Michigan United Railway

Reporting mark: MUR
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Gillett Bridge (Kent County, Michigan)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Grand River on Pedestrian walkway
Open to pedestrians only

GRH&C - Kelly Lake Drain Bridge (Allegan County, Michigan)
Built 1899; Abandoned 1913
Abandoned concrete stringer bridge over Kelly Lake Drain on Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago Railway

GRK&SH - Rabbit River Bridge (Allegan County, Michigan)
Abandoned pony/through plate girder bridge over Rabbit River on Abandoned Interurban Railway

Inter-Urban Pathway - Pine Lake Outlet Culvert (Ingham County, Michigan)
Replaced by a corrugated steel rigid frame 2019
Lost Concrete culvert bridge over Pine Lake Outlet on Inter-Urban Pathway
Replaced by a new bridge

MUR - Galesburg Viaduct (Kalamazoo County, Michigan)
Lost Pratt pony truss bridge over Michigan Central Railroad (Today Amtrak) on Interurban Railroad
Removed but not replaced

MUR - Kalamazoo River Trestle (Calhoun County, Michigan)
LIne built 1903, Tracks removed 1930, Trestle removed February 10, 1941
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Kalamazoo River & Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway on Michigan United Railway (Originally Jackson & Battle Creek Traction Co.)
Removed but not replaced

MUR - Michigan Center Viaduct (Jackson County, Michigan)
Removed ca 1924 when service was abandoned.
Lost Bridge over New York Central Railroad on Michigan United Railway

Oxford Street Trail - Grand River Bridge (Kent County, Michigan)
Built 1914
Deck plate girder bridge over Grand River on Oxford Street Trail (formerly Michigan Railway)
Open to pedestrians