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Monroe Street Bridge (Monroe County, Michigan)
Built 1927; Subsequent work 1970 & 1984; rehabilitated 1990
Concrete cantilever bridge over Raisin River on M-125 in Monroe
Open to traffic

Monsrud Bridge (Allamakee County, Iowa)
Built 1887 by the King Bridge Co.
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Paint Creek on Swebakken Road, now resides in Yellow River State Forest
Open to traffic

Montana Road Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1920
Pony truss bridge over Honey Creek on Montana Road
Open to traffic

Montebello Road Bridge (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1890
Brick arch bridge over Little Juniata Creek on Montebello Road
Open to traffic

Montesano-Elma Road Bridge (Grays Harbor County, Washington)
Built 1938
Warren through truss bridge over Satsop River on Montesano-Elma Road in Elma
Open to traffic

Montevideo Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Built 1910; rehabilitated 1989
Pony truss bridge over Dry Seneca Creek on Montevideo Road in Poolesville
Open to traffic

Montezuma Bridge (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1949; rehabilitated 1987
Six-span through truss bridge over Wabash River on US 36 at Montezuma
Open to two-lane traffic

Montgomery Avenue Bridge at Cynwyd, PA (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1926; rehabilitated ca. 1950
Concrete arch bridge over SEPTA track on Montgomery Avenue in Philadelphia
Open to traffic

Montgomery Bell Stone Arch Bridge (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Built 1999
Stone arch bridge over Unknown Creek on Cherokee Road
Open to traffic

Montgomery Covered Bridge 45-08-14 (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 18896; Rehabilitated 1976
Covered Queenspost bridge over North Branch Lamoille River on C3014
Open to traffic

Montgomery Ditch Bridge (Tippecanoe County, Indiana)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1964
Pony truss bridge over Montgomery Ditch on CR 200W
Open to traffic

Montgomery Ferry Drive Bridge (Fulton County, Georgia)
Built 1924
Stone arch bridge over Clear Creek on Montgomery Ferry D in Atlanta
Open to traffic

Montgomery Tunnel (Montgomery County, Virginia)
Built by Norfolk and Western about 1890
Tunnel on Railroad
Open to traffic

Montgomery Woods Bridge (Mendocino County, California)
Built 1971
Steel stringer bridge over South Fork Big River on Orr Springs Road
Open to traffic

Montlake Bridge (King County, Washington)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1999
Bascule bridge over Montlake Cut on WA 513 in Seattle
Open to traffic

Montopolis Bridge (Travis County, Texas)
Built 1938
Camelback through truss bridge over Colorado River on US 183 Southbound Frontage Road in Austin
Open to traffic

Montoursville Bridge (Lycoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1931; rehabilitated 1994
Three-span through truss bridge over Loyalsock Creek on PA 2014 in Montoursville
Open to traffic

Montrose Boulevard Bridge (Harris County, Texas)
Built 2005
Steel through arch bridge over US59 on Montrose Boulevard
Open to traffic

Montserrat Recreation Demonstration Area Bridge (Johnson County, Missouri)
Built 1937 by the Works Progress Administration
Two-span culvert on SE 10 Road (Knob Noster State Park entrance road)
Open to traffic

Moods Covered Bridge 38-09-07 #2 (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1874; rehabilitated 1974, Damaged by truck, torched 2004-rebuilt by State opened 2/19/08 now owned by TWP
Covered bridge over East Branch Perkiomen Creek on Blooming Glen Road in Perkasie, PA
Open to traffic one-way westbound

Moody Creek Bridge (Shasta County, California)
Built 1918
Concrete tee beam bridge over Moody Creek on Cascade Blvd
Open to traffic

Moody Ford Bridge (Barton County, Missouri)
Built 1884 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co.; replaced 1998; relocated to private property in Nov. 1999
Through truss bridge formerly over North Fork Spring River on SW 60th Road (CR 432)
Open to traffic on a private lane

Moody Street Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1917; rehabilitated 1943
Deck arch bridge over Charles River on Moody Street
Open to traffic

Moon Creek Bridge (Mahaska County, Iowa)
Built 1961
Pony truss bridge over Moon Creek on CR G19/133rd Street
Open to traffic

Moon Creek Bridge (Livingston County, Illinois)
Slab bridge over Moon creek on E 3050 N Rd
Open to traffic with restrictions

