Destroyed by storm

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Allenville Covered Bridge 25-16-02x (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Built soon after the Civil War to replace an earlier structure. Destroyed by a severe thunderstorm during the morning of Nov. 2, 1945.
Lost covered bridge over Old Channel Whitewater River near Allenville
Destroyed by a severe thunderstorm

Bedell Covered Bridge (Orange County, Vermont)
Built 1866; Tolls Eliminated 1916; Rehabilitated 1929; Closed 1958; Rehabilitated 1976; Destroyed 1979
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Conneticut River on Toll House Road
Destroyed in windstorm

Bridge Covered Bridge (Coos County, Oregon)
Built 1936, Damaged by snow and removed 1969
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Middle Fork Coquille River on Road
Destroyed by storm

Burr Oak Bridge (Clay County, Iowa)
Built 1905 by the Clinton Bridge & Iron Works; relocated here in 1926; rehabilitated in 1943 and 1984; destroyed by tornado in June 2004; replaced in 2005
Lost through truss bridge over Little Sioux River on 495th Street east of US 71
Destroyed by tornado in 2004; Replaced by an UCEB in 2005

Castle Hill Road Bridge (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Built 1920; rehabilitated 1973; closed indefinitely after damage from flooding in 2006; collapsed under weight of a blizzard in 2017
Wooden bridge over Beaver Brook on Castle Hill Road in Pelham
Destroyed by severe weather

Cedar Hill Covered Bridge (Jefferson County, Missouri)
Destroyed 1908
Lost covered bridge over Big River at Cedar Hill
Destroyed by severe weather

Dauphin Island Bridge (Mobile County, Alabama)
Built 1955; Destroyed 1979 by Hurricane Frederic
Lost Warren through truss vertical lift over the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (Pass aux Herons) on AL 193
Destroyed by Hurricane Frederic

Don Patricio Causeway (Nueces County, Texas)
Built 1927; Destroyed 1933
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Laguna Madre on Road
Destroyed by Hurricane

Elrod Bridge (Fulton County, Illinois)
Built 1890; Lost to a F4 tornado in 1995. One of the nine bridges submitted to NRHP in "Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County Thematic Resources", 1980-10-29
Lost Through truss bridge over Spoon River on TR 248
Destroyed by storm 1995

FEC - Miami River Bridge (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Destroyed by hurricane
Through truss bridge over Miami River on Florida East Coast
No longer exists

Foothills Trail - Switchback Bridge (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 1998
Wooden truss bridge over Switchback Washout on Foothills Trail
Destroyed by severe weather

Galveston Bay Wagon Bridge (Galveston County, Texas)
Built 1893; Destroyed by the 1900 Hurricane
Pratt through truss swing bridge over Galveston Bay on Road
Destroyed by severe weather

HCR - Kolekole Stream Viaduct (Hawaii County, Hawaii)
Center span washed out by the 1946 Tsunami
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Kolekole Stream on Hawaii Consolidated Railway
Destroyed by Tsunami

Indian River Inlet Bridge (1934) (Sussex County, Delaware)
Built 1934, replaced 1938
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Indian River Inlet on Coastal Highway
Destroyed by severe weather

Jessup Covered Bridge 14-61-06x (Parke County, Indiana)
Built 1910, moved in 1970, destroyed in 1989 when a large tree fell on it, breaking the arches. It collapsed into the creek, floated under the Sanatorium Covered Bridge, and finally stopped near the U.S. 36 Bridge
Lost Covered bridge over Little Raccoon Creek
Destroyed by storm

Johnson's Mill Covered Bridge 38-36-35x (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1854; Reconstructed 1867; Destroyed by Hurricane Agnes June 22, 1972
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over Chiques Creek on Marietta Avenue
Destroyed by hurricane

KCS - Hurricane Creek Bridge (Tuscaloosa County, Alabama)
Built ca.1913; heavily damaged by an F4 tornado on April 27, 2011; reconstructed 2011 with 3 original piers remaining
Steel stringer bridge over Hurricane Creek on L&N Railroad
Multiple spans destroyed by severe weather, those spans rebuilt

