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CP - Tunkhannock Viaduct (Wyoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1912-15 for the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Massive ten-span concrete arch bridge over Tunkhannock Creek on Canadian Pacific Railroad at Nicholson
Open to traffic

CR1127 Nolan River Bridge (Hill County, Texas)
Built 1899-1903; Converted to road 1952 after the railroad relocated its ROW due to the construction of the Whitney Dam
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Nolan River on CR 1127 (Nee Santa Fe Railroad)
Open to traffic

Crab Run Lane Truss Bridge (Highland County, Virginia)
Built 1896 by the West Virginia Bridge Works; Closed to vehicular traffic in 1994
Pony truss bridge over Crab Run on Route 645
Open to pedestrians

Crawford Covered Bridge 38-63-10 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887
Covered bridge over Robinson Fork on Crawford Road
Open to traffic

Crawfordsville Covered Bridge 37-22-15 (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1932, Decommissioned 1963,
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Calapooia River on Abandoned OR-228
Open to pedestrians

Creamery Bridge (Miami County, Kansas)
Built 1930, Rehabilitated 2013
Three-span Marsh arch bridge over Marais Des Cygnes River on 8th Street at Osawatomie
Open to traffic

Creamery Covered Bridge 45-13-01 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1879; Rehabilitated 2007; Bypassed 2010
Covered bridge over Whetstone Brook on Guilford Street in Brattleboro
Open to pedestrians only

Creasyville Bridge 38-19-36 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built in 1881 by T.S. Christian for a cost of $301.25
Queenpost through truss bridge over Little Fishing Creek on Twp. Rte. 683 off 4031
Open to traffic

Creasyville Covered Bridge 38-19-36 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881; rehabilitated 1996
Covered bridge over Little Fishing Creek on TR 683, northeast of Sereno
Open to traffic

Cromer's Mill Covered Bridge 10-59-01 (Franklin County, Georgia)
Built 1907
Town lattice through truss bridge over Nails Creek on Pearwood Road (Old alignment of Cromer's Bridge Road)
Open to pedestrians

Crooked Creek SR 7 Bridge (Jefferson County, Indiana)
Built 1928; replaced 1997
Lost stone arch bridge over Crooked Creek on IN 7
Replaced by new bridge

Crooks Covered Bridge 14-61-17 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1856, rebuilt 1867
Covered bridge over Little Raccoon Creek on CR225E
Open to traffic

Crossman Bridge (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1888 by Berlin Iron Bridge Co.
Lenticular pony truss bridge over Quaboag River on Gilbert Road in Warren
Open to traffic

Crowley's Ridge State Park Bridge (Greene County, Arkansas)
Built 1935 by the CCC
Stone arch bridge over a drainage ditch on Crowleys Ridge Road
Open to traffic

Crown Point Viaduct (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Built 1914
Bridge over Crown Point on Historical Columbia River Highway
Open to traffic

Crum Road Bridge (Frederick County, Maryland)
Built 1880; dissassembled in 1994
Bowstring pony truss bridge originally over Israel Creek on Crum Road
Replaced by new bridge, Relocated to Heritage Park in Walkersville

CSX - Barren River Bridge (Warren County, Kentucky)
The first bridge erected on this site in 1839. Was burned by soldiers Feb 14, 1862. Rebuilt in 1864, and again burned Feb 12, 1915.
Through truss bridge over Barren River on the CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Carrollton Viaduct (Baltimore, Maryland)
Built in 1829 for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, this is the oldest railroad bridge in the world still in use.
Stone arch bridge over Gwynn's Falls
Open to traffic

CSX - Cumberland Mountain Tunnel (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Built 1852 by Stevenson,V.K
Tunnel under Cumberland Mountains on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - East Branch Black River Viaduct (Medina County, Ohio)
Built 1892;
Stone arch bridge over East Branch Black River on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Hiwassee River Bridge (Reliance) (Polk County, Tennessee)
Built in 1890 on the old "Hook & Eye" route from Etowah to Copperhill, TN
Deck plate girder bridge over Hiwassee River on private railroad (former CSX Railroad Spur)
Open to traffic

CSX - Thomas Viaduct (Howard County, Maryland)
Built 1835
Eight-span stone arch bridge over Patapsco River on the B&O Railroad between Relay and Elkridge
Open to traffic

Culbertson Run Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1903
Stone arch bridge over Culbertson Run on Little Washington Lyndell Road
Open to traffic

Cumberland Covered Bridge 14-27-01 (Grant County, Indiana)
Built 1877; rehabilitated 1999
Covered bridge over Mississinewa River on CR 990E in Matthews
Open to traffic

Cummins Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Texas)
Built ca. 1920; bypassed in 1996 and abandoned
Abandoned through truss bridge over Cummins Creek on CR 182
Bypassed by a new bridge in 1996 and abandoned

Cunningham Bridge (Madison County, Iowa)
Built 1886; Moved to a trail in 2008
Pony truss bridge over North River on Upland Trl
Open to pedestrians only

Cunningham Lane Bridge (Richland County, Wisconsin)
Built 1895; Replaced 1988
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Pine River on Cunningham Lane in Town of Rockbridge
Replaced by new bridge

Cunningham Road Bridge (Adams County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1894 by the Pittsburgh Bridge Co./Nelson & Buchanan
Through truss bridge over Marsh Creek on PA 3008
Demolished and replaced.

