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Portage Canal Bridge (Jefferson County, Washington)
Built 1951
Beam bridge over Portage Canal on WA 116
Open to traffic

Porter-Parsonsfield Bridge 19-09-05 / 19-16-01 (Oxford County, Maine)
Built 1859, bypassed in 1960, restored in 1999
Covered bridge over Ossipee River on a pedestrian trail in Porter
Open to pedestrians

Portland & Southwestern Railroad Tunnel (Columbia County, Oregon)
Built 1910
Abandoned tunnel on Portland and Southwest Railroad
Derelict/abandoned; tracks removed around 1943

Portland Bridge (Fremont County, Colorado)
Built 1927, replaced 2014
Deck truss over the Arkansas River on SH 120 at Portland
replaced by new bridge

Portland Mills Covered Bridge 14-61-21 (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1856, relocated in 1961, closed to traffic in 1982, restored and reopened in 1996
Covered bridge over Little Raccoon Creek on CR650N
Open to traffic

Possum Bottom Covered Bridge 14-83-03 (Vermillion County, Indiana)
Built 1876, relocated in 1972-73
Covered bridge over dry land on a pedestrian path at Emie Pyle Rest Park Park
Open to pedestrians

Possum Kingdom Bridge (Palo Pinto County, Texas)
Built 1942 by the Works Progress Administration
Eighteen-span stone arch bridge over Brazos River on TX 16
Open to traffic

Post Falls Power Plant Bridge (Kootenai County, Idaho)
Built 1929
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Spokane River on W 4th Avenue
Open to traffic

Pott's Ford Bridge (Cloud County, Kansas)
Built 1884 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Solomon River on 40th Road, southwest of Glasco
Open to one-lane traffic

Pottawatomie Creek Bridge (Miami County, Kansas)
Built 1932; rehabilitated 1995
Three span through arch bridge over Pottawatomie Creek on Old KS 7 in Osawatomie
Open to traffic

Potter's Covered Bridge 14-29-01 (Hamilton County, Indiana)
Built in 1870 by Josiah Durfee, Restored for pedestrian use in a county park.
Howe through truss bridge over West Fork White River on old Allisonville Road
Open to pedestrians

Poultney River Bridge (Rutland County, Vermont)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1968
Pony truss bridge over Poultney River on C2006 (Thrall Road) in Poultney
Open to traffic

POVA - Box Canyon Bridge (Pend Oreille County, Washington)
Built 1909
Pratt deck truss bridge over Box Canyon Resevoir (Pend Oreille River) on Pend Oreille Valley Railroad
Open to traffic

Powder River Bridge (Prairie County, Montana)
Built 1945
Warren through truss bridge over Powder River on Frontage Road
Open to traffic

Powder Works Bridge 05-44-03 (Santa Cruz County, California)
Built 1872
Smith through truss bridge over San Lorenzo River on property of Paradise Park Masonic Club

Powell Bridge (McDonald County, Missouri)
Built 1914-15 by the East St. Louis Bridge Co.
Through truss bridge over Big Sugar Creek on Cowan Ridge Road (CR SE-E-58), just southwest of Route E near Powell
Open to pedestrians only

Powell Creek Bridge (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1860
Three-span stone arch bridge over Powell Creek on PA 147
Open to traffic

Power House Bridge 45-08-08 (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 1870; destroyed March 8, 2000; rebuilt 2002 by Blow & Cote
Queenpost through truss bridge over Gihon River on School Street
Open to traffic

Powers Highway Bridge (Eaton County, Michigan)
Built 1910
Pony truss bridge over Battle Creek on Powers Highway
Closed to all traffic

PR14 Puente General Mendez Vigo (Coamo, Puerto Rico)
Built 1862; rehabilitated 1898
Brick arch bridge over Río Las Minas on PR 14
Open to traffic

Prairie Dog Creek Bridge (Harlan County, Nebraska)
Built 1913
Pony truss bridge over Prairie Dog Creek on a township road, 8.5 mi. south and 1 mi. west of Orleans
Open to traffic

Prairie River Bridge (Lincoln County, Wisconsin)
Built 1904; rehabilitated 2001
Stone arch bridge over Prairie River on W. Main Street (WI 64) in Merrill
Open to traffic

Prentiss Covered Bridge 29-10-07 (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built 1874, bypassed 1954
Covered bridge over Great Brook on NH 12A in Langdon
Closed to all traffic

Providence River Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1927; rehabilitated 1999
Swing bridge over Providence River on Point Street in Providence
Open to traffic

Prowers Bridge (Bent County, Colorado)
First built as a timber bridge in 1900 by the Kansas City Bridge Co. Truss spans added by the Pueblo Bridge Co. in 1902, 1906, 1909, and 1921
Five-span through truss bridge over Arkansas River on CR 34
Replaced by a new bridge in 1994, now closed to all traffic

