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Stillwater Bridge (Washington County, Minnesota)
Built 1931; rehabilitated 1973, 2017
Vertical lift bridge over St. Croix River on MN 36/WI 64 at Stillwater
Open to pedestrians only

Stillwater Covered Bridge 38-19-21 (Columbia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1849 by James McHenry
Covered bridge over Fishing Creek in Stillwater
Open to pedestrians only

StJ&LC - Missisquoi River Covered Bridge (Franklin County, Vermont)
Built 1898; Bypassed 1968; Destroyed by arson in 1987
Lost Covered bridge over Missisquoi River on former St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County Railroad
Destroyed by fire

Stockheughter Covered Bridge 14-24-05 (Franklin County, Indiana)
Built 1887 by the Smith Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 2009
Covered bridge over Salt Creek on Enochsburg Road
Open to traffic

Stoe Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1914, replaced 2007
Concrete girder bridge over Stoe Creek on V Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

Stone Arch Bridge (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Built 1883 for the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Manitoba Railway; rehabilitated 1994
Stone arch bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis
Open to pedestrians only

Stone Bridge (Boyle County, Kentucky)
Stone arch bridge over Chaplin Creek on Old Mitchellsburg Rd
Open to traffic

Stone Bridge Trail - Kinnickinnick Creek Stone Bridge (Winnebago County, Illinois)
Built 1882
Stone arch bridge over South Kinnikinnick Creek on Stone Bridge Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Stone Cliff Bridge (Fayette County, West Virginia)
Built 1928; rehabilitated 2003
Deck truss bridge over New River and Railroad tracks on CR 25 (Thurmond-McDenoree Rd.)
Open to traffic

Stone Quarry Bridge (Coles County, Illinois)
Built 1883; rehabilitated 2009
Through truss bridge over Embarras River on TR 135D, 3.0 mi. northeast of Charleston
Open to traffic

Stone Sign Post Road Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1903; rehabilitated 2003
Pony truss bridge over Plum Brook on Stone Sign Post Road
Open to traffic

Stonelick Covered Bridge 35-13-02 (Clermont County, Ohio)
Built 1878; rehabilitated 1971; closed after overweight truck crossed 2010; collapsed during rehabilitation Feb. 11, 2014, rebuilt 2015
Covered bridge over Stonelick Creek on Stonelick Williams Corner Road (CR 116)
Collapsed during reconstruction Feb. 11, 2014. Rebuilt and returned to service

Stoner Creek Bridge (Bourbon County, Kentucky)
Built 1893; rehabilitated 1960, Original Trusses Removed Replaced with a Modern pony Truss; Replaced 2009
Pony truss bridge over Stoner Creek on CR 1320 (Peacock Road)
Replaced by a new bridge

Stony Brook Bridge (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Built 1792
Stone arch bridge over Stony Brook on US 206
Open to traffic

Stony Brook Bridge 45-12-07 (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1899 by John Moseley; Rehabilitated 1968 with steel stringers
Kingpost through truss bridge over Stony Brook on Stony Brook Road
Open to traffic

Stouts Mill Bridge (Gilmer County, West Virginia)
Built 1897 by Canton Bridge Company
Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Little Kanawha River on County Route 40
Open to pedestrians

Straber Ford Bridge (Ripley County, Indiana)
Built 1885
Stone arch bridge over Otter Creek on CR 500 North
Open to traffic

Stranger Creek Bridge (Atchison County, Kansas)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1980
Pony truss bridge over Stranger Creek on Haskell Road, 0.5 mi. south of Farmington
Open to traffic

Stray Horse Creek Bridge (Hamlin County, South Dakota)
Built ca. 1890s, Closed in 1996
Through truss bridge over Stray Horse Creek on 179th Street, 4.9 mi. east and 4 mi. north of Castlewood in Hamlin Township
Closed to vehicular traffic

Street Road Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1911
Stone arch bridge over a branch Chester Creek on Street Road
Open to traffic

