Lafayette & Logansport Traction Co.

Reporting mark: L&L
FT. W&WV - Robinson Ditch bridge (Carroll County, Indiana)
Part of an interuban line connecting Lafayette to Fort Wayne via Delphi. Line was abandoned about 1932, and probably scrapped shortly thereafter.
Lost Deck plate girder bridge over Robinson Ditch on formerly Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction Company(ex-Lafayette & Logansport Traction Company, Indiana Service Corporation, others)

FT. W&WV - Rock Creek Bridge (Carroll County, Indiana)
Lost deck girder bridge over Rock Creek on former Ft. Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction northeast of Rockfield

FtW&WV - Wabash River Bridge (S) (Cass County, Indiana)
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over South Fork Wabash River on Fort Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction Co.