Moon Creek Road Bridge (Grant County, Oregon)
Built 1924; rehabilitated 1968
Polygonal Warren pony truss bridge over John Day River on CR 45 (Moon Creek Road)
Open to traffic

Moore Bridge (Knox County, Missouri)
Built 1909 by John Moore
Pony truss bridge over North Fork South Fabius River on CR 24
Open to traffic

Moores Creek Bridge (St. Lucie County, Florida)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1997
Concrete arch bridge over Moores Creek on North 2nd Street in Fort Pierce
Open to traffic

Moores Mill Road Bridge (Fulton County, Georgia)
Built 1924
Steel stringer bridge over Peachtree Creek on Moores Mill Road
Open to traffic

MoPac Rr Bridge (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Built 1936
Steel stringer bridge over MoPac Rr on N Locust St in North Little Rock
Open to northbound traffic

MoPac US50 Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1927
Deck plate girder bridge over US 50 Hwy on Union Pacific RR
Open to traffic

Morehead Bridge (Jackson County, Iowa)
Built or relocated 1982
Through truss bridge over South Fork Maquoketa River on 74th Street
Open to traffic

Morehouse Drive over Merritt Parkway Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1939
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Merritt Parkway (CT 15) on Morehouse Drive
Open to traffic

Morelli Bridge (Lewis and Clark County, Montana)
Built 1881; rehabilitated 1974
Timber stringer bridge over Benton Ave on Howie Street
Open to traffic

Mores Creek Bridge (Ada County, Idaho)
Built 1953
Steel arch bridge over Mores Creek (Lucky Peak Reservoir) on ID 21
Open to traffic

Morgan Bridge (Grant County, Oregon)
Built 1976
Polygonal Warren pony truss bridge over John Day River on CR 57 (Morgan Road)
Open to traffic

Morgan Bridge (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Built 1905
Arch bridge over the BNSF Railroad on Dudley Street in Memphis
Open to traffic

Morgan Chapel Road Bridge (Polk County, North Carolina)
Concrete Stringer bridge utilizing steel trusses from former bridge as a decorative element over Pacolet River on NC 1517
Open to traffic

Morgan Covered Bridge 45-08-07 (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 1887; rehabilitated 1898 and 1980
Covered bridge over North Branch Lamoille River on Morgan Bridge Road in Belvidere
Open to traffic

Morgan Ford Bridge (Henry County, Virginia)
Constructed 1953 from parts from older bridges. The center Pratt through truss span was built in 1887.
Through truss bridge over Smith River on Morgan Ford Rd (Route 622) in Sandy Level
Open to traffic

Morgan Road Bridge (Lee County, Illinois)
Built 1958
Slab bridge over Green River on Morgan Road 1.6 mi S or Amboy
Open to traffic

Morganza Floodway Bridge (Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1945
Concrete tee beam bridge over Morganza Floodway on US-190
Open to traffic

Morganza Spillway Bridge (Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1954
Concrete tee beam bridge over Morganza Spillway on LA 1
Open to traffic

Morley Railroad Bridge (West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana)
Bridge over Port Allen Canal on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic

Morlot Avenue Passaic River Bridge (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Built 1904; rehabilitated 2008
Pony truss bridge over Passaic River on Morlot Ave (Cr 78)
Open to traffic

Mormon Bridge (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Eastbound bridge built 1952; westbound built 1975
Pair of through truss bridges over Missouri River on I-680 in Omaha
Open to traffic

Morris Bridge (Livingston County, Illinois)
Built 1921
Concrete pony/through girder bridge over Short Point Creek on CR 750N Road 1.5 mi. E of Long Point
Open to traffic

Morris Goodkind Bridge (Middlesex County, New Jersey)
Built 1929; rehabilitated 1975
Concrete arch bridge over Raritan River on Northbound US 1
Open to traffic

Morris Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1841; rehabilitated 1916
Stone arch bridge over Wissahickon Creek on Morris Road near Fort Washington, PA
Open to traffic

Morrison Bluff Bridge (Logan County, Arkansas)
Built 1980. At 1.6 miles this is the longest bridge in Arkansas
Bridge over Arkansas River on AR 109 at Morrison Bluff
Open to traffic

Morrison Bridge (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Built 1958
Bascule bridge over Willamette River on Morrison Street in Portland
Open to traffic

