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Looking For A Pedestrian or Light Vehicular Bridge?

Whether you are a park, trail organization, college, city, or private landowner, you want your property to be something unique and special. Why settle for a boring, dull pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge when you can get a beautiful historic bridge to do the same thing? Often, a when slated for replacement, historic bridges will be made available for acquisition by a third party. These bridges normally can be acquired free of charge, so use the money you were going to put toward buying that ugly pre-fabricated bridge and instead use it to relocate/restore the historic bridge.

See a bridge you think you might want to acquire? Contact the owner agency, which is listed in the Categories section at the bottom of the bridge's page on BridgeHunter for more information. Not sure how to restore a bridge? Post a question on and someone will get in touch with you. Note: these bridges will likely be demolished if nobody acquires them.

In addition to the list that maintains below, the Historic Bridge Foundation actively maintains a list of all known websites marketing bridges. Click the link below to view their page of available bridges.

Houchins Ditch Bridge (Gibson County, Indiana)
Built 1915; replaced by a new bridge in 2010 and dismantled
Warren through truss bridge over Houchins Ditch on CR 350 East
Replaced by new bridge and stored by the county for possible reuse

INRD - Allisonville Road Overpass (Hamilton County, Indiana)
Still has a "N&W" sign denoting it's past ownership by the Norfolk and Western Railroad
Plate girder bridge over Allisonville Road on Hoosier Heritage Port Authority property/Indiana Transportation Museum operator(nee Norfolk Southern, N&W, NKP, Peru and Indianapolis Railroad) in Noblesville
Open to traffic

ITM - IN-19 Overpass (Hamilton County, Indiana)
Built 1936. On the second oldest rail line in Indiana, the bridge now has a walkway attached to the East(North)side of structure for trail from downtown Noblesville to Forrest Park. ITM runs excursions often over this bridge.
Pony/through plate girder bridge over State Road 19 on Hoosier Heritage Port Authority property/Indiana Transportation Museum operator(nee Norfolk Southern, N&W, NKP, Peru and Indianapolis Railroad) in Noblesville
Open to traffic

J.D.Coffing Bridge (Fountain County, Indiana)
Built in 1886 as part of a 7-span bridge across the Wabash near Attica, moved to this location in 1924.
Two-span through truss bridge over Coal Creek on CR 800 South
Open to traffic

Jaite Paper Mill Bridge (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Said to have been built 1909 and last used by RR traffic 1984
Abandoned through truss bridge over Cuyahoga River on an abandoned railroad spur in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Jim Folsom Bridge (Choctaw County, Alabama)
Built 1958
Steel through arch bridge over Tombigbee River on US 84 in Coffeeville
Open to traffic

Kankakee River Range Line Road Bridge (Lake County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1920
Through truss bridge over Kankakee River on Range Line Road
In storage or disassembled

Kenneth Road Bailey Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Replaced a through truss in 1996, closed after truck damage 2008
Bailey pony truss bridge over Blue River on Kenneth Road
Intact but closed to all traffic

Kentucky River KY 80 Bridge (Perry County, Kentucky)
Built 1929
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Kentucky River on KY 80 in Combs
Replaced by a new bridge

Lamine River Old US 40 Bridge (Cooper County, Missouri)
Built 1924
Through truss bridge over Lamine River on Route M (Old US 40) just north of I-70
Open to traffic

Larrick Park Bridge (Norton County, Kansas)
Built 1906, relocated to the park in 2010.
Bedstead Pratt pony truss bridge stored in park
In storage

Lick Log Creek Bridge (Bollinger County, Missouri)
Built 1900 at Zalma, relocated ca. 1930 after the new Zalma Bridge was constructed; bypassed by new truss bridge in 1995
Derelict through truss over Lick Log Creek just south of Gipsy Bridge on CR 736
Abandoned with portions of deck missing, replaced by new truss bridge

Little Black River MO 142 Bridge (Ripley County, Missouri)
Originally built 1922 on MO 25 over Castor River; trusses relocated here in 1949
Three-span pony truss bridge over Little Black River on MO 142, northwest of Naylor
Open to two-lane traffic on a paved road

