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Cooper's Tubular Arch Bridge (Onondaga County, New York)
Built in 1886 in Canajoharie, New York. Relocated to present location in 1975.
Bowstring through truss bridge over the Erie Canal on a pedestrian walkway in Old Erie Canal State Park
Open to pedestrians

Cornelia Lake Bridge (Wright County, Iowa)
Built 1877, replaced 1986, Moved to present location
Pony truss bridge over inlet of Cornelia Lake on a pedestrian trail
Open to pedestrians

Coryell Covered Bridge (Nemaha County, Nebraska)
Built 1934
Bridge over a unnamed creek in Coryell Park on a pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians only

Cotton Belt - Drainage Trestle (Navarro County, Texas)
Built 1881
Abandoned timber stringer bridge over Drainage on Cotton Belt Railroad

Coufal Road Bridge (Fayette County, Texas)
Abandoned pony truss bridge over Branch of Cummins Creek

County Road 51 Bridge (Rock County, Minnesota)
Bypassed 1996
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Tributary of Split Rock Creek on CR 51
Open to pedestrians only

Coventry Greenway - Moosup River Bridge (Windham County, Connecticut)
Through truss bridge over Moosup River on the Coventry Greenway/Moosup Valley State Park Trail
Open to pedestrians

Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor 35-04-(b (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
See for detailed history
Lattice through truss bridge
Open to hungry customers wanting pizza

Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor II 35-04-(a (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
For a detailed history check out
Lattice through truss bridge
Open to hungry customers wanting pizza

Cowboy Trail - Unnamed Stream Bridge (Cherry County, Nebraska)
Steel stringer bridge over unnamed creek on a former railroad now known as the Cowboy Trail
Open to pedestrians

Cowley Bridge (Lincoln County, Tennessee)
Built by the King Iron Bridge Co. in 1878 for $8,000, the only Bowstring truss bridge in the state of Tennessee. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
Bowstring through truss bridge over Elk River on West Stevens Creek Road
Open to pedestrian traffic only

Cox Covered Bridge 35-82-10 (Vinton County, Ohio)
Built 1884 by Diltz & Steele; bypassed and closed to traffic in 1992
Covered bridge over Brushy Fork on CR 20
Open to pedestrians only

CR925N Bridge (Brown County, Illinois)
Abandoned bridge over Airport Creek on CR925N

Craig Bridge (Lewis and Clark County, Montana)
Built 1903; replaced and relocated in 2006
A three-span through truss bridge, formerly over the Missouri River at Craig, is now relocated and sitting at the old State Nursery grounds awaiting to be reassembled as a pedestrian bridge for a park.
Awaiting reconstruction at the old State Nursery grounds near Helena

Craighead Bridge (Cumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1899; rehabilitated ca. 1960
Through truss bridge over Yellow Breeches Creek on Craighead Bridge Road (TR 520)

Crawfordsville Covered Bridge 37-22-15 (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1932, Decommissioned 1963,
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Calapooia River on Abandoned OR-228
Open to pedestrians

Creamery Covered Bridge 45-13-01 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1879; Rehabilitated 2007; Bypassed 2010
Covered bridge over Whetstone Brook on Guilford Street in Brattleboro
Open to pedestrians only

Creek Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1877 ?
Bridge over Pennypack Creek on Creek Road
Open to pedestrians

Creek Road Bridge (Boone County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1910; rehabilitated 2012.
Through truss bridge over Sugar Creek on CR 350 West (Creek Road) just east of I-65
Closed due to damage caused by oversize farm tractor and plow

Croft State Park Bridge #1 (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Built ca. 1900
Pratt pony truss bridge over Kelsey Creek on an abandoned wagon road

Croft State Park Bridge #2 (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Built ca. 1900
Abandoned pratt pony truss bridge over a small Creek on an abandoned wagon road

Croft State Park Bridge #3 (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Built ca 1900
Pratt pony truss bridge over Kelsey Creek on a trail
Open to pedestrians only

Crum Road Bridge (Frederick County, Maryland)
Originally built on Crum Road near Walkersville; later relocated to Ballenger Creek Park on a walking trail
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Ballenger Creek on the Ballenger Creek Park Nature Trail
Open to pedestrians