Morrison Covered Bridge 13-98-B (Whiteside County, Illinois)
Built 2001
Modern covered bridge over Rock Creek on Crosby Road in Morrison
Open to traffic

Morrison Creek Bridge (Sullivan County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1927
Pony truss bridge over Morrison Creek on CR 75 North
Open to traffic

Morrissey Blvd. Bridge (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Built 1927; rehabilitated 1978
Bascule bridge over Dorchester Bay on Morrissey Blvd. in Boston
Open to traffic

Morse Bridge (Oxford County, Maine)
Built 1935; rehabilitated 2001
Steel through arch bridge over Androscoggin River on ME 108 in Rumford
Open to traffic

Morton Bridge (Allen County, Indiana)
Built ca.1880 by the Western Bridge Works of Fort Wayne
Whipple through truss bridge over St. Marys River on Marion Center Road
Open to traffic

Morton Bridge (Ray County, Missouri)
Built 1889 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Crooked River on Landing Road
Open to traffic with 3 Ton Weight Limit

Morton-State Line Ridge Tunnel (Sevier County, Tennessee)
Built as one of 3 masonry-faced tunnels, along with bridges, on the New Found Gap Road
Tunnel under spur of State Line Ridge on U.S. 441 New Found Gap Road (formerly Indian Gap Highway), Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
Open to traffic

Mortonville Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1826. Reconstructed 2009.
Stone arch bridge over West Branch Brandywine Creek on Strasburg Road
Open to traffic. Reconstructed as a wider bridge, retaining the stone.

Mosby Creek Covered Bridge 37-20-27 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built in 1920. Restored in 1990.
Covered Howe through truss bridge on Mosby Creek Road
Open to traffic

Mosby Road Bridge (Clay County, Missouri)
Built 1919-20 by the Topeka Bridge & Iron Co.
Luten arch bridge over Williams Creek on Mosby Road in Prathersville
Open to traffic

Moscow Covered Bridge 14-70-07 (Rush County, Indiana)
Built 1886 by E. L. Kennedy; rebuilt 2010 by Dan Collom & Sons
Two-span covered bridge over Flatrock River on CR 900S at Moscow
Damaged by a tornado on June 3, 2008. Bridge rebuilt using old and new materials.

Moscow Road Viaduct (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1956
Concrete stringer bridge over Hillside on Moscow Road
Open to traffic

Moser Road Bridge (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1900
Pinned Pratt Thru Truss bridge over Casselman River on TR 353 (Moser Road)
Open to traffic

Mosholu Pkwy Henry Hudson Overpass (Bronx County, New York)
Built 1951
Deck arch bridge over Henry Hudson Parkway (Rte 907v, Rte 907v) on Mosholu Parkway (Rte 908f)
Open to traffic

Mosier Creek Bridge (Wasco County, Oregon)
Built 1920
Concrete arch bridge over Mosier Creek on HWY 100 in Mosier
Open to traffic

Mosier Valley Road Bridge (Tarrant County, Texas)
Built 1939
Bridge on Mosier Valley Road over Hurricane Creek
Open to traffic

Mosquito Creek Bridge (Henry County, Illinois)
Built 1938
Timber stringer bridge over Mosquito Creek on Warner Castle Rd 4 mi N of Orion
Open to traffic

Mosquito Creek Bridge (Christian County, Illinois)
Built 1960
Steel stringer bridge over Mosquito Creek on TR 13
Open to traffic

Mosquito Lake Road Bridge (Whatcom County, Washington)
Built 1915; Moved here and modified 1951; Rehabilitated in 2010
Through truss bridge over Middle Fork Nooksack River on Mosquito Lake Road
Open to traffic

Mosquito Road Bridge (El Dorado County, California)
Built 1939
Suspension bridge over South Fork American River on Mosquito Road
Open to traffic

Moss Bluff Drawbridge (Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1968
Vertical lift bridge over West Fork Calcasieu River on LA 378 in Moss Bluff
Open to traffic

Moss Road Bridge (Herkimer County, New York)
Built 1910; rehabilitated 1955
Through truss bridge over Erie Barge Canal on Moss Road
Open to traffic

Mossdale Hwy 120 Bridge (San Joaquin County, California)
Built 1949
Warren through truss bascule bridge over San Joaquin River
Open to traffic