Little Creek Route JJ Bridge (Ozark County, Missouri)
Originally built 1923 in Texas County, relocated in 1957 to Ozark County.
Pony truss bridge over Little Creek on Route JJ
Open to traffic

Little Frog Bayou US 64B Bridge (Crawford County, Arkansas)
Built 1929
Pony truss bridge over Little Frog Bayou on US 64B in Alma
Open to traffic

Little Niangua Swinging Bridge (Camden County, Missouri)
Built 1932
Self-anchored suspension bridge over Little Niangua River on Route J between MO 7 and US 54
Open to two-lane traffic

Little White River CR 1150W Bridge (Randolph County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1910
Pony truss bridge over Little White River on County Road 1150 West
Bridge has had floor replaced and is now open to traffic

Little White River CR 200S Bridge (Randolph County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1910
Pony truss bridge formerly over Little White River on County Road 200 South
Relocated to Cool Creek Trail in Carmel (Hamilton County) where it is now in use.

Locust St Bridge (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Built 1936
Steel stringer bridge over MoPac Rr on N Locust St in North Little Rock
Open to northbound traffic

Long Shoals location in Fort Scott (Bourbon County, Kansas)
hopefully rehabilitated in the 20-teens
Abandoned parker through truss bridge over Marmaton River on Pedestrians

Lowline Park (Proposed) (New York County, New York)
Built 1908; Abandoned since 1948
Abandoned tunnel on Formerly Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation

LV - Lehigh River Bridge (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1896-9
Abandoned Pratt deck truss bridge over Lehigh Rive on Lehigh Valley Railway

LVRC - Missisquoi River Bridge (Sheldon Junction) (Franklin County, Vermont)
Abandoned 1997
Abandoned warren through truss with all verticals bridge over Missisquoi River on Abandoned Lamoille Valley Railroad (Former StJ&LC Railroad)

Madison Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1935, closed to traffic Oct. 2010
Pony truss bridge over Schuylkill River on Keim Street in Pottstown
Intact but closed to all traffic

Majestic Collieries Bridge (Mingo County, West Virginia)
This served the infamous Majestic Colleries Company, which operated from 1914-1958, and the tipple there once had the distinction of being featured on the cover of Life magazine.
Abandoned truss bridge over Cedar Creek on Old Norfolk & Western Line

Mary Street Bridge (Luzerne County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1894
Bridge on Township Route 439 over Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad)
Intact but closed to all traffic

McCarty Creek CR 657 Bridge (Vernon County, Missouri)
Built ca. 1895 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Works
Pony truss bridge over McCarty Creek on CR 657 (Tyree Road)
Open to traffic

McCoy's Ferry C&O Canal Arch Bridge (Washington County, Maryland)
Stone arch bridge over McCoy's Ferry Road

McCubbins Ford Bridge (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Built 1890; rehabilitated 1929
Through truss bridge over Back Creek on CR 22
Replaced by a new bridge

McDaniel Lake Bridge (Greene County, Missouri)
Built 1929
Concrete bridge over McDaniel Lake on Farm Road 76
Closed to vehicle traffic after failing an inspection Dec. 15, 2010

Mead Avenue Bridge (Crawford County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1871; additional trusses added 1912
Two-span Whipple through truss bridge over French Creek on Mead Avenue in Meadville
In storage or disassembled

Medicine Creek Route PP Bridge (Sullivan County, Missouri)
Built 1955 reusing existing truss (possibly ca. 1908) at crossing
Pony truss bridge over East Fork Medicine Creek on Route PP
Open to traffic

Menefee Ford Bridge (Ralls County, Missouri)
Built 1911 by Stupp Brothers
Pony truss bridge over Lick Creek on Indiana Lane south of Perry
Open to traffic

Merchants Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Completed in May 1890; approaches rebuilt in 2005
Three-span through truss railroad bridge over the Mississippi River between St. Louis and Venice, Illinois on Terminal Railroad Assosiation
Open to two tracks of railroad traffic. Only one train is allowed to cross the bridge at a time, due to its age.