PRR - Standing Stone Creek Bridge (Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1849, replaced with newer bridge downstream 1892
Stone arch bridge over Standing Stone Creek on Former Pensylvania Railroad (PRR)
Intact but closed to all traffic

Pruitt Bridge (Newton County, Arkansas)
Built 1931 by the Virginia Bridge & Iron Co.
Through truss bridge over Buffalo River on AR 7
Open to traffic

Pryor Creek Bridge (Rogers County, Oklahoma)
Built 1926
Through truss bridge over Pryor Creek on 1st St. (Old Rt. 66).
Open to traffic

Ptarmigan Tunnel (Glacier County, Montana)
Built 1930
Tunnel under Ptarmigan Wall on Hiking Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Puente Arenas (Cayey, Puerto Rico)
Built 1893; bypassed by new bridge in 2004
Eiffel through truss bridge over Río de La Plata on PR 735
Looks to be open to traffic via cars approaching and heading away from bridge on each side.

Puente Caño Martín Peña (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Built 1939
Steel stringer bridge over Caño Martín Peña on Pr 25
Open to traffic

Puente Cayey (Guayama, Puerto Rico)
Built 1891
Lattice pony truss bridge over Río Guamaní on PR 15
Open to traffic

Puente General Norzagaray (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Built 1855; rehabilitated 1930
Brick arch bridge over Los Frailes on PR 873
Open to traffic

Puente La Concepción (Caguas, Puerto Rico)
Built 1856
Stone arch bridge over Rio Canas on PR 798
Open to traffic

Puente Las Cabanas (Adjuntas, Puerto Rico)
Built 1919
Steel stringer bridge over Vacas River on PR 135
Open to traffic

Puente Marqués de Serna (Bayamon, Puerto Rico)
Built 1869 (?)
Iron arch bridge over Río de Bayamón on PR 890
Open to pedestrians

Puente Mata de Plátanos (Ciales, Puerto Rico)
Built 1905
Double-intersection Pratt through truss bridge over Rio Manati on PR 6685
Open to traffic

Puente Plata (Bayamon, Puerto Rico)
Built 1908; Bypassed 1982
Parker through truss bridge over Río de La Plata on PR 167
Still standing next to replacement bridge

Puente Río Blanco (Naguabo, Puerto Rico)
Built 1918
Steel stringer bridge over Río Blanco on PR 3
Open to traffic

Puente Río Culebrinas (Aguada, Puerto Rico)
Built 1928
Pony truss bridge over Río Culebrinas on PR 418
Open to traffic

Puente Río Hondo (Comerio, Puerto Rico)
Built 1908, Replaced 2001
Eiffel pony truss bridge over Río Hondo on PR 156
Replaced by a new bridge

Puente Río Piedras (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Built 1853
Concrete-encased brick barrel vault arch bridge over Piedras River on PR 8839
Open to pedestrians

Puente Silva (Hormigueros, Puerto Rico)
Built 1897; bypassed by new bridge in 1989
Pratt pony truss bridge over Rio Guanajibo on PR 114
Closed to all traffic

Puente Torréns (Hormigueros, Puerto Rico)
Built 1878 (?); bypassed by new bridge in 2003
Lattice bridge over Rio Rosario on PR 319
Replaced by new bridge

Puente Villarán (Canovanas, Puerto Rico)
Built 1892; bypassed by new bridge in 1989
Pony truss bridge over Rio Canovanas on PR 9959
Open to pedestrians (?)

Pugh Ford Bridge (Bartholomew County, Indiana)
Built 1911 by the Elkhart Bridge & Iron Co.; rehabilitated 1997
Two-span through truss bridge over Flatrock River on CR 900 North
Open to traffic

Pulp Mill Covered Bridge 45-01-04#2 (Addison County, Vermont)
Built 1853; Piers added 1979; Rehabilitated 1991; Rehabilitated 2012
Modified Burr arch-truss covered bridge over Otter Creek
Open to traffic

Pumphouse Wash Bridge (Coconino County, Arizona)
Built 1931
Steel stringer bridge over Oak Cr Pumphouse Wash on AZ 89A
Open to traffic

Purdon Crossing Bridge (Nevada County, California)
Built 1889, rehabilitated 2013
Pratt half through through truss bridge over South Yuba River on Purdon Road
Open to traffic

Purdy Bridge (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 1936, Rehabilitated 1966
Concrete deck girder bridge over Burley Lagoon on Washington 302
Open to traffic

Purple People Bridge (Hamilton County, Ohio)
First built 1872 as a Whipple through truss bridge; reconstructed 1897; railroad service discontinued 1987; closed to road traffic 2001; rehabilitated and reopened to pedestrians 2003
Five-span through truss bridge over the Ohio River formerly carrying the Louisville & Nashville Railroad) and US 27 between Cincinnati and Newport
Open to pedestrian traffic only

Putnam Street Bridge (Old) (Washington County, Ohio)
Built 1913; rehabilitated 1951
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Muskingum River on Putnam Street
Bridge has been replaced.