Mossy Creek Route 613 Bridge (Augusta County, Virginia)
Built 1910
Pony truss bridge over Mossy Creek on Route 613
Open to traffic

Motlow Creek Bridge (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Built 1922
Concrete arch bridge over Motlow Creek on S-42-866 in Campobello
Open to traffic

Mott Bridge (Douglas County, Oregon)
Built 1936; rehabilitated 1983
Timber braced spandrel arch bridge over North Umpqua River on USFS Road 4712
Open to traffic

Mound Cemetery Bridge (Racine County, Wisconsin)
Built 1928 by Zendala Construction Company; Restored 1990
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over a reflecting pool on the cemetery's drive in Racine
Open to traffic

Mound Creek CR 420 Bridge (Livingston County, Missouri)
Built ca. 1930
Pony truss bridge over Mound Creek on CR 420
Open to traffic

Mound Road Bridge (Shelby County, Indiana)
Built ca.1915
Through truss bridge over Flatrock River on Mound Road
Open to traffic

Moundsville Bridge (Marshall County, West Virginia)
Built 1986
Steel through arch bridge over Ohio River on WV 2 Spur/OH 872
Open to traffic

Mount Avenue Bridge (Monmouth County, New Jersey)
Built 1896; rehabilitated 1994
Concrete arch bridge over Grande Avenue on Mount Avenue in Atlantic Highlands
Open to traffic

Mount Hope Bridge (Bristol County, Rhode Island)
Built 1929 by the McClintic-Marshall Co.; rehabilitated 1985
Suspension bridge over Mount Hope Bay on RI 114 in Bristol
Open to traffic

Mount Pleasant Covered Bridge 38-50-12 (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1918
Covered bridge over Shermans Creek on Mount Pleasant Road (TR 304)
Open to traffic

Mount Tabor Road Bridge (Washington County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1930
Concrete arch bridge over Mill Creek on Mount Tabor Road
Open to traffic

Mount Washington Cog Railway (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Built 1868
Timber stringer bridge over Ammonoosic River/Mount Washington/Several intermittent streams on Mount Washington Cog Railway
Open to traffic

Mountain Brook Bridge (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1939
Stone arch bridge over Mountain Brook on US 202 in Jaffrey
Open to traffic

Mountain Creek Bridge (Cumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1920
Steel stringer bridge over Mountain Creek on Ladnor Road, T-575
Open to traffic

Mountain Fork Bridge (Polk County, Arkansas)
Built 1905
Two-span pony truss bridge over Mountain Fork River on CR 38 near Potter
Open to traffic

Mountain Fork River Bridge (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1948
Through truss bridge over Mountain Fork River on US 70
Open to traffic

Mountain Hawk Way Bridge (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1995
Closed spandrel Concrete arch bridge over Sky Hawk Creek on Mountain Hawk Way in Santa Rosa
Open to traffic

Mountain House Road Bridge (Sierra County, California)
Built 1936; rehabilitated 1999
Warren Pony truss bridge over North Fork Yuba River on Mountain House Road
Open to traffic

Mountain Road Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1910; rehabilitated 1978
Pony truss bridge over Raritan Valley Line on Mountain Road
Open to traffic

Mountain Street Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Concrete beam bridge over Verdugo Wash on Mountain St. in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California
Open to Traffic

Mountville Road Bridge (Lawrence County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1940
Through truss bridge over Slippery Rock Creek on Mountville Road
Open to traffic

Mousam River Bridge (York County, Maine)
Built 1901
Stone arch bridge over Mousam River on Bridge Street (ME 224) in Sanford
Open to traffic

Mower Road Bridge (Saginaw County, Michigan)
Built 1920
Concrete pony/through girder bridge over Cole Drain on Mower Road
Open to traffic

Moxley Covered Bridge 45-09-01 (Orange County, Vermont)
Built 1883
Covered bridge over First Branch White River on Moxley Rd (C3068) in Chelsea
Open to traffic

Moyie Bridge (Boundary County, Idaho)
Built 1965
Deck truss bridge over Moyie River Gorge on US 2 in Moyie Springs
Open to traffic

Mozart Road Trestle (Jefferson County, Illinois)
Timber stringer bridge over Trib to Rayse Creek on Evansville Western Railroad (formerly L&N Railroad), alongside Mozart Road about 3 miles west of Woodlawn
Open to railroad traffic