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Dry Run Bridge (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1898
Steel stringer bridge over Dry Run on Town Road
Open to traffic

Duck Run Cable Suspension Bridge (Gilmer County, West Virginia)
Built 1922; Bypassed 1993
Abandoned wire suspension bridge over Little Kanawha River on County Route 30

Duckabush River Bridge (Jefferson County, Washington)
Built 1934 by the West Coast Construction Co.
Rainbow arch bridge over Duckabush River on US 101 in Brinnon
Open to traffic

Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1933; rehabilitated 1992
Concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek on Calvert Street
Open to traffic

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge (St. Louis County, Minnesota)
Opened as a transporter bridge in 1905; reconstructed as a vertical-lift bridge in 1930; rehabilitated 1986, 1999, 2007, 2009
Vertical-lift through truss bridge over the Duluth Ship Canal on Lake Avenue in Duluth
Open to traffic

Dumbarton Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1915; rehabilitated 2000
Five-span concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway on Q Street NW
Open to traffic

Dunkerton Bridge (Black Hawk County, Iowa)
Built 1909 by the Marsh Engineering Co.
Three-span concrete arch bridge over Crane Creek in Dunkerton
Open to pedestrians only

Dunlap's Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1836-39; rehabilitated 1981
Cast-iron arch bridge over Dunlap Creek on PA 4003 in Brownsville
Open to traffic

Duquesne Incline (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1877; Closed 1962; Re-opened 1963
Girder bridge up Mount Washington
Open to traffic

Durgan Bridge (Sierra County, California)
Built 1938
Pratt through truss bridge over North Fork Yuba River on Nevada Street
Open to traffic

Durgin Covered Bridge 29-02-07 (Carroll County, New Hampshire)
Built 1869; rehabilitated 1967 & 1983
Covered bridge over Cold River on Durgin Bridge Road in Sandwich
Open to traffic

Durham Road Bridge (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1857
Stone arch bridge over Freys Run on PA 2003
Open to traffic

DXN Bridge (Crook County, Wyoming)
Built 1920
Bedstead Pratt pony truss bridge over Little Missouri River on Old CR 200
Closed to all traffic

Eads Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Built 1869-1874 under the direction of engineer James Buchanan Eads; automobile deck closed 1989 - 2003 for rehabilitation and replacement; reopened July 4, 2003
Three-span steel arch bridge over the Mississippi River and N. Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd. in downtown St. Louis
Top deck open to four lanes of traffic with a pedestrian lane, bottom deck open to two tracks of MetroLink light rail service

Eagle Creek Covered Bridge 35-08-18x (Brown County, Ohio)
Built 1875; destroyed by flooding on March 7, 1997
Lost covered bridge over Eagle Creek on OH 763, south of Decatur
Destroyed by flooding

Eaglevale Bridge (New York County, New York)
Built 1890
Two-span stone arch bridge over a pedestrian walkway on 77th Street Entrance in Central Park
Open to traffic

Eagleville Road Covered Bridge 32-58-01 (Washington County, New York)
Built 1858, major repairs in 2007
Covered bridge over Batten Kill on Eagleville Road
Open to traffic

Eames Covered Bridge 13-36-01 #2 (Henderson County, Illinois)
Built 1866; rehabilitated in 1929 and 1984
Covered bridge over Henderson Creek next to IL 164 south of Oquawka
Open to pedestrians only

Earnest Covered Bridge 37-20-35 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1938
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Mohawk River on Paschelke Road
Open to traffic

Easley Covered Bridge 01-05-12 (Blount County, Alabama)
Built 1930; renovated 2012
Covered bridge over Dub Branch of Little Warrior River on Easley Bridge Road in Rosa
Open to all traffic- rebuilt in 2012

East and West Paden Bridges 38-19-11 & 38-19-12 #2 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
The Twin Bridges were constructed and named after John Paden who operated a nearby sawmill.
Queenpost through truss bridge over Huntington Creek
Open to pedestrians