Cuppett's Covered Bridge 38-05-18 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built i 1882
Burr arch-truss bridge over Dunning Creek
Open to pedestrians only

Curlew Bridge (Ferry County, Washington)
Built 1908; rehabilitated 2006
Through truss bridge over Kettle River on Ferry Street in Curlew
Open to traffic

Currin Covered Bridge 37-20-22 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built in 1925, Removed from service in 1987, Restoration in 1995.
Covered Howe through truss bridge across Row River on Layng Road
Open to pedestrians only

Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge (Madison County, Iowa)
Built 1871; relocated in 1970; rehabilitated 1997
Covered bridge over a ditch in Winterset City Park
Open to pedestrians only

Cyr Bridge (Mineral County, Montana)
Built 1932
Deck truss bridge over Clark Fork on CR 170
Open to traffic

Dale Bend Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
Built 1930 by the Vincennes Bridge Co. of Vincennes, Indiana
Through truss bridge over Petit Jean River on Dale Bend Road (CR 49)
Open to one-lane traffic

Dalehead Arch (New York County, New York)
Built 1860-62 by Calvert Vaux
Stone arch bridge over the bridle path on West Drive in Central Park
Open to traffic

Dallas-Oak Cliff Viaduct (Dallas County, Texas)
Built 1911; DART Dallas Streetcar LRT tracks installed 2015
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Trinity River on Houston Street in Dallas
Open to one-way southbound traffic

Dalton Covered Bridge 29-07-05 (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1853 by Joshua Sanborn; Rehabilitated 1963
Covered Queenspost/Long through truss bridge over Warner River on Joppa Road West in Warner
Open to traffic

Danley Covered Bridge 38-63-11 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1887
Covered bridge over Robinson Fork on Dogwood Hill Road (TR 379)
Open to traffic

Dardanelles Bridge (Tuolumne County, California)
Built in 1933 by the firm of M. A. Jenkins and J. W. Hoopes of Sacramento, CA.
Lost Timber Scissors deck truss bridge over Middle Fork Stanislaus River on California Route 108
Destroyed by the Donnell Wildfire on Aug. 6, 2018

Darlington Covered Bridge 14-54-01 (Montgomery County, Indiana)
Built 1868
Two-span covered bridge over Sugar Creek on CR 500 North, west of Darlington
Open to pedestrians only

Davis Covered Bridge 38-19-16 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875; rehabilitated 1997
Covered bridge over Roaring Creek on Shakespeare Road, south of Catawissa
Open to traffic

Day Covered Bridge 38-63-12 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1875
Queenpost through truss bridge over Short Creek on Covered Bridge Road
Open to traffic

Day Road Bridge (Pottawatomie County, Kansas)
Built ca. 1915
Stone arch bridge over a branch of Vermillion River on Day Road, 5.0 mi. south and 1.0 mi. east of Onaga
Open to traffic

De Beque Bridge (Mesa County, Colorado)
Built 1945
Two-span through truss over Colorado River on the I-70 Frontage Road (Old US 6)
Open to traffic

Deadwood Covered Bridge 37-20-38 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1932, Rehabilitated 1986
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Deadwood Creek on Deadwood Loop Road
Open to traffic

Dean Road Bridge (Lorain County, Ohio)
Built 1898 by the Massillon Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1992
Through truss bridge over Vermilion River on Dean Road
Open to traffic

Deep Draw Stone Arch Bridge (Cumberland County, Tennessee)
Built 1934, within the National Register-listed Cumberland Homesteads Historic District
Stone arch bridge over Byrds Creek on Deep Draw Road
Open to traffic

Deep River Bridge (Chatham County, North Carolina)
Built 1910
Camelback through truss bridge over Deep River on NC 2153
Open to pedestrians only

DeGray Creek Bridge (Clark County, Arkansas)
Built ca. 1915 probably by Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Co.; relocated here ca. 1975
Pony truss bridge over DeGray Creek on CR 50 (Terrell Road)
Open to one-lane traffic

Delaware Aqueduct (Pike County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1848 by John A. Roebling to carry the Delaware & Hudson Canal; later converted for highway traffic; rehabilitated 1985
Suspension bridge over Delaware River on the former Delaware & Hudson Canal
Open to one-lane traffic