Kilbourn Bridge (Old) (Columbia County, Wisconsin)
Built 1877, Replaced 1903
Lost Whipple deck truss bridge over Wisconsin River on Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
Destroyed by Tornado

Knight's Bridge 37-03-02x (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Built 1877
Lost Through truss bridge over Molalla River on Knights Bridge Rd.
Destroyed by wind in 1947

Lavaca Bay Causeway (1931-1961) (Calhoun County, Texas)
Initially built in 1931, the bridge was damaged in 1942 and 1945 by hurricanes, repaired, but effectively destroyed by Hurricane Carla in 1961.
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Lavaca Bay on State Highway 35
Destroyed by storm

Mill Creek Bridge (Faulkner County, Arkansas)
Built 2003; Destroyed by flooding 2017
Lost Bridge over Mill Creek on Blair Rd
Destroyed by severe weather

Monkey Island Ferry (Cameron Parish, Louisiana)
Destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005
Lost Ferry carrying La Hwy 1141 across Calcasieu Pass
No longer exists

Newburg Mill Bridge (Mitchell County, Iowa)
Destryed by tornado in 1894
Lost Bowstring through truss bridge over Cedar River on Mill Road
Destroyed by severe weather

Newcastle Bridge (McClain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1923, Lost to tornado 2013
Lost through truss bridge over S. Canadian River on old US 62/277
Two spans collapsed in May 20, 2013 tornado. Seven surviving spans were then demolished, and the remaining single span donated to Newcastle.

Ogeese Creek Bridge (Neosho County, Kansas)
Built 1905 by A.M. Blodgett, Kansas City, MO.
Lost pony truss bridge over a branch of Neosho River, 0.5 mi. west and 3.9 mi. south of Erie
Destroyed by severe storm.

Pilot Rock Bridge (Cherokee County, Iowa)
Destroyed by Tornado 1893
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Little Sioux River on Road
Destroyed by severe weather

Pioneer Cabin Tree Tunnel (Calaveras County, California)
Germinated appx 1,000 years ago; Hollowed out in the 1880s; Toppled January 8, 2017
Lost Tunnel under Branches on North Grove Trail
Destroyed by severe weather

PRR Lewistown Covered Bridge (Mifflin County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1871 by Pennsylvania RR to replace original 1849 covered bridge upon which tracks had been laid; Destroyed by tornado July 4, 1874, with loss of three lives.
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Juniata River on Pennsylvania Railroad
Destroyed by severe weather

Queen Street Bridge (Lebanon County, Pennsylvania)
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Quittapahilla River on Queen Street
Destroyed by severe weather and flooding of Hurricane Agnes in 1972

Red Bridge 25-36-01x (Franklin County, Missouri)
Built 1852; destroyed by a tornado in 1920
Lost covered bridge over Bourbeuse River somewhere near Union
Destroyed by severe weather

Reelsville Covered Bridge 14-67-29x (Putnam County, Indiana)
Unknown except for it's demise in 1929
Lost Through truss bridge over Big Walnut Creek on CR 625W
Heavily damaged in a 1929 storm.

RI - Colona Covered Bridge (Henry County, Illinois)
Built 1853; Destroyed by a tornado 1859
Lost Through truss bridge over Rock River on Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Shoal Creek Bridge (Clinton County, Illinois)
Destroyed by high winds in April 1989. Replaced 1990.
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Shoal Creek on High Line Road
Replaced by new bridge

SP - Calcasieu River Bridge (Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana)
Lost Through truss bridge over the Calcasieu River on Southern Pacific Railroad
Destroyed by severe weather

Springdale Covered Bridge 16-52-01x (Leavenworth County, Kansas)
Built ca. 1859; rehabilitated 1946; struck by lightning and burned 1958
Lost covered bridge over Stranger Creek near Springdale
No longer exists

Wawona Tree (Mariposa County, California)
Germinated approximately 2,300 years before it fell, Tunneled through in 1881; Fell in 1969 due to a heavy load of snow on its crown
Destroyed by severe weather

Wesson Gap Road Bridge (Etowah County, Alabama)
Built 1918; Collapsed 2013
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Big Wills Creek on Wesson Gap Road in Gadsden
Collapsed during storms