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Bridges that have been verified to appear on Google Street View

Georgia Street Bridge (San Diego County, California)
Built 1914
Open-spandrel arch bridge over University Avenue on Georgia Street in San Diego
Open to traffic

Georgiana Slough Bridge (Sacramento County, California)
Built 1962
Bridge over Georgiana Slough on Isleton Road
Open to traffic

Georgtown Road Bridge (Jo Daviess County, Illinois)
Built ca. 1890
Three-span pony truss bridge over Apple River on West Georgtown Road, .3 mi. northwest of Elizabeth
Destroyed by flooding on July 23/24, 2010

Gerald Desmond Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1968.
Bridge over Port of Long Beach on Ocean Blvd./California Highway 47/I-710 in Long Beach
Open to traffic

Gerloff Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1888, closed to traffic in mid 1970's; Rebuilt by High Steel Structures & reopened July 1998
Pratt through truss bridge over Swamp Creek on Gerloff Road near Zieglersville, PA
Open to traffic

Germantown Covered Bridge 35-57-01 (Montgomery County, Ohio)
Built 1870; relocated 1911
Covered bridge over Little Twin Creek on E. Center St.. in Germantown
Open to pedestrians only

Gerstle River Bridge (Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska)
Built 1944
A subdivided Warren truss bridge over Gerstle River on Alaska Highway in Delta Junction
Open to traffic

Gervais Street Bridge (Richland County, South Carolina)
Built 1927
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Congaree River on US 1 in Columbia
Open to traffic

Geysers Road Bridge (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1909; rehabilitated 1970
Pratt Through truss bridge over Big Sulphur Creek on Geysers Road
Open to traffic

GFRR - Flint River Bridge (Dougherty County, Georgia)
Parker through truss bridge over Flint River on Georgia & Florida Railway (former Atlantic Coast Line Railroad)
Open to traffic

Gianella Bridge (Butte County, California)
Built 1908-1911; Replaced 1987
Lost swing bridge over Sacramento River on State Route 32
Replaced by new bridge

Gibbon River Bridge #1 - Grand Loop Road (Park County, Wyoming)
Built 1938
Bridge over Gibbon River on Grand Loop Road
Open to traffic

Gibson Bridge (Washington County, Tennessee)
Built 1916, replaced 1986
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Watauga River on Herb Hodge Road
Replaced by new bridge

Gibson's Covered Bridge 38-15-10 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1872
Covered bridge over East Branch Brandywine Creek on Harmony Hill Road
Open to traffic

Gibsonton Thru Truss (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania)
Through truss bridge over Unnamed creek
Closed to all traffic

Giddings Road Covered Bridge 35-04-62 (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Built 1995
Pratt through truss bridge over Mill Creek on Giddings Road
Open to traffic

Gifford Covered Bridge 45-09-03 (Orange County, Vermont)
Built 1904; Rehabilitated with steel stringers added circa 1955; Rehabilitated 2011
Covered "Half High" Multiple Kingpost truss bridge over Second Branch, White River on Hyde Road
Open to traffic

Gila River Bridge (Graham County, Arizona)
Built 1940
Steel stringer bridge over Gila River on 8th Avenue
Open to traffic

Gilbert Street Bridge (Floyd County, Iowa)
Built 1914
Concrete arch bridge over Shermans Creek on Gilbert Street in Charles City

Gilboa Bridge (Putnam County, Ohio)
Built 1886; rehabilitated 1972
Through truss bridge over Blanchard River on County Road 3 in Gilboa
Bypassed with a new bridge to the East and retained for pedestrian use.

Gilboa Bridge (Schoharie County, New York)
Built 2003
Steel through arch bridge over Schoharie Creek on NY 990V
Open to traffic

Gilead Brook Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1928; rehabilitated 1970
Deck truss bridge over Gilead Brook on VT 12 in Bethel
Open to traffic

Giles Road Bridge (Sarpy County, Nebraska)
Built 1970
Pony truss bridge over an Tiburon Creek on Giles Road, 2 mi. north and 2.6 mi. east of Gretna
Open to traffic

Gilkey Covered Bridge 37-22-04 (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1939
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Thomas Creek on Gilkey Road
Under construction

Gill-Montague Bridge (Franklin County, Massachusetts)
Built 1937
Warren Deck truss with all verticals bridge over Connecticut River on Avenue A in Gill
Open to traffic

Gillespie Dam Bridge (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Built 1927
Through truss bridge over Gila River on Old US 80
Open to traffic