Pyatt Arch Bridge (Marion County, Arkansas)
Built 1923 by M.K. Orr Contracting Co. of Harrison
Three-span closed-spandrel arch bridge over Crooked Creek on Spur US 62 at Pyatt
Open to one-lane traffic

Quaker Bridge (Mercer County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1898, bypassed approx 2006. Left in original location.
Bypassed Through truss bridge over Little Shenango River on PA 4006 (Williamson Road)
Bypassed and open only to pedestrians. Very good condition!

Quarry Bridge (Marshall County, Iowa)
Built 1885
Through truss bridge over Iowa River on 3 Bridges Road
Closed to all traffic

Quechee Gorge Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1911; Abandoned & converted to roadway use 1933; Rehabilitated 1989
Steel arch bridge over Ottauquechee River on US 4 in Hartford
Open to traffic

Queen Avenue Overpass (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Built 1905
Concrete arch bridge over Minnesota Transportation Museum street railway track in Minneapolis
Open to traffic

Queen Creek Bridge (Pinal County, Arizona)
Built 1921
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Upper Queen Creek on Old US 60
Intact but closed to all traffic

Queensboro Bridge (Queens County, New York)
Opened to traffic March 30, 1909
Cantilevered through truss bridge over East River on NY 25 in New York
Open to a total of 10 lanes of traffic

Querino Canyon Bridge (Apache County, Arizona)
Built 1931
Deck truss bridge over Querino Canyon on Old US 66 in Houck
Open to traffic with 3 Ton Weight Limit

Quinlan's Covered Bridge 45-04-03 (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Built 1849; Rehabilitated 2013
Covered Burr arch bridge over Lewis Creek on C3039 in Charlotte
Open to traffic

R.H. Henry Bridge (Warren County, Mississippi)
Built 1929
Through truss bridge over Big Black River on Old US 80
Open to traffic

Radium Springs Rio Grande Bridge (Dona Ana County, New Mexico)
Built 1933, made into a pedestrian bridge in 2003 when replacement bridge was built.
Timber stringer bridge over Rio Grande on an old alignment of NM 185
Open to pedestrians

Railroad Street Bridge (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 1928 by Bethlehem Steel Co.; Rehabilitated 2006
Pratt through truss bridge over Lamoille River on Railroad Street (C2002) in Johnson
Open to traffic

Rainbow Bridge (Valley County, Idaho)
Built 1933
Concrete arch bridge over North Fork Payette River on ID 55
Open to traffic

Ralston Freeman Covered Bridge 38-63-27 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Closed to traffic sometime after 1939, well maintained in 2008.
Kingpost through truss bridge over Aunt Clara's Fork of King's Creek on abandoned section at end of Ralston Rd.
Open to pedestrians

Ramp Covered Bridge 38-21-11 (Cumberland County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1882, extensive repairs in 1967
Covered bridge over Conodoguinet Creek on TR 374 (Covered Bridge Road)
Open to traffic

Ramp Creek Covered Bridge 14-07-02 (Brown County, Indiana)
Built 1838, relocated 1932, rehabilitated 1986
Covered bridge over North Fork Salt Creek at Brown County State Park
Open to two lane traffic

Randall Street Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1916
Steel stringer bridge over Moshassuck River on Randall Street
Open to traffic

Range Line Road Bridge (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Built 1935
Charles S. Whitney Renaissance Revival Design arch bridge over Milwaukee River on Range Line Road in River Hills
Open to traffic

Rangeline Road Bridge (Huntington County, Indiana)
Built 1913 by the Lafayette Engineering Co.; rehabilitated 1987
Two-span Camelback through truss bridge over Wabash River on CR 475 West
Open to traffic

Ranney Bridge (Essex County, New York)
Built 1902 by Canton Bridge Co.
Pratt pony truss bridge over Ausable River on Private Road
Open to traffic

Rapps Dam Road Covered Bridge 38-15-14 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1866; rehabilitated 1978
Covered bridge over French Creek on Rapps Dam Road in East Pikeland Townhip
Open to traffic

Rattlesnake Creek Bridge (Cuming County, Nebraska)
Built 1903
Pony truss bridge over Rattlesnake Creek on a local road, 2 mi. west and 2 mi. north of Bancroft
In storage or disassembled