Crystal Springs Bridge (Stark County, Ohio)
Built 1914; rehabilitated 1990; closed to traffic in 1995
Two-span pony truss bridge over Tuscarawas River on Riverside Avenue/High Mill Avenue (TR-352)
Open to pedestrians only

CSX - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1911
Bridge over Cuyahoga River on Csx Railroad
Still in use

CSX - Hiwassee River Bridge (Reliance) (Polk County, Tennessee)
Built in 1890 on the old "Hook & Eye" route from Etowah to Copperhill, TN
Deck plate girder bridge over Hiwassee River on private railroad (former CSX Railroad Spur)
Open to traffic

CSX - Milroy Crossing (Carroll County, Indiana)
Probably built so former prominant Delphi citizen Samual Milroy could access his lower fields along Deer Creek from his historic homestead. Recent Indiana 25 construction has removed all trees at this location and once again exposed it's existance.
Bridge over Milroy farm access lane on Formerly CSX Transportation(nee Seaboard, L&N, Monon, Chicago Indianapolis and Louisville Railroads)
Intact but closed to all traffic. New Hoosier Heartland Highway construction immediately adjacent to old bridge.

CSX - Silver Creek Bridge (Floyd County, Indiana)
Built 1906 by the Riverside Bridge Company of Wheeling, West Virginia
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over Silver Creek on Abandoned Railroad (formerly B&O)

Cummington Ball Bridge (Hampshire County, Massachusetts)
Moved here from Stage Road
Kingpost pipe bridge built by Charles H. Ball
Open to pedestrians only

Currin Covered Bridge 37-20-22 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built in 1925, Removed from service in 1987, Restoration in 1995.
Covered Howe through truss bridge across Row River on Layng Road
Open to pedestrians only

Dakota Rail Trail - S. Fork Crow River Bridge (Carver County, Minnesota)
Replaced older bridge in 1939, piers rebuilt 1971, abandoned 2001. recievied rehabilitation as a trail 2012
Deck plate girder bridge over S. Fork Crow River on Abandoned Burlington Northern Railroad
Opened to pedestrians December 2012

Danville Railroad Bridge (Benton County, Tennessee)
The original wooden bridge was built at this location in 1859. It was modified and rehabilitated in the 1870's then rebuilt in 1931 by the VIrginia Bridge Co. Ten years later in 1941 the bridge had to be raised due to the creation of Kentucky Lake.
Abandoned through truss bridge over Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake on L & N Railroad
Disassembled on Benton County side,the two spans on the Houston County side are used as a private residence

Danville-Mickles Bowstring Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
Originally built July 1880 by the King Bridge Co. at Danville; relocated in 1920
Relocated bowstring through truss bridge next to Danville City Hall
Open to pedestrians

Darden Road Bridge (St. Joseph County, Indiana)
Built 1885; rehabilitated 1907
Bypassed through truss bridge over St. Joseph River on Darden Road
Open To Pedestrians

David Murdock Trail - Stevens Creek Bridge (Lancaster County, Nebraska)
Built 1889
Deck plate girder bridge over Stevens Creek on Trail
Open to pedestrians

DCAX - Short Cut Canal Bridge (Wayne County, Michigan)
Built 1922; Modified 1950
Warren through truss bridge over Rouge River on Delray Connecting Railroad
Open to traffic

Deep River Bridge (Chatham County, North Carolina)
Built 1910
Camelback through truss bridge over Deep River on NC 2153
Open to pedestrians only

Deer Brook Bridge (Hancock County, Maine)
Built 1925
Bridge over Deer Brook on Carriage path near Jordan Cliffs
Open to pedestrians only

Deer Creek Branch Bridge (Douglas County, Kansas)
Spoke with landowner, said that previous owner of the property heard of a local bridge just south of current location over Dry Creek becoming available during construction of Clinton Lake in the early 1970's, moved to current spot over small creek
Abandoned pony truss bridge over Unnamed Creek
Derelict/abandoned, no decking, 3' wide catwalk running length

Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area Bridge (Putnam County, Indiana)
Built in 1908 by the Elkhart Bridge & Iron Co.
Pratt through truss bridge over Deer Creek in Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area
Open to traffic

Deer Lakes Golf Course Bridge (Livingston County, Kentucky)
According to website ( bridge was built 1898 as an original bridge for the Trail of Tears
Lattice pony truss bridge over Sandy Creek on a golf cart trail and a portion of the Trail of Tears
Open to golf cart traffic