Delaware River Bridge (Brown County, Kansas)
Built 1913 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co.
Pony truss bridge over Delaware River on Coyote Road, 0.5 mi. east and 4.1 mi. south of Fairview
Open to traffic

Delaware River Composite Truss Bridge (Jefferson County, Kansas)
Built 1936
Through truss bridge over Delaware River on Coal Creek Road at Valley Falls
Open to traffic

Dell Avenue Carroll Canal Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1907
Concrete arch bridge over Carroll Canal on Dell Avenue in Los Angeles
Open to traffic

Dell Avenue Howland Canal Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1907
Concrete arch bridge over Howland Canal on Dell Avenue in Los Angeles
Open to traffic

Dell Avenue Linnie Canal Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1907
Concrete arch bridge over Linnie Canal on Dell Avenue in Los Angeles
Open to traffic

Dell Avenue Sherman Canal Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1907
Concrete arch bridge over Sherman Canal on Dell Avenue in Los Angeles
Open to traffic

Dell Rapids Bridge (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
Built 1929
Concrete girder bridge over Big Sioux River on Garfield Avenue in Dell Rapids
Open to traffic, to be demolished and replaced in 2014

Dellville Covered Bridge 38-50-16 (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1889; Rebuilt Oct. 1973 after Agnes Flood June 1972; Arson Nov. 2014
Covered bridge over Shermans Creek on Dellville Road (PA 2002)
Destroyed by fire

Denesmouth Arch (New York County, New York)
Built 1859-60 by Calvert Vaux
Stone arch bridge over a pedestrian walkway on Transverse Road 1 in New York
Open to traffic

Dents Run Covered Bridge 48-31-03 (Monongalia County, West Virginia)
Built 1889
Covered bridge over Dents Run on CR 43/4
Open to pedestrians

Depoe Bay Bridge (Lincoln County, Oregon)
Built 1927
Concrete arch bridge over Depoe Bay on US 101 in Depoe Bay
Open to traffic

Depot Covered Bridge 45-11-06 (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1840; Rehabilitated 1974; Steel stringers added 1985
Covered Town Lattice through truss bridge over Otter Creek on Florence Road
Open to traffic

Depot Street Bridge (1935) (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Built 1935 by the American Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1987 and 2011
Through truss bridge over Naugatuck River on Depot Street in Beacon Falls
Open to traffic

Derby Street Bridge (Oakland County, Michigan)
Built 1930; rehabilitated 2007
Concrete tee beam bridge over Grand Trunk Western RR on Derby Street
Open to traffic

Detroit-Superior High Level Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Built 1917; rehabilitated 1965 and 1997
Steel arch bridge over Cuyahoga River on US 6/20 in Cleveland
Open to traffic

Devils Hopyard Bridge No. 1 (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1988
Stone arch bridge over an unnamed brook on CT 434 (Devils Hopyard Road) in East Haddam
Open to traffic

Devils Hopyard Bridge No. 2 (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1988
Stone arch bridge over Brook on CT 434 (Devils Hopyard Road) in East Haddam
Open to traffic

Devils Hopyard Bridge No. 3 (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1937; rehabilitated 1988
Stone arch bridge over Muddy Brook on CT 434 (Devils Hopyard Road) in East Haddam
Open to traffic

Dewey Bridge (Grand County, Utah)
Built 1915-16 by the Midland Bridge Co.; wood portions destroyed by fire on April 6, 2008
wire suspension bridge over Colorado River on UT 128
Wood portions Destroyed by fire on April 6, 2008

Dewlen-Spohnhauer Bridge (Montgomery County, Kansas)
Built 1926; made obsolete by new bridge in 1960
Four-span through arch over the Verdigris River on Old US 160 just east of Independence
Open to traffic on a paved frontage road

Dey Road Bridge (Defiance County, Ohio)
Built 1906 by the Massillon Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Tiffin River on CR 42 (Dey Road) in Defiance
Open to pedestrians only

Diehl Covered Bridge 38-05-19 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1892
Covered bridge over Raystown Branch Juniata River on TR 418 (Faupel Road)
Open to traffic

Diestelhorst Bridge (Shasta County, California)
Built in 1915 by Chico Construction Co., Closed to vehicular traffic in 1997
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Sacramento River on Sacramento Trail in Redding
Open to pedestrians

Dimmsville Covered Bridge 38-34-02 (Juniata County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1902, Collapsed into creek on April 11, 2017; remains removed from site
Lost Covered bridge over Cocolamus Creek on PA 2017 west of Seven Stars
Collapsed on April 11, 2017

Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge 29-10-02 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built 1883 by James Tasker; Rehabilitated 1983
Covered bridge over Mill Brook on Root Hill Road in Cornish
Open to traffic

