Interurban Electric Railway

Reporting mark: IER
IER - Oakland Estuary Bridge (Alameda County, California)
Coverted from railroad-only to road vehicle usage in 1951. Replaced by a new bridge in 1974.
Lost Through truss bridge over Oakland Estuary on Interurban Electric Railway
Replaced by a new bridge

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1936; Key System tracks removed 1958; rehabilitated 1962; partial collapse 1989; west span seismic retrofit 2013; east span replaced 2013.
Suspension bridge over San Francisco Bay on I-80 connecting San Francisco, Yerba Buena Island, and Oakland. New eastern span is a 1400 foot single anchored suspension bridge
Open to traffic

Solano Avenue Tunnel (Alameda County, California)
Built 1930
Tunnel under under Marin Avenue on Solano Avenue
Open to traffic