Streng Road Bridge (Union County, Ohio)
Built 1914 by the Central Concrete & Construction Co., Canton, Ohio.; rehabilitated 1993
Through truss bridge over Big Darby Creek on TR 67
Open to traffic

Strimples Mill Road Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1897; rehabilitated 2005
Through truss bridge over Lockatong Creek on Strimples Mill Road
Open to traffic

Strodes Creek KY 3364 Bridge (Bourbon County, Kentucky)
Built 2006
Through truss bridge over Strodes Creek on KY 3364
Open to traffic

Stuckey's Bridge (Lauderdale County, Mississippi)
Built 1901 by the Virginia Bridge & Iron Co.
Through truss bridge over Chunky River on Stuckey Bridge Road
Closed & Barricaded

Stumphouse Tunnel (Oconee County, South Carolina)
contruction began in 1856, abandoned 1859
Never finished pre-Civil War railroad tunnel
Open to pedestrians, bring a flash light!

Sugar Creek Bridge (Pleasants County, West Virginia)
Built 1894
Through truss bridge over Sugar Creek on CR 3/8
Closed to all traffic and bypassed by modern truss bridge

Sugar Creek Covered Bridge 13-84-02 (Sangamon County, Illinois)
Built 1880 by Thomas Black; rehabilitated 1965
Covered bridge over Sugar Creek at Covered Bridge Road southeast of Chatham in Chatham
Open to pedestrians only

Sugar River Trail - Pier Railroad Covered Bridge 29-10-03#2 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built in 1907 by the Boston & Maine Railroad to replace an earlier covered bridge.
Lattice through truss bridge over Sugar River on Sugar River Trail
Open to pedestrians

Sulphite Railroad Covered Bridge 29-07-09 (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1896 as Covered Pratt Deck Truss, Abandoned 1976, Outer wood burned off by vandals in 1980
Pratt deck truss bridge over Winnipesautee River on Former Boston & Maine Railroad (Franklin & Tilton Railroad)
Closed to all traffic

Summitt Avenue - Iuka Ravine Arch Bridge (Franklin County, Ohio)
Built 1916; rehabilitated 2001
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Iuka Avenue on US 23 Southbound (Summitt Avenue) in Columbus
Open to traffic

Sumner Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1916
Tee beam bridge over Little Wapsipinicon River on 160th Street in Sumner
Open to traffic

Sunnyside Street Bridge (New London County, Connecticut)
Built 1908
Stone arch bridge over Yantic River on Sunnyside Street in Norwich
Open to traffic

Surprise Bridge (Meigs County, Tennessee)
Built 1917 by the Champion Bridge Co.; Bypassed by new bridge in 1982
Abandoned bedstead Pratt pony truss bridge over Big Sewee Creek

Susquehanna River Bridge (Luzerne County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1926-29; rehabilitated 1986
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Susquehanna River on PA 1009 (Market Street) in Wilkes-Barre
Open to traffic

Sutherland State Aid Bridge (Lincoln County, Nebraska)
Built 1915
Concrete arch bridge over North Platte River on North Prairie Trace Road (FAS 1475)
Open to traffic

Sutliff Bridge (Johnson County, Iowa)
Built 1897-98; destroyed by flooding June 13, 2008, Restored summer 2012
Three span through truss bridge over Cedar River on CR F14
One span destroyed by flooding June 2008 - Restored summer 2012

Swamp Creek Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1910; rehabilitated ca. 1990
Stone arch bridge over Unami Creek on Swamp Creek Road Marlborough Township, Pa 1 mi South Bucks County line near Whites Mill Road
Open to traffic

Swamp Creek Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1892, alterated 1928, 1990ca
Stone arch bridge over Unami Creek on Swamp Creek Road Sumneytown, PA
Open to traffic

Swan Creek Bridge (St. Clair County, Michigan)
Built 1922
Concrete curved chord through girder bridge over Swan Creek on Vernier Street
Removed but not replaced

Swan Island Canal Bridge (Wayne County, Michigan)
Built 1939; rehabilitated 2000
Beam bridge over Swan Island Canal on S Pointe Drive
Open to traffic

