Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway

Reporting mark: OA&E
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M Street Bridge (Sacramento County, California)
Built 1911, Replaced 1934
Lost Through truss bridge over Sacramento River on M Street
Replaced by a new bridge

SN - Montezuma River Bridge (Solano County, California)
Built 1912
Lost Pennsylvania through truss bridge over Montezuma River on Sacramento Northern Railway
No longer exists

SN - Redwood Peak Tunnel (Alameda County, California)
Built 1911, closed & sealed 1957; Caved-in 1982
Abandoned tunnel through Shepherd/Redwood Canyon on Sacramento Northern Railway

SN - Suisin Bay Bridge (Contra Costa County, California)
Consruction began 1912, construction halted May 1913 because of a lack of funds
Bridge over Suisin Bay on Sacramento Northern Railway
Never built

SN - Suisun Bay Ferry "Ramon" (Contra Costa County, California)
Built 1915; Operations ceased 1954
Lost Ferry across Suisun Bay on Railroad (SN)
No Longer In Operation

SN - Thornhill Drive Overpass (Alameda County, California)
Built ?; Deck plate girder added ca 1930; Removed in 1957
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Thornhill Drive on Sacramento Northern Railway

YSRR - South River Road Overpass #2 (Yolo County, California)
Built unknown year, Yolo Shortline RR closed unknown year.
Timber stringer bridge over South River Road on Yolo Shortline Railroad
Yolo Shortline RR is closed, South River Rd is open.