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Functionally obsolete

From: 2015 "Status of the Nation’s Highways, Bridges, and Transit: Conditions and Performance" report to Congress

Functional obsolescence in general is a function of the geometrics (e.g., broad roadway width, load carrying capacity, clearances, approach roadway alignment) of the bridge in relation to the geometrics required by current design standards. The magnitude of such deficiencies determines whether a bridge is classified as “functionally obsolete.”

Gum Bayou Bridge (White County, Arkansas)
Built 1930
Concrete tee beam bridge over Gum Bayou on SH 367 (Old US 67)
Open to traffic

Gun Hill Road Bridge (Bronx County, New York)
Built 1918
Concrete arch bridge over Bronx River on Gun Hill Road in New York
Open to traffic

Hacienda Bridge (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1914; rehabilitated 1947
Pratt Through truss bridge over Russian River on River Road
Open to traffic

Hacke Road Bridge (Macoupin County, Illinois)
Concrete pony/through girder bridge over Macoupin Creek on Hacke Road (TR 279)
Open to traffic

Hackensack River Bridge (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Built 1934; rehabilitated 1973
Bascule bridge over Hackensack River on US 46 in Little Ferry
Open to traffic

Hackett Creek Bridge (Sebastian County, Arkansas)
Built 1941
Stringer bridge with stone piers over Hackett Creek on AR 45 in Hackett
Open to two-lane traffic

Hackleman Bridge (Cedar County, Missouri)
Built 1949
Pony truss bridge over Cedar Creek on MO 39
Open to traffic

Hady Creek Bridge (Waller County, Texas)
Built 1938
Steel stringer bridge over Hady Creek on Ih 10 Wb Fr
Open to traffic

Haight Creek Bridge (Des Moines County, Iowa)
Built 1909
Concrete arch bridge over Haight Creek on CR H40 (Pegtown Road)
Open to traffic

Hal Adams Bridge (Lafayette County, Florida)
Built 1947
Suspension bridge over Suwannee River on FL 51
Open to traffic

Halifax Road Bridge (Pittsylvania County, Virginia)
Built 1932
Pratt Pony truss bridge over Banister River on Halifax Road
Open to traffic

Halifax Road Overpass (Petersburg, Virginia)
Built 1936
Brick-faced concrete rigid frame over Defense Road on Halifax Road and CSX Railroad in Petersburg
Open to traffic

Hall Covered Bridge 45-13-07 #2 (Windham County, Vermont)
Built 1982 replicating the original 1867 bridge
Lattice through truss bridge over Saxton's River on Hall Brige Rd
Open to one lane traffic with a weight limit

Hall Road Bridge Bridge (Knox County, Tennessee)
Built 1918
Concrete arch bridge over Stock Creek on NFA D982
Open to traffic

Hall's Mill Covered Bridge 38-05-15 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1884; rehabilitated 1994
Burr arch-truss bridge over Yellow Creek on St. Paul's Church Road (TR 539)
Open to traffic

Halls Ferry Arch Bridge (Warren County, Mississippi)
Built 1936-37
Brick arch bridge on Confederate Avenue over Halls Ferry Road in Vicksburg
Open to traffic

Halpin Covered Bridge 45-01-03 (Addison County, Vermont)
Built 1824; Rehabilitated 1994
Covered Town lattice through truss bridge over Muddy Branch of the New Haven River
Open to traffic

Hamden Covered Bridge 32-13-03 #2 (Delaware County, New York)
Built 1859 by Robert Murray, rehabilitated in 2001
Covered bridge over West Branch Delaware River on Basin Clove Road
Open to traffic

Hamilton Road Bridge (Allen County, Indiana)
Built 1883 by the Smith Bridge Company; rehabilitated 1999
Pratt through truss bridge over Eight Mile Creek on Hamilton Road
Open to traffic

Hamma Hamma River Bridge North (Mason County, Washington)
Built 1924
Rainbow arch bridge over Hamma Hamma River on US 101
Open to traffic

Hamma Hamma River Bridge South (Mason County, Washington)
Built 1924
Rainbow arch bridge over Hamma Hamma River on US 101
Open to traffic

Hammock River Bridge (Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Built 1994
Slab bridge over Hammock River on Waterside Lane
Open to traffic

Hammond Street Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1990 replacing an 1893 pony truss
Pony truss bridge over Green Line on Hammond Street in Newton
Open to traffic

Hampshire Creek Bridge (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 1946
Slab bridge over Hampshire Creek on Allen Road
Open to traffic

Hancock Bridge (Washington County, Maryland)
Built 1937
Deck truss bridge over Potomac River on US 522 in Bartonsville
Open to traffic