East Branch Indian Creek Bridge (Story County, Iowa)
Built 1912
Arch bridge over East Branch Indian Creek on 260th Street
Open to traffic

East Channel Saginaw River Bridge (Bay County, Michigan)
Built 1938; rehabilitated 1987
Bascule bridge over East Channel Saginaw River on M-13/M-84 (Lafayette Avenue) in Bay City

East College Drive (Hwy. 19/68) Bridge (Lyon County, Minnesota)
Built 1931
Girder bridge over Redwood River on Th 19 & 68
Open to traffic

East Delhi Road Bridge (Washtenaw County, Michigan)
Built ca. 1890 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1969 and 2008
Through truss bridge over Huron River on East Delhi Road
Open to traffic

East Drive Bridge (New York County, New York)
Built ca. 1920
Stone arch bridge over 86th Street Transverse Road on East Drive in Central Park
Open to traffic

East Fairfield Covered 45-06-03 (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1865; rehabilitated 1967 renovated 2010
Covered bridge over Black Creek on C3049 in Fairfield
renovated and reopened to traffic July 2010

East Fork Wolf Creek Bridge (Osborne County, Kansas)
Built 1899
Pony truss bridge over East Fork Wolf Creek, 20.0 mi. south and 6.8 mi. east of Osborne
Open to traffic

East Haddam Bridge (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1913; rehabilitated 1999
Swing through truss bridge over Connecticut River on CT 82 in East Haddam
Open to traffic

East Machias River Bridge (Washington County, Maine)
Built 1902; rehabilitated 1998
Concrete arch bridge over East Machias River on US 1 in East Machias
Open to traffic

East Market Street Bridge (Stark County, Ohio)
Built by T.H. Watson Construction; rehabilitated 2001
Stone and brick arch bridge over Tuscarawas River on East Market Street in Canal Fulton
Open to traffic

East Navidad River FM 1579 Bridge (Fayette County, Texas)
Built 1923
Concrete deck girder bridge over East Navidad River on FM 1579
Open to traffic

East Oriental Covered Bridge 38-34-06 / 38-55-06 (Snyder County, Pennsylvania)
Covered Burr arch-truss bridge over Mahantango Creek
Open to private traffic

East Putney stone arch bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1902 by James Otis Follett; Bypassed by a culvert in 1965
Abandoned stone arch bridge over East Putney Brook on Abandoned alignment of River Road

East Riley Creek Bridge (Republic County, Kansas)
Built 1899 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Riley Creek, 2.0 mi. south and 0.2 mi. east of Belleville
Open to traffic

East Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge (Addison County, Vermont)
Built 1897; Abandoned 1951; Rehabilitated 1983; Rehabilitated 2007
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Lemon Fair River on pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians

East Soldier River Bridge (Crawford County, Iowa)
Built 1945
Bowstring pony truss bridge over East Soldier River on 120th Street
Replacement constructed in the spring of 2016. Bridge possibly saved.

Easton Turnpike over Merritt Parkway Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1936; rehabilitated 1995
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Merritt Parkway (CT 15) on Easton Turnpike (CT 59)
Open to traffic

Eastwood Park Bridge (Ward County, North Dakota)
Built 1927 by the Dakota Concrete Company; rehabilitated 1946 and 1977
False arch bridge over Old Mouse River channel on 6th Street in Minot
Open to pedestrians

EAU Arvada Bridge (Sheridan County, Wyoming)
Built 1917, replaced 1990
Parker through truss bridge over Powder River
Replaced by a new bridge

Ebenezer Covered Bridge 38-63-14 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Moved here in 1977
Queenpost through truss bridge over Mingo Creek on Mingo Creek Park Rd.
Open to traffic

Echo Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1878
Stone arch bridge over Charles River on Sudbury Aqueduct
Open to pedestrians only