Meridian Street Bridge (Pierce County, Washington)
Built 1925; rehabilitated 1951
Through truss bridge over Puyallup River on WA 167 in Puyallup
In storage

MKT - Marmaton River Bridge (Bourbon County, Kansas)
Built 1910, Abandoned 1997
Parker through truss bridge over Marmaton River on Abandoned Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
Closed to all traffic

Monon - Clear Creek Bridge (Monroe County, Indiana)
Once part of the great Monon Railroad's route from Louisville to Chicago or Michigan City, the line was downgraded under CSX ownership and eventually abandoned. Harrodsburg Station and water tower was immediately next to bridge. All gone today.
Abandoned CSX bridge. Line removed in 1990's.

Monon - Deer Creek High Bridge (Carroll County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1890's, abandoned in 1987
Abandoned deck girder bridge over Deer Creek on Delphi Historic Trail/Monon High Bridge Trail
Open to pedestrians only

Muncie Railroad Bridge (Vermilion County, Illinois)
Built 1922 for the Peoria and Eastern Railroad, abandoned ca. 1990's
Concrete arch bridge over Stony Creek on former Conrail Railroad east of Muncie

Newport Bridge (Jackson County, Arkansas)
Built 1930
Cantilevered through truss bridge on AR 367 (formerly US 67) over White River at Newport
Open to two-lane traffic

Nickel Plate IMC Crazy Creek bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
Timber stringer bridge over Crazy Creek on Nickel Plate Trail soon, formerly Norfolk Southern(nee N&W, Nickel Plate Road, Lake Erie and Western, others) in Denver
Open to pedestrians

Nickel Plate IMC Pipe Creek Bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
Once part of the Peru and Indianapolis Railroad to connect those two cities(2nd oldest in Indiana), Later saw NYC trains use this line as well. Last used by Central Railroad of Indy RR before abandonment in 1999. IMC denotes Indy to Michigan City.
Deck girder bridge over Pipe Creek on Nickel Plate Trail, formerly Norfolk Southern(nee N&W, Nickel Plate Road, Lake Erie and Western, Peru and Indianapolis, others) in Bunker Hill
Open to pedestrians

Nickel Plate Trail Little Weesau Creek Bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
Deck plate girder bridge over Little Weesau Creek on Nickel Plate Trail soon, formerly Norfolk Southern(nee N&W, Nickel Plate Road, Lake Erie and Western, others)
Open to pedstrians on the Nickle Plate Trail

Nine Span Bridge (Lake County, Indiana)
Built 1935, rehabilitated in 1984, to be demolished 2013
Lost through truss bridge over Gibson Rail Yard on Indianapolis Blvd. in Hammond
Demolished and replaced.

Nixon Bridge (Gallatin County, Montana)
Built 1891; Relocated here in 1923; rehabilitated 2000
Through truss bridge over Gallatin River on CR 216
Open to traffic

NKP - Prairie Ditch bridge (Miami County, Indiana)
This wooden bridge carried the former IMC division of NKP Railroad from Peru to Michigan City and was the start of a large grade in Northern Miami County. Arsonist burned the bridge in the 1990's and it was quickly abandoned. Charred pieces remain.
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Prairie Ditch on Nickel Plate Trail(former Lake Erie and Western, Nickel Plate Road, Norfolk & Western, Norfolk Southern Railway, Central Railroad of Indy, Indiana Hi-Rail Railroads) in Peru
Destroyed by fire

NKP - Wildcat Creek Bridge (Howard County, Indiana)
Single track, on small grade. Part of former rail line stretching from Toledo, Ohio to St. Louis, Missouri. Last train over this segment was in or about 1999, has been dormant since with nearby bridge and road crossing removed.
Deck plate girder bridge over Wildcat Creek on Winamac Southern Railway(nee Central Railroad of Indianapolis, Norfolk Southern, N&W, Nickel Plate Road, Toledo St. Louis and Western Cloverleaf route), soon possibly trail in Kokomo
Closed to all traffic. This segment of railroad recently purchased by Winamac Southern Railway, but no trains have been over this bridge in at least a decade.

