Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway

Reporting mark: NC&StL
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Bridgeport Railroad Walking Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
Built 1887; four spans built 1900; Trusses modified in the 1930s
Walking bridge, converted from a former L & N Railroad deck truss bridge
Open to pedestrians

CSX - Boiling Fork Stone Arch Bridge (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Built 1851 as wooden trestle, replaced with stone arch bridge around turn of century
Spectacular stone arch bridge over Boiling Fork Creek on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Bolton Road Overpass (Fulton County, Georgia)
Steel stringer bridge over Bolton Road on CSX
Open to traffic

CSX - Chetoogeta Mountain Tunnel (Whitfield County, Georgia)
Started July 1927, completed December 1928
Tunnel under Chetoogeta Mountain on CSX Railroad (Formerly L & N Railroad, NC&StL Railroad ) in Tunnel Hill
Open to rail traffic

CSX - Cumberland Mountain Tunnel (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Built 1852 by Stevenson,V.K
Tunnel under Cumberland Mountains on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Kentucky Lake Bridge (Humphreys County, Tennessee)
Built in 1945
CSX railroad bridge over Kentucky Lake adjacent to Hwy 70 bridge in Johnsonville
Open for traffic

CSX - Lookout Creek Trestle (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Bridge built by N. C. & St. L Railway to Alton Park in Chattanooga, TN
Bridge over Lookout Creek

CSX - Ridgetop Tunnel (Robertson County, Tennessee)
Built 1905 by the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis RR (predecessor to the Louisville & Nashville RR, later CSX).. was longest free standing tunnel in the world when completed.
Tunnel under town of Ridgetop, Tennessee on CSX Railroad
Open to traffic

CSX - Running Water Trestle (Marion County, Tennessee)
Built 1968
Massive steel plate girder trestle over Running Water Creek and I-24 on CSX Railroad, west of Chattanooga
Open to rail traffic

CSX - St. Elmo Avenue Overpass (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Bridge over St Elmo Avenue on NC&StL RR
Open to traffic

CSX - TN 38 Overpass (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Slab bridge over TN 38 on CSX/NS
Open to traffic

Johnsonville Railroad Bridge (Humphreys County, Tennessee)
Originally built 1867 as a timber Howe truss bridge; rebuilt or modified in 1873, 1893, 1900, and 1915; demolished 1945 with the creation of Kentucky Lake
Lost through truss swing bridge over Tennessee River on the NC&Stl Railway between Eva and (Old) Johnsonville
No longer exists

L&N - Bridgeport Swing Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
Swing span built 1892; 114'6" (East) truss replaced 1910 w/ a 114' 8 riveted span; 145' (West) truss replaced 1912 w/ a 2nd-hand 143'-3" riveted span fabricated in 1905; Swing replaced 1981
Camelback Warren through truss bridge over Tennessee River on CSX Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

NC&StL - Mill Creek Bridge (Quarry Spur) (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Abandoned pratt through truss bridge over Mill Creek on Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway

NC&StL - Stones River Bridge (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Only stone piers remain today. Appears in 1932 topo map, but not in a 1956 version.
Lost bridge over Stones River on Former Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railroad

Old White Bridge (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Built 1913 as a railroad crossing for the White Bridge Road. Bridge made part of the Richland Creek Greeway in April of 2009.
Concrete deck girder bridge over Richland Creek and the old Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railroad on Richland Creek Greenway on a former alignment of White Bridge Road
Open to pedestrians

RJCM - Cumberland River Swing Bridge (Montgomery County, Tennessee)
Built 1891 by the Pencoyd Bridge & Construction Co.
Swing through truss bridge over Cumberland River on R.J. Corman Railroad/Memphis Line at Clarksville
Open to traffic

SQVR - Battle Creek Bridge (Marion County, Tennessee)
Built 1909
Warren through truss bridge over Battle Creek on Sequatchie Valley Railroad
Open to traffic

SQVR - Little Sequatchee River Bridge (Marion County, Tennessee)
Abandoned pony/through plate girder bridge over Little Sequatchee River on SQVR