Eddiceton Bridge (Franklin County, Mississippi)
Built 1909
Through truss bridge over Homochitto River on Burris Road
Bridge open under cross-at-your-own-risk policy

Edge Mill Road Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1916
Stone arch bridge over a branch Beaver Creek on Edge Mill Road in Thorndale
Open to traffic

Edgemere Street Bridge (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Built 1926 by the Metropolitan Trust Company
Stone arch bridge over Lake No. 3 on Edgemere Street in North Little Rock
Open to traffic

Edmund Pettus Bridge (Dallas County, Alabama)
Built 1940
Steel through arch bridge over Alabama River on US 80 in Selma
Open to traffic

Edwards Ford Bridge (Jennings County, Indiana)
Built in 1911 by Henry Harmon
Stone arch bridge over Muscatatuck River on Northwest Exit Road
Open to traffic with limited access

Eel River IN 46 Bridge (Clay County, Indiana)
Built 1933; rehabilitated 1977
Two-span through truss bridge over Eel River on IN 46
Bridge has been reopened to traffic

Egan Bridge (Moody County, South Dakota)
Built 1922
Through truss bridge over Big Sioux River on 2nd Street in Egan
Open to traffic

Egypt Pike Bridge (Pickaway County, Ohio)
Built in 1876. Replaced in 1987, but moved next to new bridge for pedestrian use.
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Mud Run on Egypt Pike
Open to pedestrians

Eighth Street Bridge (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
Built 1912
Three-span concrete arch bridge over Big Sioux River on Eighth Street in Sioux Falls
Open to traffic

EIRR - Ririe Bridge (A) (Jefferson County, Idaho)
Built 1894 as five-span bridge at Nyssa, Oregon; two-spans relocated here 1914
Two-span Pegram through truss bridge over Snake River on the Eastern Idaho Railroad - East Belt Branch
Open to traffic

Eisenhower Bridge (Van Buren County, Iowa)
Built 1888 as a 2-span bridge between Des Moines and Lee Counties; relocated here in 1930
Pratt through truss bridge over Fox River on 252nd Street
Closed to all traffic

Eldean Covered Bridge 35-55-01 (Miami County, Ohio)
Built 1860; rehabilitated 1980
Two-span covered bridge over Miami River on Farver Road (formerly Eldean Road)
Open to traffic

Elder Mill Bridge 10-108-01 (Oconee County, Georgia)
Built 1897
Covered Town Lattice bridge over Rose Creek on Elder Mill Road
Open to traffic

Eldorado Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1899
Through truss bridge over Turkey River on State Street
Closed to all traffic

Elephant Butte Dam Bridge (Sierra County, New Mexico)
Built 1915
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Rio Grande on Nm52
Closed to all traffic

Eliot Bridge (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Built 1950
Brick-faced concrete arch bridge over Charles River on Eliot Bridge in Boston
Open to traffic

Elk Falls Bridge (Elk County, Kansas)
Built 1893 by the George E. King Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Elk River beyond the end of Montgomery Street in Elk Falls
Open to pedestrians only

Elk Mountain Bridge (Carbon County, Wyoming)
Built 1924
Pony truss bridge over Medicine Bow River on CR 6-3 in Elk Mountain
Open to traffic

Elkader Keystone Bridge (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1889; rehabilitated 1973
Two-span stone arch bridge over Turkey River on Bridge Street in Elkader
Open to traffic

Elkins Bridge (Washington County, Arkansas)
Built 1921 by the Luten Bridge Co.
Three-span concrete arch bridge over White River on CR 44 (Mt. Olive Road) in Elkins
Open to one-lane traffic

Ellsworth Ranch Bridge (Emmet County, Iowa)
Built 1895 by the King Bridge Co. under the direction of Milo Adams; rehabilitated 1937; closed to traffic 2007
Thatcher through truss bridge over East Fork Des Moines River on 130th Street east of Dolliver
Closed to all traffic

