White River Railroad

Reporting mark: WRRR
Originally built as the Brattleboro & Whitehall Railroad in 1880 this was planned to be a railroad running from Brattleboro VT to Whitehall NY. only the first 36 miles from Brattleboro to South Londonberry VT however, and was completed in a narrow gauge. The trackage traversed a rough terrain, which was prone to derailments and washouts, earning the railroad the moniker "the 36 miles of trouble".

In 1905 the railroad was converted to standard gauge and was reorganized as the White River Railroad. The railroad served until the flood of 1927 severely damaged most of the trackage. The small towns rallied to save their railroad, and in 1931 operations were restored. However the great depression, coupled with the unreliability of the railroad doomed the line and it was forced to finally close permenantly in 1936. By 1938 the tracks were torn up

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