Gillett Bridge (Kent County, Michigan)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Grand River on Pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians only

Gillett Road Bridge (Monroe County, New York)
Built 1909
Through truss bridge over Erie Canal on Gillett Road
Open to traffic

Gillette Street Bridge (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1915; rehabilitated 2013
Pin connected Pratt pony truss bridge over New England Central Railroad on Gillette Ave (C3029)
Open to traffic

Gilley Avenue Route 23 Bridge (Wise County, Virginia)
Built 1934 to carry U.S. 23, switched to Business Route when U.S. 23 was switched to nearby 4-lane Orby Cantrell Highway,now also carries U.S. 58 Alternate
Concrete tee beam bridge over Powell River, South Fork on Gilley Avenue East (U.S. 23 Business, U.S. 58 Alternate) in Big Stone Gap
Open to traffic

Gillion Creek Bridge (Butler County, Kansas)
Stone arch bridge over Gillion Creek, 1.0 mi. west and 4.0 mi. south of Potwin
Open to traffic

Gillis Long Bridge (Rapides Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1985
Vertical lift bridge over Red River on US 165B in Pineville
Open to traffic

Gillis Memorial Bridge (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1976
Bascule bridge over Merrimack River on US 1 (Bridge Road) in Newburyport
Open to traffic

Gills Creek Bridge (Lancaster County, South Carolina)
Built 1955
Concrete arch bridge over Gills Creek on US 521 in Lancaster
Open to traffic

Gilmer Ferry Rd (Cherokee County, Georgia)
Replaced the Gilmer Ferry
Concrete stringer bridge over Etowah River on Georgia Highway 372
Open to traffic

Gilmerton Bridge (New) (Chesapeake, Virginia)
Built 2014
Through truss bridge over South Branch Elizabeth River on Military Highway
Open to traffic

Gilmore Bridge (Carroll County, Indiana)
Built 1905 in Pulaski County over Big Monon Ditch, moved to Carroll County and restored in 2006-07
Stearns through truss bridge over Wabash & Erie Canal on a pedestrian trail in Delphi
Open to pedestrians only on a trail.

Gilmore Pond Road Bridge (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1920
Stone arch bridge over Mountain Brook on Gilmore Pond Road in Jaffrey
Open to traffic

Gilpin's Falls Covered Bridge 20-07-01 (Cecil County, Maryland)
Built 1860, rehabillitated 1959,1990,2009
Burr Arch through truss bridge over North East Creek on old ne road
Open to pedestrians

Gilsum Stone Arch Bridge (Cheshire County, New Hampshire)
Built 1863; rehabilitated 1951
Stone arch bridge over Ashuelot River on Old NH 10 in Gilsum
Open to traffic

Gimlet Creek Bridge (Bollinger County, Missouri)
Built 1922; replaced 2013
Lost pony truss bridge over Gimlet Creek on MO 34 near Glenallen
Replaced by a culvert

Girard Point Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1973
Through truss bridge over Schuylkill River, Railroad, Roads on I-95, Double Deck
Open to traffic

Glacial Drumlin State Trail - Scuppernong Creek Arch (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Built 1913
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Scuppernong Creek on Glacial Drumlin StateTrail
Open to pedestrians only

Glacial River Trail - Rock River Bridge (Fort Atkinson) (Jefferson County, Wisconsin)
Built 1900
Deck plate girder bridge over Rock River on Glacial River Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Gladden Creek Bridge (Dent County, Missouri)
Built 1934 (1924 per NBI)
Through truss bridge over Gladden Creek on MO 19 south of Salem
Open to traffic

Gladdings Road Bridge (Placer County, California)
Built 1935
Subdivided Warren Pony truss bridge over Doty Creek on Gladdings Road
Open to traffic

Glade Creek Bridge (Raleigh County, West Virginia)
Built 1988
Deck truss bridge over Glade Creek on I-64
Open to traffic

Glade Creek Bridge (Madison County, Arkansas)
Built 1939
Concrete tee beam bridge over Glade Creek on CR 7615 (old AR 68)

Gladstone Street Bridge (Morgan County, Illinois)
Built 1935
Pony truss bridge over Town Brook on Gladstone Street in Jacksonville
Intact but closed to all traffic

Glasgow Bridge (Howard County, Missouri)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1986; closed to traffic on August 4, 2008, for replacement of the superstructure; new bridge opened Sept. 2009
Lost five-span through truss bridge over the Missouri River on MO 240 at Glasgow
Superstructure replaced