Deer Park Golf Course Bridge (Harris County, Texas)
Built 1891 over Leon River in Coryell County, relocated to CR 322 in same county on or around 1950, and then relocated to current location in 1993
Pratt through truss bridge over a lake on a golfcart/pedestrian trail in Deer Park Golf Course
Open to pedestrians

Delaware and Raritan Canal Millstone River Aquaduct (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Bridge over Millstone River on D&R Canal
Open to pedestrians only

Devil's Corral Highway Bridge (Lassen County, California)
Build in 1923 by the California Highway Commission, Bypassed in 1965.
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Susan River on "Formerly Lassen Volcanic Highway" & Hwy 36 until replaced by a downstream bridge and reallignment of Hwy 36 in 1965.
Open to pedestrians only, access is from Korver Road, 1/2 mile north of Hwy 36. Upper deck top of bridge in poor shape.

Dewlen-Spohnhauer Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1926; made obsolete by new bridge in 1960
Four-span through arch over the Verdigris River on Old US 160 just east of Independence
Open to traffic on a paved frontage road

Diestelhorst Bridge (Shasta County, California)
Built in 1915 by Chico Construction Co., Closed to vehicular traffic in 1997
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Sacramento River on Sacramento Trail in Redding
Open to pedestrians

Dillerville Yard Footbridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca.1922; scheduled for removal 2015
Warren through truss bridge over Dillerville Yard on Pedestrian Pathway
Intact but closed to all traffic; scheduled for removal March 2015

Dinkey Historical Bridge (Fresno County, California)
Built 1938
Bowstring through truss bridge over Dinkey Creek on an access road in the Dinkey Creek Recreation Area
Open to pedestrians only

Division Street Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1964; closed 2010; reopened August 4, 2016
Through truss bridge over Cal Sag Channel on Division Street in Blue island
Reopened after rehabilitation

Dix Bridge (Washington County, New York)
Built 1895; Closed 1995; Rehabilitated for pedestrian use 2013
3 span Double Intersection Warren through truss bridge over Hudson River on Dix Bridge Rd.
Open to pedestrians only

Dodd Ford Bridge (Blue Earth County, Minnesota)
Built 1901 by L.H. Johnson; rehabilitated in 2015-16
Through truss bridge over Blue Earth River on CR 147
Open to one-lane traffic

Dodd's Creek Bridge (Bell County, Texas)
Built 1899 by the Berlin Bridge Co. over Cowhouse Creek in Coryell County, then later moved to Dodd's Creek. Relocated and rehabilitated over Salado Creek in 1997.
Lenticular pony truss bridge over Salado Creek on a pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians

Dongola #1 Iron Bridge (Pike County, Indiana)
Built 1884 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Now part of the Patoka Historic Bridges District.
Through truss bridge over South Fork Patoka River on CR 325 West
Beautifully Restored

Donnaha Bridge (Forsyth County, North Carolina)
See below in the "Description" section for a detailed history of the bridge
Pratt through truss bridge over Mill Creek on a private driveway
Open to traffic

Douglas Park Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Built ca. 1879
Steel arch bridge over Burkhardt Park Lake on Burkhardt Drive
Open to pedestrians

Dover Bridge (Talbot County, Maryland)
Built 1932, to be replaced by bypass bridge by 2016 and preserved as fishing pier
Warren truss swing bridge over Choptank River on MD 331
Open to traffic

Drake Hill Road Bridge (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Built 1892; Bypassed 1988
Parker through truss bridge over Farmington River on Drake Hill Road Bridge (Old Alignment)
Open to pedestrians only

Duck Brook Bridge (Hancock County, Maine)
Built 1929
Bridge over Duck Brook on Carriage path
Open to pedestrians only

Duck Creek Bridge (Brown County, Wisconsin)
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1978, rehabilitated again and converted for pedestrian use 2013
Riveted 6-panel Pratt through truss bridge over Duck Creek on pedestrian trail in Oneida
Open to pedestrians and bicycles only

Duvall Bridge (Prince George's County, Maryland)
Built in 1907
Pratt pony truss bridge over Patuxent River on Duvall Bridge Road
Recently restored