Hanging Fork Creek Bridge (Lincoln County, Kentucky)
Built 1940
Concrete stringer bridge over Hanging Fork Creek on KY-78
Open to traffic

Hanover Street Bascule Bridge (Baltimore, Maryland)
Built 1916; rehabilitated 1971 and 1992
Bascule bridge over Middle Branch of Patapsco River on Hanover Street in Baltimore
Open to traffic

Happy Isles Bridge (Mariposa County, California)
Built 1929
Concrete arch bridge over Merced River on Happy Isles Loop. Located near Happy Isles Nature Center and trail to Vernal and Nevada Falls.
Open to traffic

Harbor River Bridge (Beaufort County, South Carolina)
Built 1939
Swing bridge over Harbor River on US 21
Open to traffic

Hard Labor Creek Bridge (Morgan County, Georgia)
Built 1951
Arch bridge over Hard Labor Creek on Fairplay Road
Open to traffic

Harding Street Bridge (Mercer County, West Virginia)
Built 1907; rehabilitated 1994, removed 2013
Pratt through truss bridge over NS Railroad on Harding Street in Bluefield
Removed but not replaced

Harland Creek Bridge (Chatham County, North Carolina)
Built 1921
Concrete pony/through girder bridge over Harland Creek on Harland Creek Drive (Old US 64)
Open to traffic on a private drive

Harlequin Bridge (Chelan County, Washington)
Built 1948, Removed 2000 Replaced 2001
Lost Baltimore through truss bridge over Stehekin River on Company Creek Road
Replaced by new bridge

Harmon Tunnel (Madison County, Iowa)
Originally bored to carry a flume 1858, Widened for road use 1925; Rehabilitated 1982
Tunnel under backbone ridge on Pammel Park Rd
Open to traffic

Harp Creek Bridge (Newton County, Arkansas)
Built 1928 by the Luten Bridge Co.
Concrete arch over Harp Creek on AR 7 south of Harrison
Open to two-way traffic

Harpersfield Covered Bridge 35-04-19 (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Built 1868; northern approach added 1913 by the Riverside Bridge Co.; rehabiliated 1991-92
Two-span covered bridge with steel through truss approach over Grand River on Harpersfield Road
Open to traffic

Harris Bridge (Lyon County, Kansas)
Built 1916
Two-span concrete arch bridge over Neosho River, 3.0 mi. north and 4.0 mi. west of Americus
Open to traffic

Harris Bridge (Newton County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1910
Through truss bridge over Iroquois River on CR 650 East/1180 West
Open to traffic

Harris Creek Bridge (Perry County, Arkansas)
Built 1939
Steel stringer bridge over Harris Creek on SH 9
Open to traffic

Harris Creek Bridge (Yell County, Arkansas)
Built 1985
Steel stringer bridge over Harris Creek on CR 47-D
Open to traffic

Harris Ford Bridge (Warren County, Indiana)
Built 1887, rehabilitated in 1970, relocated in 1999
Through truss bridge originally over Big Pine Creek on CR 125 E
Replaced by new bridge and relocated to Monroe County

Harris Road Bridge (Benton County, Oregon)
Built 1914, Relocated to site 1938, Crushed by tree 2012, Replaced 2013
Polygonal Warren pony truss bridge over Mary's River on Harris Road
Crushed by tree in 2012 and replaced by reused truss bridge 2013.

Harrisburg Bridge (Linn County, Oregon)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1976
Parker through truss bridge over Willamette River on OR 99E in Harrisburg
Open to traffic

Harrisburg Covered Bridge 42-78-01 (Sevier County, Tennessee)
Built 1875
Queenpost pony truss bridge over East Fork Little Pigeon River in Harrisburg
Open to traffic

Harrison Street (Lincoln Highway) Bridge (Allen County, Indiana)
Built 1915; rehabilitated 1987
Stringer bridge over St. Marys River on Harrison Street
Open to traffic

Harry Forden Bridge (New Hanover County, North Carolina)
Built 1911; rehabilitated 1978
Through truss bridge over Abandoned Seaboard Coast Railroad on 6th Street in Wilmington
Open to traffic

Harry W. Kelly Memorial Bridge (Worcester County, Maryland)
Built 1942
Bascule bridge over Sinepuxent Bay on US 50 in Ocean City
Replaced by a new bridge

Harshaville Covered Bridge 35-01-02 (Adams County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1860; rehabilitated 1960
Covered bridge over Cherry Fork on CR C-01-E (Wheat Ridge Road)
Open to traffic. loose floor boards cause tremendous noise

Hartford Avenue Bridge (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Built 1870
Stone arch bridge over Blackstone river/Canal on Hartford Avenue (Boston Post Road)
Open to traffic