Glasgow Road Bridge (Jefferson County, Alabama)
Built 1935
Pratt through truss bridge over abandoned Woodward Railroad on Glasgow Road
Open to traffic

Glaze's Ford Bridge (Washington County, Tennessee)
Built in 1901 at Glaze's Ford, flood damage repaired and strengthened in 1912-1913, closed in 1983 and left intact on private property
Pratt through truss bridge over Nolichucky River
Closed to all traffic

Gleaves Road Bridge (Wythe County, Virginia)
Built unknown location ca. 1880s, Installed at this location in 1903 as a railroad bridge; abandoned by railroad in 1938, reopened as a highway bridge ca. 1948
Through truss bridge over Cripple Creek on Gleaves Road (Route 619)
Open to traffic

Glen Allen Mill Bridge (York County, Pennsylvania)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Yellow Breeches Creek off McCormick Rd
Open to traffic

Glen Canyon Bridge (Coconino County, Arizona)
Built 1958
Steel arch bridge over Glen Canyon on US 89
Open to traffic

Glen Carbon Covered Bridge (Madison County, Illinois)
Built 1976, replacing an original 1934 covered bridge. Rebuit in 2007.
Modern covered bridge over Judy Branch on Main Street in Glen Carbon. Replaced a 1934 covered bridge that had a lower clearence. Rebuit in 2007 to be higher and wider than the previous one.
Rebuilt in 2007

Glen Echo Trolley Trestle (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Built 1890
Abandoned bridge over dry run on abandoned trolley right-of-way

Glen Hope Covered Bridge 38-15-02 (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1889
Burr arch-truss bridge over Little Elk Creek on Hickory Hill Road (TR 344)
Open to traffic

Glen Island Bridge (Westchester County, New York)
Built 1930; rehabilitated 1994
Bascule bridge over New Rochelle Harbor on Glen Island Approach in New Rochelle
Open to traffic

Glen Road Bridge (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1936; rehabilitated 1986
Through truss bridge over Housatonic River on CT 816 (Glen Road) in Newtown
Open to traffic

Glen Span Arch (New York County, New York)
Built 1865
Stone arch bridge over Loch Walking Path on West Drive
Open to traffic

Glen Woody Bridge (Taos County, New Mexico)
1902 wooden suspension bridge
Wire suspension bridge over Rio Grande on old mining road
Intact but closed to all traffic

Glendale Shoals Bridge (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)
Built ca. 1928; Bypassed 1976; Rehabbed 2017
Pratt through truss bridge over Lawsons Fork on old Emma Cudd Road
Open to pedestrians

Glendon Hill Road Bridge (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Built ca. 1935
Through truss bridge over Lehigh River on Glendon Hill Road in Easton
Open to traffic

Glenn Avenue Bridge (McLean County, Illinois)
Built 1940
Slab bridge over Branch of Sugar Creek on Glenn Avenue
Open to traffic

Glenn Lily Road Bridge (Warren County, Kentucky)
Rigid frame bridge over W.H. Natcher Parkway on Glenn Lily Road
Open to traffic

Glennonville Bridge (Dunklin County, Missouri)
Built in 1939-40
Lost through truss bridge over St. Francis River on MO 53 SE of Qulin near Glennonville

Glenoaks Boulevard Bridge (Los Angeles County, California)
Built 1938
Pony truss bridge over Verdugo Wash on Glenoaks Blvd. in Glendale
Open to traffic

Glenville Truss Bridge (Gilmer County, West Virginia)
Built 1885; bypassed by new bridge in 1963
Whipple through truss bridge over Little Kanawha River on Conrad Court
Closed to all traffic

Glenwood Avenue Bridge (Orleans County, New York)
Built 1914; rehabilitated 1998
Through truss bridge over Erie Canal on Glenwood Avenue in Medina
Open to traffic

Glenwood Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1966; rehabilitated 2000
Continuous deck truss bridge over Monongahela River on PA 885
Open to traffic

Glimmer Glass Bridge (Monmouth County, New Jersey)
Bascule span installed 1938; bridge modified in 1949-50, 1957-58, 1963, and 1971
Bascule bridge over Glimmer Glass on Brielle Road in Manasquan
Open to traffic

Glover River Bridge (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1953
Through truss bridge over Glover River on OK 3
Open to traffic

Glovers Creek Bridge (Fayette County, Iowa)
Built 1914; rehabilitated 1962
Concrete arch bridge over Glovers Creek on N. Pine Street
Open to traffic

GM&O - Leaf River Bridge (Perry County, Mississippi)
Built 1902
Abandoned through truss railroad bridge over Leaf River

GMRC - Bellows Falls Stone Arch Bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1899
Stone arch bridge over Connecticut River on Green Mountain Railroad
Open to traffic

GMRC - Black River Bridge #2 (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1897, repaired 2011 following damage by TS Irene
Lattice through truss bridge over Black River on Green Mountain Railroad
Open to traffic?