NS - Schuylkill River Bridge (Oaks) (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Deck plate girder bridge over Schuylkill River on Former Perkiomen Branch Reading Railroad

NS - Wildcat Creek Bridge (Howard County, Indiana)
Unknown builder, replaced covered bridge formerly at this location. This bridge survived the great flood of 1913 due to Lake Erie and Western Railroad loading bridge down with loaded coal cars.
Pratt through truss bridge over Wildcat Creek on former IMC Nickel Plate line
Preserved as a landmark while trail on old rail corridor crosses MOB next to it

Okabena Creek Bridge (Jackson County, Minnesota)
Built 1905; relocated to this spot and rehabilitated 1938; closed to traffic in 1990
Pony truss bridge over Okabena Creek on CR 187
Closed to all traffic

Old Lombard Street Iron Bridge (Baltimore, Maryland)
Built 1877, disassembled and moved for storage ca. 1975
Abandoned pony truss bridge in storage for potential reuse/preservation
In Storage

Old US 66 Gasconade River Bridge (Laclede County, Missouri)
Built 1922-24
Four-spans - 1 Warren Pony truss, 1 Pratt & 2 Parker through truss bridge over Gasconade River on Old US 66 near Hazelgreen.
Intact but closed to all traffic.

Old US27 Emory River Bridge (Morgan County, Tennessee)
Begun in 1926, finished in 1928
Warren pony truss bridge over Emory River on Old U.S. 27

Olentangy River CR 141E (St. James Rd.) Bridge (Marion County, Ohio)
Built earlier over Scioto River and moved to this location 1937; rehabilitated 1987, disassembled and replaced late 2015/early 2016
Through truss bridge over Olentangy River on CR 141E (St. James Rd.)
In storage or disassembled

Overseas Highway - Bahia Honda Bridge (Monroe County, Florida)
Built 1912, converted to highway use in 1938; Abandoned 1972.
Railroad through truss bridge over Bahia Honda Channel on the former Florida East Coast Railway

Penn Central Big Duck Creek Bridge (Madison County, Indiana)
Once part of a heavy duty branch line from Anoka(Logansport) to Cincinatti featuring many passenger trains. Not included in Conrail after PC Bankruptcy, line was abandoned on April 1, 1976.
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over Big Duck Creek on Formerly Penn Central Railroad(nee Pennsylvania Railroad, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis, Chicago Great Eastern, New Castle and Richmond, others)

Penn Central Railroad underpass US 31 (Miami County, Indiana)
Built 1969. Old Rail line once part of the Pennsylvania Railroad system's Panhandle route, later Penn Central and Conrail's Columbus(Ohio)Secondary track, formerly double tracked.
Concrete stringer bridge over US 31's dual lanes. on Abandoned Conrail Railroad in Bunker Hill
Closed to all traffic

Phelps Road Bridge (Union County, Ohio)
Built 1926 by the Brookville Bridge Co., Brookville, Ohio.; rehabilitated 1999
Pony truss bridge over Bokes Creek on TR 308
Open to traffic

Plummer Creek Bridge (Greene County, Indiana)
Built 1894; replaced 2007
Replaced pony truss bridge over Plummer Creek on CR 760 East
Replaced by new bridge and now sitting in storage

Pointe a la Hache Ferry (Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana)
Opened in 1933 as a toll ferry (now a free ferry). This is the last crossing on the Mississippi River.
Ferry across Mississippi River
Open to traffic

Poison Creek Bridge (Perry County, Indiana)
Built 1905
Through truss bridge over Poison Creek on CR 104
Bridge dismantled and replaced, trusses saved for possible reuse.

Portland Water Works Bridge (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Built 1893, dismantled and stored for reuse in 2010, moved to storage in Sherwood, under option for re-use by DNREC.
Pennsylvania-petit through truss bridge over Sandy River carrying City of Portland Bull Run Water Conduits #2 and #4 will be preserved in another location to be announced soon.
Dismantled after the completion of an under river pipeline and moved to Sherwood.

PRR - Horney Creek Bridge (West side of IND 25) (Cass County, Indiana)
Located behind residences and a church West side of Indiana 25 at it's Horney Creek bridge crossing, or due West of IND 25 and Smith Street intersect.
Timber stringer bridge over Horney Creek on Formerly Penn Central (nee Pennsylvania RR, Vandalia, Logansport Terre Haute and Southwestern Railroad, others) in Logansport
Closed to all traffic

PRR - Isenberg Bridge (Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania)
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Little Juniata River on Fromer PRR
Abandoned but Pedestrians use it

PRR - Little Embarras River Bridge (Coles County, Illinois)
Believed to be originally built in 1916. (unconfirmed)
Abandoned timber stringer bridge over Little Embarras River
Appears the supporting structure is sound, but many of the cross ties are rotted.