Dyreson Road Bridge (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Built 1897; rehabilitated 1983, restored 2015
Pinned Pratt through truss bridge over Yahara River on E. Dyreson Road
Open to traffic, 10-ton posted load

E Main Street Overpass (Union County, Mississippi)
Built for GM&N RR
Pony/through plate girder bridge over E Main Street on Tanglefoot Trail
Open to pedestrians on rail-to-trail path

Eagle Avenue Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1930-31 by the Strobel Steel Construction Co.; rehabilitated 1991; closed 2005
Vertical lift bridge over Cuyahoga River on Eagle Avenue
Intact but closed to all traffic

East Fairfield Covered 45-06-03 (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1865; rehabilitated 1967 renovated 2010
Covered bridge over Black Creek on C3049 in Fairfield
renovated and reopened to traffic July 2010

East Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge (Addison County, Vermont)
Built 1897; Abandoned 1951; Rehabilitated 1983; Rehabilitated 2007
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Lemon Fair River on pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians

East Wabash River Road Minnow Creek (Cass County, Indiana)
Built 1993. Must have been built as part of a reroute of Minnow Creek as old Concrete bridge appears to be Immediately East of Culvert with underside filled in and broken side wall on North side.
Culvert bridge over Minnow Creek on East Wabash River Road in Logansport
Open to traffic

EBT - Augwick Creek Arch Bridge (Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1914
Abandoned bridge over Aughwick Creek on Former EBT

Echo Park Lake Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Original Built 1896, lost unknown year, replaced unknown year
Bridge over Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles
Re-Opened 2006, after being closed to all traffic

Eden Park Reservoir Dam (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Built 1878, large portion of main retaining wall removed 1960
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over drained reservoir on Pedestrian Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Edgett Street Bridge (Wayne County, New York)
Edgett Street bridge over Erie Canal in Newark
Baltimore through truss bridge
Open to pedestrians only

Egypt Pike Bridge (Pickaway County, Ohio)
Built in 1876. Replaced in 1987, but moved next to new bridge for pedestrian use.
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Mud Run on Egypt Pike
Open to pedestrians

Ehrmentraut Farm Bridge (Monroe County, New York)
Built 1859 over Erie Canal in Brockport, NY. Relocated east of Brockport on Erie Canal in 1880. Relocated to its current location in 1910.
Bridge over Black Creek on a farm access road
Open to pedestrians

Eldean Covered Bridge 35-55-01 (Miami County, Ohio)
Built 1860; rehabilitated 1980
Two-span covered bridge over Miami River on Farver Road (formerly Eldean Road)
Open to traffic

Ellis Cove Bridge (Marion County, Tennessee)
Built 1891, relocated to Ellis Cove Road about 1930
Abandoned Pratt pin-connected through truss bridge over Battle Creek
Abandoned with deck removed, but still intact

Eminence Bridge (Shannon County, Missouri)
Built 1933, replacing an earlier through truss bridge; bypassed 2003
Three-span open-spandrel arch bridge over Jacks Fork on MO 19 at Eminence
Open to pedestrians only

Engle Mill Road Covered Bridge 35-29-03 (Greene County, Ohio)
Built 1877 by the Smith Bridge Co.; made obsolete by new bridge August 1998
Covered bridge over Anderson Fork on W. Engle Mill Road (TR 47)
Bypassed with a new bridge

Enlow Tunnel (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Bult 1924 as realignment of 1879 rail line. Abandoned 1986.
Tunnel on Montour Trail (former Montour Railroad)
Open to pedestrians only

Enola Low Grade Trail - Safe Harbor Bridge (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1904-06, Abandoned to rail service 1988
Abandoned bridge on former PRR low-grade freight line, it crosses over the Congestoga Creek and passes by the Safe Harbor Powerplant

Enon Private Drive Bridge (St. Charles County, Missouri)
This bridge replaced a 16 span pile Timber Trestle (1917 ICC Report) ca. 1920
Pony plate girder bridge over McCoy Creek on Private Drive (formerly StL&HRR)
Open to authorized vehicles only

Erie - Little Wabash River Bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Once part of the Erie's Chicago to New York line, this double tracked bridge was abandoned in the early 1980's when line was pulled up.
Deck plate girder bridge over Wabash River on Formerly Chicago and Indiana Railroad(nee Chicago and Great Atlantic, Erie, Erie Lackawanna, Erie Western Railroad) in Huntington
East set of plate girders renovated for pedestrian trail usage, West set removed.