Hartford Road Bridge (Sebastian County, Arkansas)
Built 1943 by the Works Progress Administration
Concrete slab bridge with stone abutments over a branch of West Creek on Hartford Road (CR 5) in Hartford
Open to two-lane traffic

Hartley Road Bridge (Columbiana County, Ohio)
Built 1959 by the Ohio Bridge Corp.; rehabilitated 1959
Pony truss bridge over Mahoning River on Hartley Road (TR 800)
Open to traffic

Hartsdale Overpass (Lake County, Indiana)
Built 1935, rehabilitated in 1977, replaced in 2001
Lost through truss bridge over Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railroad on US 41
Replaced by new bridge

Harvard Ave Bridge (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Built 1956
Lost Bridge over Harvard Ave on I-44
Replaced by a new bridge

Harvard Bridge (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Built 1891; reconstructed 1990
Deck plate girder bridge over Charles River on MA 2A (Massachusetts Avenue)
Open to traffic

Harvey Branch Road Bridge (Franklin County, Indiana)
Concrete arch bridge over Brown Branch Salt Creek on Harvey Branch Road
Open to traffic

Harvey Branch Road Bridge (Franklin County, Indiana)
Built 1885
Stone arch bridge over Harvey Branch Salt Creek on Harvey Branch Road
Open to traffic

Hassenplug Covered Bridge 38-60-03 (Union County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1825
Covered Burr arch bridge over Buffalo Creek on N. Fourth Street
Open to traffic

Hatch Road Bridge (Spokane County, Washington)
Built 1919; rehabilitated 1964
Concrete arch bridge over Latah Creek on Hatch Road in Spokane
Open to traffic

Hatch to Rincon Rio Grande Bridge (Dona Ana County, New Mexico)
Built 1941
Concrete tee beam bridge over Rio Grande on Nm-154
Open to traffic

Haupt Creek Bridge (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1880, relocated 1909 to Monte Rio, relocated 1937 to this location
Pinned Pratt through truss bridge over Haupt Creek on Stewart Point Skagg Springs Road
Open to traffic

Hauser Bridge (Sonoma County, California)
Built 1947; rehabilitated 1954, replaced 2017
Pre-fab modular steel panel deck truss bridge over South Fork Gualala River on Hauser Br Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Haviland Mill Road Bridge (Montgomery County, Maryland)
Built 1900
Concrete arch bridge over Hawlings River on Haviland Mill Road in Brookeville
Open to traffic

Haw Creek Bridge (Bartholomew County, Indiana)
Built 1915
Concrete arch bridge over Haw Creek on CR 900 North
Open to traffic

Hawkeye Avenue Bridge (Floyd County, Iowa)
Built 1903; Rehabilitated 1952
Closed through truss bridge over Shell Rock River on Hawkeye Avenue in Nora Springs
Closed to traffic

Hawkeye-Dolbee Channel Bridge (Des Moines County, Iowa)
Built 1953
Through truss bridge over Hawkeye Dolbee Channel on 40th Avenue
Open to traffic

Hawks Gully Trib Bridge (Richmond County, Georgia)
Built 1940
Arch bridge over Hawks Gully Trib on Greene Street
Open to traffic

Hay Creek Bridge (Jefferson County, Oregon)
Built 1923
Concrete stringer bridge over Hay Creek on Old Hwy 97
Open to traffic

Hay's Ranch Bridge (Rio Blanco County, Colorado)
Built 1901; rehabilitated 2001
Pony truss bridge over White River on CR 127
Open to traffic

Hayden Covered Bridge 37-02-05 #2 (Benton County, Oregon)
Built 1945
Covered Howe through truss bridge over Alsea River on Hayden Road
Open to traffic

Hayden Creek (St. Francois County, Missouri)
Built 1950
Steel stringer bridge over Hayden Creek on Old Rte 8
Open to traffic

Hayes Drive Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1902
Closed-spandrel Melan concrete arch bridge over Jackson Park Lagoon on Hayes Drive in Chicago
Open to traffic, zoned for load

Hays Bridge (Hancock County, Indiana)
Built 1887 by the Columbia Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1983 and 2006
Pratt through truss bridge over Sugar Creek on CR 675 East
Open to traffic

Hazlett Street Bridge (Custer County, Nebraska)
Built ca. 1935
Pony truss bridge over Mud Creek on Hazlett Street in Berwyn
Open to traffic

Heckard Road Bridge (Pacific County, Washington)
Built 1916
Concrete arch bridge over Slough on Heckard Road
Open to traffic

Hecla Road Bridge (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1988
Steel rigid frame bridge over I-76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) on Hecla Road (SR 2007)
Open to traffic