Dinkey Historical Bridge (Fresno County, California)
Built 1938
Bowstring through truss bridge over Dinkey Creek on an access road in the Dinkey Creek Recreation Area
Open to pedestrians only

Dionicio Rodriguez Bridge (Bexar County, Texas)
Built ca. 1926 by Dionicio Rodriguez
"Faux Bois" footbridge in Brackenridge Park
Open to traffic and pedestrians

Ditch Road Bridge (Saginaw County, Michigan)
Built 1889; Stringers and Deck Replaced 1954; Closed October 1992; Replaced 1999
Relocated Thacher through truss bridge over Shiawassee River on Ditch Road in Parshallburg
Replaced by new bridge

Division Avenue Bridge (Kent County, Michigan)
Built 1914; rehabilitated 1936
Concrete arch bridge over Plaster Creek on Division Avenue in Grand Rapids
Open to traffic

Division Street Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1877; rehabilitated 1985
Stone arch bridge over Seekonk River on Division Street in Pawtucket
Open to traffic

Dixie Bridge (Craighead County, Arkansas)
Built 1942
Deck truss bridge over Locust Creek Ditch carrying CR 988 (formerly CR 513) east of Dixie, just off AR 135
Open to traffic

DM&E - G38 Overpass (Washington County, Iowa)
Built 1903
Deck truss bridge over 250th Street and West Fork Crooked Creek on Canadian Pacific Railway
Open to traffic

Dodd Ford Bridge (Blue Earth County, Minnesota)
Built 1901 by L.H. Johnson; rehabilitated in 2015-16
Through truss bridge over Blue Earth River on CR 147
Open to one-lane traffic

Dodge Street Overpass (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Built 1934
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Saddle Creek Road on US 6 (Dodge Street)
Open to traffic

Doe River Covered Bridge 42-10-01 (Carter County, Tennessee)
Part of the Elizabethton Historic District
Covered Timber Howe Truss bridge over Doe River on Walking path in Downtown Elizabethton
Open to pedestrians

Dolores River CO 90 Bridge (Montrose County, Colorado)
Built 1952
Through truss bridge over Dolores River on CO 90
Open to traffic

Don Gaspar Bridge (Santa Fe County, New Mexico)
Built 1934
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Santa Fe River on Don Gaspar Ave
Open to traffic

Dongola #1 Iron Bridge (Pike County, Indiana)
Built 1884 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Now part of the Patoka Historic Bridges District.
Through truss bridge over South Fork Patoka River on CR 325 West
Beautifully Restored

Dongola #2 Steel Bridge (Pike County, Indiana)
Built in 1924
Through truss bridge over Patoka River on CR 300 West
Beautifully Restored

Donora Webster Bridge (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1906; rehabilitated 1938; closed July 14, 2009; Demolished on 1 July, 2015
Through truss bridge over Monongahela River on PA 1022 in Donora and Rostraver Twp
Demolished at 10:00am on 1 July, 2015

Dorena Covered Bridge 37-20-23 (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1949; rehabilitated 1995
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Row River on Shoreview Drive
Open to traffic

Doty Road Bridge (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Truss bridge over Ramapo River on Doty Road in Oakland
Replaced by a new bridge; Truss bridge in storage.

Douglas Crossing Bridge (Prowers County, Colorado)
Built 1936 by the Works Progress Administration
Six-span stone arch bridge over Two Butte Creek on CR 28
Open to traffic

Dover/ Lee's Creek Covered Bridge 17-81-01 (Mason County, Kentucky)
Built 1835; rehabilitated 1966
Covered bridge over Lee Creek on Tuckahoe Road in Dover
Open to traffic

Downsville Covered Bridge 32-13-01 (Delaware County, New York)
Built 1857 by Robert Murray; rehabilitated 1998
Covered bridge over East Branch Delaware River on Bridge Street
Open to pedestrians only

Doyle Drive Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1936; rehabilitated 1939, replaced 2012-2013
Deck truss bridge over N1-N101, Lincoln, Crissy on US HIGHWAY 101
Demolished 2012-2013.

Dr. Knisely Covered Bridge 38-05-16 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1867
Burr arch-truss bridge over Dunnings Creek
Open to pedestrians

Drake Hill Road Bridge (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Built 1892; Bypassed 1988
Parker through truss bridge over Farmington River on Drake Hill Road Bridge (Old Alignment)
Open to pedestrians only

Drake Well Bridge (Venango County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1882
Through truss bridge over Oil Creek on Drake Well Road
Open to traffic

Dreese's Covered Bridge 38-55-02 (Snyder County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1870; rehabilitated 2001
Covered bridge over Middle Creek, northeast of Beavertown
Open to pedestrians only