Elm Circle Drive Bridge (Wayne County, Michigan)
Built 1951; rehabilitated 1969
Pony truss bridge over Lower Rouge River on Elm Circle Drive in Inkster
Closed to all traffic

Elm Grove Stone Bridge (Ohio County, West Virginia)
Built 1817; altered 1931 and 1950s
Stone arch bridge over Little Wheeling Creek on US 40 in Wheeling
Open to traffic

Elmwood Avenue Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1918; rehabilitated 1990
Concrete arch bridge over Pawtuxet River on US 1 in Cranston
Open to traffic

Elwha River Bridge (Clallam County, Washington)
Built 1913 by the Portland Bridge Co., Closed and Demolished 2007
Deck truss bridge over Elwha River on Elwha River Road (Old WA 112)
Replaced by a Concrete Box Girder Bridge in 2008-09

Ely's Stone Bridge (Jones County, Iowa)
Built 1893
Stone arch bridge over Wet Creek on Stone Bridge Road
Open to traffic

Emerson E. Parks Covered Bridge 42-23-01 (Dyer County, Tennessee)
Built 1904
Kingpost through truss bridge on a pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians only

Enemy Creek Bridge (Davison County, South Dakota)
Built 1913 by the Pioneer Bridge Co.
Warren pony truss bridge over Enemy Creek on 398th Avenue, 11 mi. west and 3.7 mi. south of Mitchell in Union Township
Open to traffic

Engineer Street Bridge (Whitley County, Kentucky)
Built ca.1880
Pratt through truss bridge over Lynn Camp Creek in Corbin
Preserved and open to pedestrians as part of a city park

English Center Bridge (Lycoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1891 by Dean & Westbrook
Eyebar suspension bridge over Little Pine Creek on SR 4001
Open to traffic

English Creek Bridge (Fulton County, Arkansas)
Built 1929 by the Virginia Bridge & Iron Co.
Pratt through truss over English Creek on AR 289, south of Mammoth Spring
Open to two-lane traffic

Enterprise Bridge (Clarke County, Mississippi)
Bypassed in 1986
Abandoned warren pony truss bridge over Chickasawhay River on former Bridge Street

Erb's Covered Bridge 38-36-34 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887
Covered bridge over Hammer Creek on Erb's Bridge Road (TR 634) in Rothsville
Open to traffic

Erskine Covered Bridge 38-63-15 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1845
Covered bridge over Middle Wheeling Creek on Erskine Road
Open to traffic

Esch's Spur Bridge (Cowley County, Kansas)
Built 1913
Three-span stone arch bridge over Grouse Creek, southwest of Dexter
Open to one-lane traffic

Esther Furnace Covered Bridge 38-19-20 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1905
Two-span covered bridge over North Branch Roaring Creek on Esther Furnace Road
Open to traffic

Eugene Covered Bridge 14-83-05 (Vermillion County, Indiana)
Built 1873; closed to vehicle traffic 1974; rehabilitated 1983
Covered bridge over Vermillion River on CR 40W at Eugene
Open to pedestrians only

Eveland Bridge (Mahaska County, Iowa)
Built 1876-77 by McKay & Nelson; one span replaced in 1903
Abandoned three-span Whipple through truss bridge over the Des Moines River on Fulton Avenue
Abandoned with deck missing

F Drive North Bridge (Calhoun County, Michigan)
Built 1905; Closed to all traffic 1982; Removed, date unknown.
Lost through truss bridge over Kalamazoo River on F Drive North

F Street Bridge (Chaffee County, Colorado)
Built 1907-08 by the Pueblo Bridge Co.
Two-span concrete arch bridge over Arkansas River on F Street in Salida
Open to two-lane traffic on a dead-end city street

F Street Bridge (Whitman County, Washington)
Built 1901; rehabilitated 1972, Replaced 1992
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Palouse River on F Street
Replaced by new bridge

