US 259

KCS - US259 Overpass (Morris County, Texas)
Built 1959
Steel stringer bridge over US 259, TX 49 & TX 11 on KCS Railroad
Open to traffic

Little River Bridge (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1938; Replaced 2017
Through truss bridge over Little River on EB US 70/ NB US 259

Red River Bridge (Bowie County, Texas)
Built 1961
Steel stringer bridge over Red River on US 259
Undergoing replacement and pending demolition

UP - US 259 Overpass (Gregg County, Texas)
Built 1953
Steel stringer bridge over US 259 on UPRR
Open to traffic

Yashau Creek Bridge (McCurtain County, Oklahoma)
Built 1936
Pony truss bridge over Yashau Creek on US 70/259
Replaced by a new bridge