OR 82

Route in eastern Oregon from La Grande to Wallowa lake.

2nd Elgin bridge (Union County, Oregon)
Built 1890s replaced 1935
Lost Truss bridge over Grande Ronde river on Elgin-Wallowa wagon road and OR-82
Replaced by a new bridge

Current Elgin Bridge (Union County, Oregon)
Built 1935; rehabilitated 1982
Stringer bridge over Grande Ronde R(Ne Elgin) on Or 82 (Hwy 010)
Open to traffic

Minam Viaduct (Union County, Oregon)
Built 1941 Replaced 2012
Lost Bridge
No longer exists

Old Minam bridge (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Lost Truss bridge over Wallowa river on OR 82
Replaced by a new bridge

WURR - OR82 Overpass (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Lost Timber stringer bridge that carried WURR tracks over OR 82
Filled in