PRR - Piney Fork Tunnel (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1924, abandoned 1962
Tunnel under Allegheny Valley Railroad Co. on abandoned PRR Peters Creek Branch
Intact but closed to all traffic

PRR - RACE Tower Industrial Line Bridge (Cass County, Indiana)
This small bridge was part of the original alignment of Logansport's first rail line that left the current line at 18th Street and headed along the South side of Wabash River to South Burlington Avenue where a depot and turntable once sat.
Abandoned timber stringer bridge over unnamed ditch behind Church near Main Street(old US 35, 435) and 18th Street intersection on Formerly Conrail(nee Penn Central, Pennsylvania, Panhandle, New Castle and Richmond Railroads) in Logansport

PRR - Turkey Creek Bridge (Tipton County, Indiana)
This particular structure built to carry trains on the Richmond Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad from Cincinnatti to Chicago(Via Anoka and Logansport). Many passenger trains traversed this bridge. Line abandoned by Penn Central in early 1970's.
Abandoned bridge over Turkey Creek on former Pennsylvania Railroad, Chicago Great Eastern, New Castle and Richmond

PRR PSI Track - Kokomo Creek Bridge (Howard County, Indiana)
Built on a stub off of the Kokomo Belt's line into Continental Steel, this track went to the former Public Service Indiana(now DUKE) site on Defenbaugh Street. Tracks were pulled a few years ago. Sits on Highland Parks West side.
Deck plate girder bridge over Kokomo Creek on Kokomo Belt Railroad, part of Pennsylvania RR(later PC, Conrail) with trackage rights by Nickel Plate, N&W. in Kokomo
Closed to all traffic

PRR/C&O Overpass (Grant County, Indiana)
Abandoned pony/through girder bridge over Winamac Southern Railway on former Conrail Railroad

Rays Hill Tunnel (Bedford County, Pennsylvania)
Begun ca. 1885 by South Penn. RR; completed 1940 by Penn. Tpk. Comm.; bypassed and abandoned in 1968.
Tunnel on abandoned alignment of Pennsylvania Turnpike
Unofficially open to hikers and bicyclists

Reading - North 12th Street Overpass (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Pony/through plate girder bridge over North 12th Street on Railroad

Reading - Pennypack Bridge (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Bridge over Pennypack Creek on Former Reading Railroad
Abandoned and rusting

Reading - Pottstown Pike Overpass (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
This abandoned road crossing was once apart of the Pennsylvania & Reading Railroad before the 1970's when CSX bought it up.
Abandoned bridge over South Pottstown Pike / Route 100

Red River Bridge (Jefferson County, Oklahoma)
Built 1939
Pony truss bridge over Red River on OK 79 / TX 79
Open to traffic

RI - Big Creek Bridge #1 (Cass County, Missouri)
Deck plate girder over Big Creek on former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad

RI - Blue Ridge Cut-Off Overpass (Jackson County, Missouri)
Unused since 1980 with the bankruptcy of the Rock Island Railroad
Unused pony plate girder bridge over Blue Ridge Cut-Off on the Rock Island Railroad in Kansas City
Railroad line inactive

RI - Briar Creek Bridge (Logan County, Arkansas)
Steel stringer bridge over Branch of Ashley Creek on Rock Island Railroad (abandoned)
Closed to all traffic

RI - Frost Road Arch (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1904
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Frost Road on Inactive Rock Island RR

RI - Little Blue River Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Deck plate girder bridge over Little Blue River on former Rock Island Railroad west of Unity Village
Closed to all traffic

Richland Creek Bridge (San Saba County, Texas)
Built 1936
Pony truss bridge over Richland Creek on CR 236
Open to traffic

Riverside Bridge (Christian County, Missouri)
Built 1909 by the Canton Bridge Co. at Ozark Mill and later relocated here; reopened Aug. 23, 2013
Two-span Pratt through truss bridge over Finley Creek on Riverside Drive north of Ozark in Ozark
Closed indefinitely due to flooding. Replacement most likely

Rogers Bridge (Fulton County, Georgia)
Originally bridged Milton and Gwinnett counties. Gwinnett Bicycle User Group is persuading Gwinnett County to convert the old Rogers Bridge over the Chattahoochee River to a bike and pedestrian bridge (1999).
Abandoned through truss bridge over Chattahoochee River on former Rogers Bridge Road (now carries a pipeline) in Johns Creek
Converted to pipeline bridge

Salamonie River CR 900S Bridge (Wells County, Indiana)
Built 1905
Through truss bridge over Salamonie River on CR 900 South
Moved to an abandoned roadbed just SW of it's original location. New bridge open.

