Destroyed by tornado

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Burr Oak Bridge (Clay County, Iowa)
Built 1905 by the Clinton Bridge & Iron Works; relocated here in 1926; rehabilitated in 1943 and 1984; destroyed by tornado in June 2004; replaced in 2005
Lost through truss bridge over Little Sioux River on 495th Street east of US 71
Destroyed by tornado in 2004; Replaced by an UCEB in 2005

Elrod Bridge (Fulton County, Illinois)
Built 1890; Lost to a F4 tornado in 1995. One of the nine bridges submitted to NRHP in "Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County Thematic Resources", 1980-10-29
Lost Through truss bridge over Spoon River on TR 248
Destroyed by storm 1995

KCS - Hurricane Creek Bridge (Tuscaloosa County, Alabama)
Built ca.1913; heavily damaged by an F4 tornado on April 27, 2011; reconstructed 2011 with 3 original piers remaining
Steel stringer bridge over Hurricane Creek on L&N Railroad
Multiple spans destroyed by severe weather, those spans rebuilt

Kilbourn Bridge (1877) (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Built 1877, Replaced 1903
Lost Whipple deck truss bridge over Wisconsin River on Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
Destroyed by Tornado

KKRR - Kinzua Bridge (1900) (McKean County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1900; closed 1959; reopened for tourist trains 1987-2002; mostly destroyed by a tornado on July 21, 2003; remaining spans rehabilitated and reopened to pedestrians in 2011
Deck girder bridge over Kinzua Creek on former Knox and Kane Railroad at Kinzua Bridge State Park
Remaining spans open to pedestrians

Newburg Mill Bridge (Mitchell County, Iowa)
Destryed by tornado in 1894
Lost Bowstring through truss bridge over Cedar River on Mill Road
Destroyed by severe weather

Newcastle Bridge (McClain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1923, Lost to tornado 2013
Lost through truss bridge over S. Canadian River on old US 62/277
Two spans collapsed in May 20, 2013 tornado. Seven surviving spans were then demolished, and the remaining single span donated to Newcastle.

Pilot Rock Bridge (Cherokee County, Iowa)
Destroyed by Tornado 1893
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Little Sioux River on Road
Destroyed by severe weather

Port Royal Covered Bridge 42-63-01 #2 (Montgomery County, Tennessee)
Bridge built 1903 replacing an older bridge. Bridge continued to be in use until 1955 when an adjacent bridge was built. Bridge collapsed in 1972 and rebuilt in 1977. The bridge was partially destroyed by flooding in 1998.
Lost burr arch-truss bridge over Red River on old alignment of Port Royal Road (TN 238) in Port Royal State Park

Ravenna Yard Footbridge (Estill County, Kentucky)
Built here after 1907
Lost Whipple through truss bridge over L&N Railroad on Footpath
Destroyed by Tornado

Red Bridge 25-36-01x (Franklin County, Missouri)
Built 1852; destroyed by a tornado in 1920
Lost covered bridge over Bourbeuse River somewhere near Union
Destroyed by severe weather

RI - Colona Covered Bridge (Henry County, Illinois)
Built 1853; Destroyed by a tornado 1859
Lost Through truss bridge over Rock River on Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

UP - Omaha Railroad Bridge (1872) (Douglas County, Nebraska)
Built 1872 under the direction of Grenville Dodge; damaged by tornado Aug. 25, 1877; replaced span by span during 1886-87
Lost Post through truss bridge over Missouri River on Union Pacific Railroad
Replaced by new bridge

Utica Swing Bridge (LaSalle County, Illinois)
Three spans destroyed by tornado on June 27, 1906. Bridge rebuilt and swing span added.
Lost Through truss bridge over Illinois River on Illinois Rt 178
Replaced by a new bridge