Rattlin Bridge (Addison County, Vermont)
Built 1908 by American Bridge Co.; Rehabilitated 1968; Rehabilitated 2008
Double intersection Warren through truss bridge over Otter Creek on Morgan Horse Farm Road in New Haven
Open to traffic

Raven Rock Rosemont Road Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Built 1878
Through truss bridge over Lockatong Creek on Raven Rock Road
Restoration complete, bridge open

Ravenna Park Ravine Bridge (King County, Washington)
Built 1912
Steel arch bridge over Ravenna Park Ravine on 20th Avenue
Open to pedestrians

Rawson Road Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1886; rehabilitated 1950, rehabilitated/upgraded in 2008
Pony truss bridge over Abbott Run on Rawson Road in Cumberland
Open to traffic

RCP&E - Fort Pierre Bridge (Hughes County, South Dakota)
Built 1907, Approaches Rebuilt 1928
Through truss swing bridge over Missouri River on Dakota, Minnesota, & Eastern Railroad
Open to traffic

Read Township Stone Arch (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1899
Stone culvert bridge over Bente Branch on Harbor Road
Open to traffic

Reading-Halls Station Bridge (Lycoming County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1846 on the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad; later relocated here to carry vehicular traffic
Wrought and cast iron pony truss bridge over the former Philadelphia & Reading Railroad on a private driveway
In use for private road/drive

Rector Road Bridge (Denton County, Texas)
Built 1908; relocated to Guyer High School in Denton in 2005
Through truss bridge over Clear Creek on Rector Road in Sanger

Red Bridge (Jasper County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1890
Through truss bridge over South Skunk River on Red Bridge Street
Closed to all traffic with north approach span collapsed.

Red Bridge (New Haven County, Connecticut)
Bypassed 1963
Lenticular pony truss bridge over Quinnipiac River on Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail (Former Oregon Road)
Open to pedestrians

Red Bridge 45-08-11 (Lamoille County, Vermont)
Built 1896; Reinforced 1897; Steel stringers added 1971
Kingpost through truss bridge over Sterling Brook on Cole Hill Road
Open to traffic

Red Cliff Arch Bridge (Eagle County, Colorado)
Built 1940; rehabilitated 2004
Steel deck arch bridge over Eagle River, Union Pacific Railroad, and Water Street on US 24 at Red Cliff
Open to traffic

Red Cloud Bridge (Webster County, Nebraska)
Built 1935
Through truss bridge over Republican River on US 281, 2 mi. south of Red Cloud
Open to traffic

Red Covered Bridge 13-06-01 (Bureau County, Illinois)
Built 1863; rehabilitated 1973
Covered bridge over Bureau Creek on Old Dad Joe Trail in Princeton
Open to traffic

Red Covered Bridge 38-30-27x (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1900; Destroyed by arson 1990
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Whiteley Creek on Greene Lakes Road
Destroyed by fire

Red Covered Bridge 38-50-06 (Perry County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1886
Covered bridge over Wildcat Creek
Open to pedestrians

Red Mountain Railroad Bridge (Stevens County, Washington)
Built 1896
Abandoned howe deck truss bridge over Little Sheep Creek on Abandoned Columbia & Red Mountain Railroad

Red River Bridge (Jefferson County, Oklahoma)
Built 1939
Pony truss bridge over Red River on OK 79
Open to traffic

Red River Bridge (Clay County, Texas)
Built 1939
Pony truss bridge over Red River on TX 79
Open to traffic

Red River Bridge (Fannin County, Texas)
Built 1938
Through truss bridge over Red River on TX 78 OK 78
Intact but closed to all traffic

Red Run Covered Bridge 38-36-10 (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1866
Burr arch-truss bridge over Muddy Creek on Abandoned road
Closed to all traffic

Redding Road over Merritt Parkway Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1939
Concrete rigid frame bridge over Merritt Parkway (CT 15) on Redding Road
Open to traffic

Reelsville Bridge (Putnam County, Indiana)
Built 1929
Concrete arch bridge over Big Walnut Creek on CR 625 West
Bypassed in 2007 and then restored.

Regency Suspension Bridge (Mills County, Texas)
Built 1939; rehabilitated 1999
Suspension bridge over Colorado River on CR 433
Open to traffic

Rennic Road Bridge (Washington County, Arkansas)
Built ca. 1915; replaced 2005
Pony truss bridge over a branch of Weddington Creek on Rennic Road (CR 6) south of the Benton County line
A new bridge was built alongside, and this bridge is now private property behind a fence in a cow pasture.

Reppy Avenue Bridge (Gila County, Arizona)
Built 1921 by the Topeka Bridge Co.
Luten arch bridge over Bloody Tanks Wash on Reppy Avenue in Miami
Open to traffic