Swan River Bridge (Flathead County, Montana)
Built 1911
Pratt through truss bridge over Swan River on CR 672 in Bigfork
Open to traffic

Swann Covered Bridge 01-05-05 (Blount County, Alabama)
Built 1933; renovated 2012
Covered bridge over Locust Fork River on Swann Bridge Road
Open to all traffic

Swartz Covered Bridge 35-88-05 (Wyandot County, Ohio)
Built 1878 by Moses Weymouth; rehabilitated 1994
Covered bridge over Sandusky River on CR 130A
Open to traffic

Swayback Bridge (Redwood County, Minnesota)
Built 1938 by the Works Progress Administration
Slab bridge over Redwood River on CSAH 31
Open to traffic

Sweetwater Mill Bridge (Buffalo County, Nebraska)
Built 1909
5-panel pin-connected Pratt pony truss bridge over Mud Creek on Sweetwater Road at Sweetwater
Open to traffic

Swiftwater Covered Bridge 29-05-02 (Grafton County, New Hampshire)
Built 1849; rehabilitated 1999
Covered bridge over Wild Ammonoosuc River on Porter Road in Bath
Open to traffic

Switzer Covered Bridge 17-37-01 #2 (Franklin County, Kentucky)
Built 1855. Rehabilitated in 1906 and again 1990. Bridge placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Bridge was washed off its supports on March 1, 1997, but restored in 1998.
Howe through truss bridge over North Elkhorn Creek on KY 1262
Open to pedestrians

Sylamore Creek Swinging Bridge (Stone County, Arkansas)
Built 1943; rehabilitated 1985
Swinging bridge over South Sylamore Creek on CR 238 (Old AR 14)
Open to one-lane traffic

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940) (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 1940, collapsed on November 7, 1940
Lost suspension bridge over Tacoma Narrows on Primary State Highway 14-A in Tacoma

Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1929
Bascule bridge over Delaware River on NJ 73 in Philadelphia
Open to traffic

Taft Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1907; rehabilitated 1995
Concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek on Connecticut Avenue
Open to traffic

Taftsville Covered Bridge 45-14-12 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1836; rehabilitated 1869, 1910 and 1952; Damaged by flooding/Southern span removed 2011; Reconstructed 2013
Covered bridge over Ottauquechee River on River Road (C2002) in Woodstock
Open to traffic

Tahquemenon River Bridge (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Built 1926
Deck plate girder bridge over East Branch Tahquemenon River on M-28
Open to traffic

Talcottville Main Street Bridge (Tolland County, Connecticut)
Built 1891; rehabilitated 1995
Pin connected Lenticular pony truss bridge over Tankerhoosen River on Main Street
Open to traffic

Tama Lincoln Highway Bridge (Tama County, Iowa)
Built 1915 by Paul Kingsley
Concrete slab bridge over Mud Creek on 5th Street E in Tama
Open to traffic

Tannery Brook Bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Built by James Otis Follett in 1910; Rehabilitated/re-decked in 1939
Stone arch bridge over Tannery Brook on C3007 in Townshend
Open to traffic

Tarters Ferry Bridge (Fulton County, Illinois)
Built ca. 1880. Abandoned 1992. One of the nine bridges submitted to NRHP in "Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County Thematic Resources", 1980-10-29
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Spoon River on Tarters Ferry Lane
Destroyed by flooding

Tauy Creek Bridge (Franklin County, Kansas)
Built 1895 by the Kansas City Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Tauy Creek on Nebraska Road, northeast of Ottawa
Closed to all traffic

Taylor Street Bridge (Washington County, Vermont)
Built 1929 by the Berlin Construction Co.; rehabilitated 1967; rehabilitated 2010
Parker through truss bridge over Winooski River on Taylor Street in Montpelier
Open to traffic

Taylor's Ford Bridge (Buchanan County, Iowa)
Originally built 1872 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co. on Main Street in Independence; relocated here in 1891
Bowstring through truss bridge over Wapsipinicon River on Nolen Avenue, southeast of Independence
Open to pedestrians only

