St. Louis, Brownsville, & Mexico Railway

Reporting mark: StLB&M, SLBM, SBM
UP - Brazos River Bridge (Brazoria County, Texas)
Built ca. 1907
Swing through truss bridge over Brazos River on the Union Pacific Railroad at Brazoria
Open to traffic

UP - Guadalupe River Swing Bridge (Victoria County, Texas)
Built 1906
Pony/through plate girder bridge over Guadalupe River on Union-Pacific Railroad Co., Brownsville Subdivision
Open to traffic

UP - International Bridge (Cameron County, Texas)
Built 1909; Renovated/rehabilitated 1953 & 1992; roadway closed in 1997
Through truss swing bridge over Rio Grande on Union Pacific Railroad (and former roadway)
Open to rail and truck traffic

UP - River Road Overpass (Brazoria County, Texas)
Steel stringer bridge over River Road / 400 on Union-Pacific Railroad Co., Angleton Subdivision

UP - San Bernard River Bridge (Older) (Brazoria County, Texas)
Lost Through truss bridge over San Bernard River on Union Pacific RR