Heisey Road Bridge (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1904; rehabilitated 1963
Girder bridge over West Branch Conococheague Creek on Heisey Road
Open to traffic

Helena Bridge (Phillips County, Arkansas)
Built 1961; rehabilitated 1991
Cantilevered Warren through truss bridge over the Mississippi River on US 49 at Helena
Open to traffic

Helmick Covered Bridge 35-16-02 (Coshocton County, Ohio)
Built 1863 by John Shrake; rehabilitated 1996
Two-span covered bridge over Killbuck Creek on TR 25
Open to one-lane traffic

Hemlock Covered Bridge 19-09-02 (Oxford County, Maine)
Built 1857; rehabilitated 1988
Covered bridge over Old Course Saco River on Hemlock Bridge Road in Fryeburg
Open to traffic

Henderson Avenue Chartiers Creek Bridge (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1938; rehabilitated 1981
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Chartiers Creek on PA 18
Open to traffic

Henderson Bridge (Lorain County, Ohio)
Built 1939; rehabilitated 1989
Through truss bridge over Black River Ship Channel on OH 611 in Lorain
Open to traffic

Henderson Street Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1913
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Alewife Brook on Henderson Street
Open to traffic

Hendrickson Road Bridge (Lewis County, Washington)
Built 1927; rehabilitated 1979
Pony truss bridge over Stillwater Creek on Hendrickson Road
Open to traffic

Hennepin Canal Lock 21 lift Bridge (Bureau County, Illinois)
Built 1904; rehabilitated 1976
Vertical lift bridge over Hennepin Canal on Park Access Road
Open to traffic

Henry Bridge (Marshall County, Illinois)
Built 1934; rehabilitated 1988
Six-span through truss bridge over the Illinois River on IL 18 at Henry
Open to two-lane traffic

Henry Covered Bridge 38-63-16 (Washington County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1881
Queenpost through truss covered bridge over Mingo Creek on Mansion Hill Road in Mingo Creek Park
Open to traffic

Henry Covered Bridge 45-02-02 #2 (Bennington County, Vermont)
Built 1840; rebuilt 1990
Covered Town Lattice bridge over Walloomsac River on C3008 in Bennington
Open to traffic

Henry River Road Bridge (Burke County, North Carolina)
Built 1959
Steel stringer bridge over Henry River on NC-1002 (Henry River Road)
Open to traffic

Herns Mill Covered Bridge 48-13-01 (Greenbrier County, West Virginia)
Built 1884; rehabilitated 2000
Queenpost through truss bridge over Milligan Creek on CR 40
Open to traffic

Herring Viaduct (Webster County, Iowa)
Built 1935; rehabilitated 1977
Cantilevered deck truss bridge over Des Moines River and B Avenue on Kenyon Road in Ft. Dodge
Open to traffic

Herrods Creek Bridge (Franklin County, Arkansas)
Built 1937, Bypassed by new bridge 1997 but left intact
Concrete deck girder bridge over Herrods Creek on Arkansas 215
Open to traffic

Hess's Mill Bridge (Washington County, Maryland)
Built 1832; rehabilitated 1979
Stone arch bridge over Little Antietam Creek on Coffman Farms Road in Sharpsburg
Open to traffic

Hewitt Covered Bridge 38-05-26 (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1879; rehabilitated 2000
Covered Burr arch bridge over Town Creek on T305,Covered Bridge Road
Open to traffic

Hibbs Ford Bridge (Putnam County, Indiana)
Built 1906, restored 2006
Through truss bridge over Deer Creek on Devil Backbone Road
Open to traffic

Hickman Creek Bridge (Smith County, Tennessee)
Built 1925 by Bell & Bell
Two-span arch bridge over Hickman Creek on Potter Rd (NFA A174)
Open to traffic

Hickory Creek Bridge (Butler County, Kansas)
Built 1905
Stone arch bridge over Hickory Creek, 2.5 mi. east and 4.5 mi. south of Leon
Open to traffic

Hickory Creek Bridge (Warren County, Tennessee)
Built 1935; rehabilitated 1960
Arch bridge over Hickory Creek on Mt. Zion Rd (NFA 2171, SA 8901)
Open to traffic

Hickory Hill Road Bridge (Massac County, Illinois)
Wooden bridge over the Canadian National Railway (formerly Illinois Central) on Hickory Hill Road
Open to traffic

Hickory Run Road Bridge (Franklin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1963; rehabilitated 1990
Beam bridge over Conodoguinet Creek on Hickory Run Road
Open to traffic

Higgenbotham Ditch Bridge (Gibson County, Indiana)
Built 1917; replaced 1994
Lost pony truss bridge over Higgenbotham Ditch on Harmon Road
Replaced by new bridge