Tecumseh Railroad Bridge (Lenawee County, Michigan)
Built 1896
Pratt deck truss bridge over Raisin River on Southern Michigan Railroad Society

Teegarden Covered Bridge 35-15-05 (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Constructed in 1876 and bypassed in 1992.
Covered bridge over Middle Fork Little Beaver on Eagleton Road (TR 761)
Open to pedestrians only

Telephone Road Bridge (Harris County, Texas)
Built 1931
Concrete tee beam bridge over Brays Bayou on Telephone Road
Open to traffic

Ten Curves Road Bridge (Schoolcraft County, Michigan)
Built 1929
Concrete curved chord through girder bridge over Manistique River on Ten Curves Road
Open to traffic

Tenmile Creek Bridge (Lane County, Oregon)
Built 1931
Rainbow arch bridge over Tenmile Creek on US 101
Open to traffic

Tenth Street Bridge (Cascade County, Montana)
Built 1921 by Porter Brothers Co. of Spokane, WA
Eight-span open-spandrel arch bridge over the Missouri River on 10th Street in Great Falls
Open to pedestrians only

Terre Noire Creek CR 10 Bridge (Clark County, Arkansas)
Built 1928; rehabilitated 1995
Through truss bridge over Terre Noire Creek on CR 10 (Bateman Road)
Closed to all traffic

Terre Rouge Creek US 67 Bridge (Hempstead County, Arkansas)
Built 1931 by the Virginia Bridge & Iron Co.
Pony truss bridge over Terre Rouge Creek on US 67

The Red Bridge (Forest County, Wisconsin)
Built in 1908 replacing an existing wooden bridge; replaced and preserved in 2007
Pratt pony truss bridge over Armstrong Creek on Old 101 Road
Open to pedestrians

Third Street Bridge (Tazewell County, Illinois)
Built 1907 by the Kellogg Bridge Co.
Pony truss bridge over City Park on Third Street in Delavan
Open to traffic

Third Street Bridge (Goodhue County, Minnesota)
Built 1909 by A.Y. Bayne & Co. of Minneapolis and Louis P. Wolff, engineer
Through truss bridge over Cannon River on Third Street in Cannon Falls
Open to one-lane traffic

Thomas Bridge (Shawnee County, Kansas)
Built ca. 1916
Preserved Open Spandrel bridge over Wakarusa River on Wanamaker Road, southeast of Auburn
Intact but closed to all traffic

Thomas Mill Covered Bridge 38-51-01 (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1855
Howe through truss bridge over Wissahickon Creek
Open to pedestrians

Thompson Covered Bridge 29-03-04 (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1832; rehabilitated 1993
Two-span covered bridge over Ashuelot River on Main Street in Swanzey
Open to traffic

Thompson Mill Covered Bridge 13-87-01 (Shelby County, Illinois)
Built 1868 at a cost of $2,500
Covered bridge over Kaskaskia River north of Cowden
Open to pedestrians only

Thorofare Canal Bridge (Wayne County, Michigan)
Built 1947
Slab bridge over Thorofare Canal on Ferry Street
Open to traffic

Thorofare Ch(Grosse Ile) Bridge (Wayne County, Michigan)
Built 1930
Concrete arch bridge over Thorofare Ch(Grosse Ile) on Parke Lane Road
Open to traffic

Thorpe Ford Bridge 14-61-07 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1912, bypassed in 1961
Covered bridge over Big Raccoon Creek on a pedestrian path branch of CR900S
Open to pedestrians only

Tibbee Bridge (Clay County, Mississippi)
Built 1896 by the Southern Bridge Co.; bypassed 2001
Abandoned pratt through truss bridge over Tibbee Creek on former Old Tibbee Rd.