GMRC - Mill Street Overpass (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built 1903 by American Bridge Co.
Steel stringer bridge over Mill Street on Green Mountain Railroad
Open to traffic

GMRC - Power Dam Canal Bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Warren through truss bridge over Power Dam Canal on Railroad (GMCR & NECR)
Open to traffic

GMRC - Williams River Bridge No. 112 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1902
Baltimore through truss bridge over Williams River on Green Mountain Railroad
Open to traffic

Gnat Creek Bridge (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Built 1929
Concrete stringer bridge over Gnat Creek on US 30
Open to traffic

GNRR - Little River Bridge (Cherokee County, Georgia)
Deck truss bridge over Little River on Georgia Northeastern Railroad
Open to Rail Traffic

Goddard Covered Bridge 17-35-06 (Fleming County, Kentucky)
Goddard Covered Bridge is the only Town Lattice Truss Covered Bridge in KY. Original building date unknown but design patented in 1820. Bridge placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Bridge restored in 2006.
Covered bridge over Sand Lick Creek on KY 3110
Open to traffic

Goethals Bridge (Richmond County, New York)
Opened to traffic June 29, 1928. Closed to traffic June 9, 2017 as replacement opened.
Cantilevered through truss bridge over Arthur Kill on I-278 in New York City
Closed, in process of demolition June 2017

Goff Bridge (Idaho County, Idaho)
Built 1999
Steel through arch bridge over Salmon River on US 95
Open to traffic

Going to The Sun Road-Divide Creek Bridge (Glacier County, Montana)
Built 1934
Slab bridge over Divide Creek on Going-To-The-Sun R
Open to traffic

Going-To-The-Sun Road - East Side Tunnel (Glacier County, Montana)
Built 1934
Tunnel on Going-To-The-Sun Road
Open to traffic

Going-To-The-Sun Road - Triple Arch Bridge (Flathead County, Montana)
Built 1934
Concrete arch bridge over Dry Ravine on Going-To-The-Sun Road
Open to traffic

Gold Creek Bridge (Juneau Borough, Alaska)
Built 1938; rehabilitated 1976
Girder bridge over Gold Creek on Basin Road
Open to traffic

Gold Hill Bridge (Jackson County, Oregon)
Built 1927; rehabilitated 1947
Concrete arch bridge over Rogue River on OR 99 at Gold Hill
Open to traffic

Gold Hill Road Bridge (Placer County, California)
Built 1930
Concrete arch bridge over Auburn Ravine on Gold Hill Road
Open to traffic

Gold Star Memorial Bridge (New London County, Connecticut)
Built 1943; twin span built 1973
Pair of deck truss bridges over Thames River on I-95/US 1 in New London
Open to traffic

Golden Avenue Bridge (Orange County, California)
Built 1934
Concrete arch bridge over Carbon Canyon Channel on Golden Avenue in Placentia
Open to traffic

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1937
Suspension bridge over San Francisco Bay on US 101 at San Francisco
Open to traffic

Golden Meadow Lift Bridge (Lafourche Parish, Louisiana)
Built ca. 1970
Vertical lift bridge over Bayou Lafourche on LA 308 in Golden Meadow
Open to traffic

Goldsborough Creek Bridge (Mason County, Washington)
Built 1923
Rainbow arch bridge over Goldsborough Creek on WA 3 in Shelton
Open to traffic

Golf Course Road Bridge (Oneida County, New York)
Built ca.1885 and possibly relocated in 1910; rehabilitated 1959
Through truss bridge over Mohawk River on Golf Course Road in Rome
Open to traffic

Golf Course Road Bridge (Yakima County, Washington)
Built 1918
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Dry Wash on Golf Course Road
Open to traffic

Golf Hill Drive Bridge (Clay County, Missouri)
Built 1914
Concrete arch bridge over a branch of Fishing River on N. Golf Hill Drive in Excelsior Springs
Open to traffic

Goodbye Creek Bridge (Klamath County, Oregon)
Built 1955
Timber stringer bridge over Goodbye Creek on Munson Road in Crater Lake National Park
Open to traffic