Light Rail

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BART/MUNI - Market Street Subway (San Francisco County, California)
Originally built 1973 for Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Francisco Municipal Railway connection added in 1980
Tunnel on Bay Area Rapid Transit & San Francisco Municipal Railway
Open to traffic

Dallas-Oak Cliff Viaduct (Dallas County, Texas)
Built 1911; DART Dallas Streetcar LRT tracks installed 2015
Open-spandrel arch bridge over Trinity River on Houston Street in Dallas
Open to one-way southbound traffic

Light RailLink - Patapsco River Bridge (Baltimore, Maryland)
Bridge over Patapsco River on Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railway
Open to traffic

MAX Blue Line - Main Street Overpass (Washington County, Oregon)
Buil 1997
Concrete through arch bridge over Main Street on MAX Light Rail Blue Line
Open to traffic

MAX Blue/Red Lines - Robertson Tunnel (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Built 1998
Tunnel under the West Hills (Tualatin Mountains) on MAX Light Rail Blue Line & Red Line
Open to traffic

Metro Transit - Franklin Avenue Overpass (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Built 1952, Retrofitted to Light Rail Use in 2001
Steel stringer bridge over E Franklin Avenue on Metro Transit
Open to traffic

Minnehaha Tunnel (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Built 1999
Tunnel under MN 55 on Minnehaha Parkway
Open to traffic

MUNI - Twin Peaks Tunnel (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1918
Tunnel on San Francisco Municipal Railway
Open to traffic

PAT - Monongahela River Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1903; raised in 1912-16 grade separation; rebuilt 1982 for light rail
14 panel Baltimore through truss bridge over Monongahela River, many city streets and I-376 on Panhandle Railroad/ Pittsburgh T Transit
Open to traffic

PAT - Mount Washington Tunnel (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1902-4
Tunnel on Port Authority of Allegheny County Busway/Light Rail
Open to PAT traffic only.

RTD - Sixth Avenue Overpass (Jefferson County, Colorado)
Built 2010
Steel through arch bridge over US 6/6th Avenue on Regional Transportation District West Rail Line
Open to traffic

RTD - South Platte River Bridge (Denver County, Colorado)
Built 2010
Modern bowstring through truss bridge over South Platte River on Regional Trasportation District
Open to traffic

SRT - Willow Creek Bridge (Sacramento County, California)
Built ?
Deck plate girder bridge over Willow Creek on Light Rail Rapid Transit
Open to traffic

Steel Bridge (1912) (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Built 1912
Vertical-lift through truss bridge over Willamette River on Pacific Highway West & MAX Blue Line in Portland
Open to highway and light rail traffic on upper deck; bicycle/pedestrian and rail traffic on lower deck

Tilikum Crossing (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Construction 2011-2015
Cable-stayed bridge over Willamette River on MAX Light Rail Orange Line, Portland Streetcar, Pedestrian Path & Bus Lanes
Open to traffic

UP - Harrisburg Boulevard Overpass (Harris County, Texas)
Concrete tee beam bridge over Harrisburg Boulevard on HBT Railway/UP Railroad

Washington Avenue Bridge (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Built 1965; upgraded 2010-2012
Girder bridge over Mississippi River & East River Pkwy on Washington Avenue
Open to traffic