (Utah County, Utah)
Pratt pony truss bridge over Provo River on W 900 N
Open to pedestrians only

Provo River Parkway - Provo River Bridge (Utah County, Utah)
Built 1884; relocated in 1901 and 1919; abandoned 1969
Pratt through truss bridge over Provo River on Provo River Parkway
Open to pedestrians only

Provo River Trai - Carterville Road Bridge (Utah County, Utah)
Warren pony truss bridge over Provo River on Provo River Trail (old Carterville Rd)
Open to pedestrians only

PRR - Horney Creek Bridge (West side of IND 25) (Cass County, Indiana)
Located behind residences and a church West side of Indiana 25 at it's Horney Creek bridge crossing, or due West of IND 25 and Smith Street intersect.
Timber stringer bridge over Horney Creek on Formerly Penn Central (nee Pennsylvania RR, Vandalia, Logansport Terre Haute and Southwestern Railroad, others) in Logansport
Closed to all traffic

PRR/Erie Overpass (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Parker through truss bridge over Pennsylvania Railroad on Erie Railway

PRRT - Androscoggin River Bridge (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built by Boston & Maine RR; line taken over by New Hampshire & Vermont RR, bridge abandoned ca. 1996 and converted to snowmobile trail
Pratt deck truss bridge with trestle over Androscoggin River, NH16, & Railroad (SLR)
Open to pedestrians only

PRRT - Snyder Brook Bridge (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1918; Rehabilitated 2015
Boxed Howe pony truss bridge over Snyder Brook on Trail
Restored 2015 and open to pedestrian traffic

Pt Reyes Petaluma Road Bridge (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1919
Deck arch bridge over San Antonio Creek on Pt Reyes Petaluma Road
Closed to all traffic

Pudding Creek Bridge (Mendocino County, California)
Built 1915 as logging railroad trestle, converted to one lane logging truck bridge in 1949, ended service to vehicles in late 1970's, converted to pedestrian walkway 2007
Timber stringer bridge over Pudding Creek on California State Park Trail in Fort Bragg
Open to pedestrians

Puente Cristóbal Colón (Yauco, Puerto Rico)
Built ca. 1886 over the Río Portugués in Ponce; Washed away by flooding from the 1899 San Ciriaco Hurricane; Relocated 1915 to cross the Río Yauco; Relocated here ?
Lattice pony plate girder bridge over Park
Repurposed as part of a swingset.

Putah Creek Bridge (Napa County, California)
Built 1896, covered by Lake Berryessa 1957
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Putah Creek
Lost submerged intact

PVRR - Elm Street Overpass (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Built 1889
Abandoned through truss bridge over Elm Street/Route 10 on NYNH&H Canal Line

PVRR - Westfield River Bridge (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Built 1910, raised 1919
Abandoned double-intersection Warren through truss bridge over Westfield River on NYNH&H Canal Line

Quaker Bridge (Mercer County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1898, bypassed approx 2006. Left in original location.
Bypassed Through truss bridge over Little Shenango River on PA 4006 (Williamson Road)
Bypassed and open only to pedestrians. Very good condition!

Radium Springs Rio Grande Bridge (Dona Ana County, New Mexico)
Built 1933, made into a pedestrian bridge in 2003 when replacement bridge was built.
Timber stringer bridge over Rio Grande on an old alignment of NM 185
Open to pedestrians

Raven Rock Rosemont Road Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1878
Through truss bridge over Lockatong Creek on Raven Rock Road
Restoration complete, bridge open

Rawson Road Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1886; rehabilitated 1950, rehabilitated/upgraded in 2008
Pony truss bridge over Abbott Run on Rawson Road in Cumberland
Open to traffic

Ray Lovin Memorial Bridge (Loudon County, Tennessee)
Originally built across Round Lick Creek in Smith County, relocated to Loudon County in 1986.
Pratt pony truss bridge over Steekee Creek on bicycle-foot path
Open to pedestrians

Reading - White Deer Creek Bridge (Union County, Pennsylvania)
Collapsed in 1996 flood, rebuilt 2013
Deck plate girder bridge over White Deer Creek on Former Reading Railroad (preserved for freight service)
Open to traffic

Red Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1982
Bypassed through truss bridge over Blue River on Red Bridge Road
Bypassed with a new bridge and preserved.

Red Bridge (Tompkins County, New York)
Warren through truss bridge over Salmon Creek on Salmon Creek Road
Closed while under renovation

Red Cedar State Trail - Dunnville Bottoms Bridge (Dunn County, Wisconsin)
Whipple span built 1892, other spans built 1910
Through truss bridge over Chippewa River on Red Cedar State Trail
Open to pedestrians

Red Covered Bridge 13-06-01 (Bureau County, Illinois)
Built 1863; rehabilitated 1973
Covered bridge over Bureau Creek on Old Dad Joe Trail in Princeton
Open to traffic

Redbank Valley Trail - Climax Tunnel (Clarion County, Pennsylvania)
Tunnel on Redbank Valley Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Remains of the Old Boonville Bridge (Santa Fe Trail Historical Site Exhibit) (Howard County, Missouri)
Built 1923 as part of walkway for the Old Boonville Bridge. O.B.B. replaced in 1995 but walkway section and plaque saved and made into present historical marker in 1999.
Pennsylvania through truss bridge on a pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians only

Renwick Road Bridge (Will County, Illinois)
Built ca.1890 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company
Through truss bridge over Du Page River on Renwick Road
Open to one-lane traffic

Reverchon Park Bridge (Dallas County, Texas)
Built ca. 1937 by the Works Progress Administration.
Stone arch bridge over Turtle Creek
Open to pedestrians only

RI - Argyle Tunnel (Osage County, Missouri)
Built 1903
Tunnel on the Rock Island Railroad under a hill and CR 541 between Meta and Koeltztown
Railroad line inactive since 1979

RI - Big Creek Bridge #2 (Cass County, Missouri)
Built 1903
Deck plate girder bridge over Big Creek on MO Rock Island Trail (Former CRI&P MO subdivision)
Open to pedestrians

RI - Big Creek Bridge #3 (Cass County, Missouri)
Built 1903, rebuilt in 2016 and converted to trail use.
Deck plate girder bridge over Big Creek on MO Rock Island Rail Trail (Former CRI&P MO subdivision)
Open to Trail Traffic

RI - Big Creek Bridge #4 (Cass County, Missouri)
Deck plate girder bridge over Big Creek on MO Rock Island Trail (Former CRI&P Railroad)
Open to pedestrians/bicyclists only