Erie-Attica Trail - Genesee River Bridge (Livingston County, New York)
Used on the Erie R.R. (later Erie-Lackawanna R.R.) Avon to Attica Branchline.
Through truss bridge over Genesee River
Open to pedestrians only

Euharlee Covered Bridge (Bartow County, Georgia)
Built 1886 by Washington W. King and Jonathan H. Burke; made obsolete by new bridge in 1980
Covered bridge over Euharlee Creek on Covered Bridge Road in Euharlee
Open to pedestrians only

Euless School Bridge (Tarrant County, Texas)
Built 1889, moved 1930, retired to display at School 1975
Pratt through truss bridge
Open to pedestrians

Fair Oaks Bridge (Sacramento County, California)
Built 1907-09 by the Western Bridge and Construction Co.; closed to traffic 1967; rehabilitated for pedestrians in 1973
Pennsylvania through truss bridge over American River on Bridge Street
Open to pedestrians

Fairy Falls Bridge (Teton County, Wyoming)
Pratt pony truss bridge over Firehole River on Fairy Falls Trail (an old alignment of US 89/20)
Open to pedestrians only

Falling Creek Bridge (Chesterfield County, Virginia)
Built 1823
Stone arch bridge over Falling Creek on Old US 1

Fallingwater Driveway Bridge (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1935
Concrete stringer bridge over Bear Run on Fallingwater Driveway
Open to pedestrians only

Falls Island Bridge (St. Lawrence County, New York)
Built 1870 by the King Bridge Co.; Rehabilitated for pedestrian use 2007
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Grasse River on the Grasse River Heritage Trail
Open to pedestrians

Falls Island Sluiceway Bridge (St. Lawrence County, New York)
Built circa 1900; Rehabilitated for pedestrian use 2007
Beam bridge over Abandonded Sluice on Pedestrian Path
Open to pedestrians only

Falls Mill Arch Bridge (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Built in 1914, replacing 2 pedestrian bridges dating back to the 1830's
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Factory Creek on Old Salem-Lexie Road

Fancher Bridge (Clark County, Illinois)
Originally built in Shelby county, IL over Richland creek near Fancher, moved in 1983 to Clark county, IL
Pony truss bridge in the Cumberland Road rest stop, near Marshall
Open to pedestrians

Farm to Market 45 Bridge (Brown County, Texas)
The Works Progress Administration built this section of FM 45 in 1941 to access Camp Bowie.
Stone arch bridge over South Fork Willis Creek on Farm to Market 45
Open to traffic

Fay's Crossing Bridge (Pueblo County, Colorado)
Built 1905 near El Moro, Colorado, moved here in 1995
Through truss bridge over Santa Fe Avenue on a pedestrian trail in Pueblo
Open to pedestrians only

FB&CT Trail - Fairview Lift Bridge (McKenzie County, North Dakota)
Built 1913 for Great Northern RR; was only lifted once, upon completion in 1913; carried both rail and vehicular traffic between 1926 & 1956; rail traffic ceased in 1986; listed on National Register of Historic Places in 1997.
Parker through truss bridge over Yellowstone River on Trail
Open to pedestrians

Felton Covered Bridge 05-44-02 (Santa Cruz County, California)
Built 1893, retired from use 1937, Restored 1987.
Bridge over San Lorenzo River on Pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians

Felts Mills Creek Arch (Jefferson County, New York)
Stone arch bridge over Felt's Mills Creek on Felts Mills Recreation Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Fine Gold Creek Bridge (Madera County, California)
Bridge over Fine Gold Creek on County Road 200
Open to pedestrians

Fireman's Park Bridge (Red River County, Texas)
Pratt pony truss bridge on a pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians

Firescald Creek Stone Arch Bridge (Grundy County, Tennessee)
Built in 1906 for $547.45, bypassed in 1970 when new bridge was built, now preserved as part of a roadside park
Rare masonry stone arch bridge over Firescald Creek
Closed to all traffic

Fischer Creek Bridge (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Pony truss bridge over Fischer Creek on Recreational Trail
Open to pedestrians only