Tilton Island Park Bridge (Belknap County, New Hampshire)
Built 1881
Truesdell pony truss bridge over Winnipesautee River on Pedestrian Trail
Open to pedestrians

Tioronda Bridge (Dutchess County, New York)
Built 1872-73; closed to traffic 1985; dismantled 2006
Three-span bowstring pony truss bridge over Fishkill Creek on South Avenue
Trusses disassembled and placed in storage; piers and abutments still standing

Tombigbee River Bridge (Lowndes County, Mississippi)
Built 1927; Converted to a one-lane bridge in 1989; Bypassed by a new bridge, closed to vehicles in 1991, restored for pedestrian opening 2013
Swing Bridge over Tombigbee River on Old 82/Island Road West side of Columbus
Open to pedestrians only

Toppenish-Zillah Bridge (Yakima County, Washington)
Built 1947
Beam bridge over Yakima River on Meyers Road
Open to traffic

Toston Bridge (Broadwater County, Montana)
Built 1919-20 by Security Bridge Co. of Billings; made obsolete by new bridge in 1955
Through truss bridge over Missouri River on CR 415 (Old US 287) at Toston
Open to traffic

Tower Bridge (Yolo County, California)
Built 1934 by George Pollock & Company; Trolley tracks removed from median and converted to vehiclular lanes in 1963
Vertical lift bridge over Sacramento River on CA 275 in West Sacramento
Open to traffic

Town Bridge Road Bridge (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Built 1895 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1989
Through truss bridge over Farmington River on Town Bridge Road in Canton
Open to traffic

Town Line Bridge (Cortland County, New York)
Built 1888 by Berlin Iron Bridge Co.; Pony truss added to east side by Groton Bridge Co 1903; closed 1990's
Pin-connected Lenticular through truss bridge over Otselic River on Townline Road
Open to pedestrians only

Town Street Bridge (Franklin County, Ohio)
Built 1917; closed to traffic July 22, 2008; demolished March 2009, new open spandrel arch bridge being built in its place
Lost open-spandrel arch bridge over Scioto River on Town Street (US 62) in Columbus
Demolished, new concrete bridge being built in its place

Trancas Street Bridge (Napa County, California)
Built 1908
Five-span stone arch bridge over Milliken Creek on Trancas Street in Napa
Open to traffic

Tremaine Bridge (Hamilton County, Iowa)
Built 1902; rehabilitated 1940
Through truss bridge over Boone River on 280th Street
Open to one lane traffic with a weight limit

Trexler Bridge (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1870
Stone arch bridge over Ontelaunee Creek on PA 1017
Open to traffic

Trinity Covered Bridge 17-64-01x (Lawrence County, Kentucky)
Last authentic covered bridge built in Kentucky. Disappeared in October, 1981. It was replaced by a concrete structure.
Lost Kingpost through truss bridge over East Fork of Little Sandy River on Little East Fork Road in Fallsburg

Trinity River Bridge (Tarrant County, Texas)
Built 1914
Concrete arch bridge over Trinity River on Business 287P (N. Main Street) in Fort Worth
Open to traffic

Trinity River Bridge (Trinity County, Texas)
Built 1941; rehabilitated 2003
Through truss bridge over Trinity River on Old TX 19
Open to traffic

Trostletown/Kantner Covered Bridge 38-56-10 (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Purchased by the Stoystown Lions Club in 1965, major repairs in 1994
Multiple Kingpost through truss bridge over Stony Creek on Abandoned road
Open to pedestrians

Trout Run Trail - Kingpost Bridge (Winneshiek County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1895
Kingpost pony truss bridge relocated to Trout Run Trail in Decorah
Open to pedestrians for trail use

Trowbridge Road Bridge (Oakland County, Michigan)
Built 1931
Concrete tee beam bridge over Gtw Rr on Trowbridge Road
Open to traffic

Troy Bridge (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Built 1910
Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Grande Ronde River on Redmond Grade Road
Open to pedestrians

Trusal-Dice Covered Bridge 38-32-03 (Indiana County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1870
Covered Bridge over Plum Creek on Trusal Road (TR 406)
Bypassed to traffic, Open to pedestrians

Turkey Creek Bridge (Harlan County, Nebraska)
Built in 1899 by the Canton Bridge Co.
Abandoned bedstead Pratt pony truss bridge over Turkey Creek on CR-722