Factory Covered Bridge 38-60-04 (Union County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1880; rehabilitated 1992
Timber Covered Bridge over White Deer Creek on White Deer T-516 Grey Hill Rd.
Open to traffic

Fagleysville Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1854, alterations in 1994 and 2003
Stone arch bridge over West Swamp Creek on Fagleysville Road in Upper Frederick
Open to traffic

Fair Oaks Bridge (Sacramento County, California)
Built 1907-09 by the Western Bridge and Construction Co.; closed to traffic 1967; rehabilitated for pedestrians in 1973
Pennsylvania through truss bridge over American River on Bridge Street
Open to pedestrians

Fairchild's Creek Bridge (Adams County, Mississippi)
Built 1930 by the Virginia Bridge & Iron Co.; Bypassed by new bridge in 2005
Through truss bridge over Fairchilds Creek on Annas Bottom Road

Fairfax Covered Bridge 45-06-02 (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1865; Washed off abutments & restored 1927; rehabilitated 1975, 1990 & 2002
Covered Town lattice through truss bridge over Mill Brook on Maple St (C3035) in Fairfax
Open to traffic

Fairground Street Bridge (Warren County, Mississippi)
One span was approach span on 1868 Dubuque RR Bridge; erected here in 1895; one panel removed; 2nd span relocated from unknown location; both spans built by the Keystone Bridge Company; closed to traffic 1993
Abandoned Pratt through truss over Illinois Central Railroad on Fairground St; one span was approach span Dubuque RR Bridge (1868 bridge) shortened by 1 panel (approx. 12 ft). 2nd span was also a RR bridge of unknown origin - shortened by 13.5 ft.

Fall Creek Bridge (Adams County, Illinois)
Completed October 8, 1855, by Joseph C. Elliott. Made obsolete by new bridge in 1949.
Stone arch bridge over Fall Creek just north of 223rd Lane (Payson Lane)
Open to pedestrians only

Fallasburg Covered Bridge 22-41-02 (Kent County, Michigan)
Built 1871; rehabilitated 1994
Covered bridge over Flat River on Covered Bridge Road
Open to traffic

Falling Creek Bridge (Chesterfield County, Virginia)
Built 1823
Stone arch bridge over Falling Creek on Old US 1

Fanny Hooe Creek Bridge (Keweenaw County, Michigan)
Built 1928
Concrete arch bridge over Fanny Hooe Creek on US 41
Open to traffic

Farm Creek Bridge (Tazewell County, Illinois)
Built 1894
Stone arch bridge over Farm Creek on Candlewood Drive
Open to traffic

Farmer's Bridge (Franklin County, Nebraska)
Built 1911
Abandoned pratt through truss bridge over Republican River on CR-43 (Abandoned Alignment)

Faust Street Bridge (Comal County, Texas)
Built 1887 by the King Bridge Co.; made obsolete by new bridge in 1932; rehabilitated 1998
Through truss bridge over Guadalupe River on Faust Street in New Braunfels
Open to pedestrians only

FB&CT Trail - Fairview Lift Bridge (McKenzie County, North Dakota)
Built 1913 for Great Northern RR; was only lifted once, upon completion in 1913; carried both rail and vehicular traffic between 1926 & 1956; rail traffic ceased in 1986; listed on National Register of Historic Places in 1997.
Parker through truss bridge over Yellowstone River on Trail
Open to pedestrians

Featherbed Lane Bridge (Loudoun County, Virginia)
Built in 1889 by the Variety Iron Works; relocated here in 1932
Through truss bridge over Catoctin Creek on Featherbed Lane (Rt673)
Open to traffic

Feederdam Bridge (Clay County, Indiana)
Built 1894
Closed through truss bridge over Eel River on Towpath Road
Closed to all traffic

Felten's Mill Covered Bridge 38-05-03 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built in 1892 by W.S. Mullins;bypassed ?
Burr arch-truss bridge over Brush Creek on Formerly East Mattie Rd. SR 2029
Open to pedestrians only