Salt Creek CR 115 Bridge (Chariton County, Missouri)
Built 1916 by the Massillon Bridge Co.
Two-span pony truss bridge over Salt Creek on CR 115
Intact but closed to all traffic

Sam Reed Road Bridge (Union County, Ohio)
Built 1931 by the Brookville Bridge Co.; rehabilitated 1998
Pony truss bridge on CR 62
Open to traffic

Seven Island Bridge (Stokes County, North Carolina)
Built 1905 in the Pine Hall area, moved to Danbury in 1926, closed to traffic in 1998, removed and placed in storage in 2005 with plans for it to be relocated and rehabilitated in Danbury's Moratock Park as a pedestrian bridge across the Dan River.
Pratt through truss bridge
In storage. Resting on ground fully assembled.

SH/Capital Greenbelt Trail Overpass (Dauphin County, Pennsylvania)
Bridge over The Capital Greenbelt Trail formally a side track of the Northern Central Railroad
Open to light freight traffic on rails, pedistrants on the trail below

Shaytown Road Bridge (Eaton County, Michigan)
Built 1913
Warren through truss bridge over Thornapple Creek on Shaytown Road in Vermontville
Dismantled and placed into storage

Shelhorn Bridge (Decatur County, Indiana)
Built in 1904 by the Converse Bridge Co. of Chattanooga, TN.
Through truss bridge over Flatrock River on 600N
Bridge stored for reuse and new bridge being built at this site.

Sideling Hill Tunnel (Fulton County, Pennsylvania)
Begun c. 1885 by South Penn. RR; completed 1940 by Penna. Tpk. Comm; bypassed and abandoned 1968
Tunnel on Abandoned alignment of Pennsylvania Turnpike
Unofficially open to hikers and bicyclists

SMART - Puerto Suello Tunnel (Marin County, California)
Built 1879; Roof collapsed druing a fire 1961, rebuil 1967, Clo0sed in the 80s, Rehabilitated 2014-16
Tunnel on Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit
Under construction

Smithfield Bridge (Delaware County, Indiana)
Built 1902
Through truss bridge over White River on CR 170 South
Bridge is open with weight restriction

Snipe Slough Route O Bridge (Dunklin County, Missouri)
Built 1922-23; rehabilitated and widened in 1931
Pony truss bridge over Snipe Slough on Route O just southwest of Kennett
Open to traffic

So. Frk Farmington Brnch Bridge (Washington County, Arkansas)
Built 1923
Culvert bridge over So. Frk Farmington Brnch on Sh 170
Open to traffic

Sorrel Creek Bridge (Garland County, Arkansas)
Built circa 1920, Refurbished 1930
Small concrete arch bridge over Sorrel Creek on AR 7
Open to two-lane traffic

Stone Creek Concrete Arch Bridge (Lee County, Virginia)
Built 1918 by the Luten Bridge Company, Knoxville, TN
Luten arch bridge skewed slightly over Stone Creek on Stone Creek
Intact but closed to all traffic

Stones Mill Bridge (Wythe County, Virginia)
Built in 1881, this is the oldest documented bridge in VDOT's Bristol District
Truss bridge over Reed Creek on South Church Street
Intact but closed to all traffic

Stouts Creek Arch Bridge (Iron County, Missouri)
Built 1928
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Stouts Creek on MO 72 above Lake Killarney
Open to traffic

Sulphur River Bridge (Red River County, Texas)
Built ca. 1930; replaced by new bridge in 1994 and abandoned
Abandoned pony truss bridge over Sulphur River on old alignment of CR 347
Sitting in place with deck removed and aproaches missing