Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad

Reporting mark: GR&I
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Blue Bridge (Kent County, Michigan)
Built 1892
Pratt through truss bridge over Grand River on formerly the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad, currently, a pedestrian path
Open to pedestrians

Conrail - St. Joseph River Bridge (St. Joseph County, Michigan)
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over St. Joseph River on Conrail

GR&I - St. Mary's River bridge (Adams County, Indiana)
Built 1898; Replaced 2010; Relocated 2017
Pratt through truss bridge over St. Mary's River on Chicago Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad via lease from CSX Transportation(nee Conrail, Penn Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad)
Replaced, dismantled and saved for possible reuse.

GR&I - Turner Avenue Overpass (Kent County, Michigan)
Lost Pony/through plate girder bridge over Turner Avenue on Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad
Removed but not replaced

GR&I - Wabash River Bridge (Adams County, Indiana)
Part of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad "Fishing Line" from Cincinatti to Northern Michigan in conjunction with the Pere Marquette Railroad, later part of the Pennsylvania Railroad empire.
Abandoned through truss bridge over Wabash River on former Penn Central (ex- Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad) Not included in Conrail system after Penn Central failure. in Ceylon, between Geneva and Berne.
Abandoned, South span removed, North one remains. Original South span damaged in derailment and replaced. After abandonment, newer South span removed and reused in unknown location.

GR&I Loblolly Creek Bridge (Adams County, Indiana)
Warren pony truss bridge over Loblolly Creek on Work Road
Open to traffic

Porter Hollow Embankment and Culvert (Kent County, Michigan)
Built 1885
Stone arch bridge over Stegman Creek on White Pine Trail
Open to traffic

PRR-Sand Creek Bridge (Kent County, Michigan)
Abandoned closed-spandrel arch bridge over Sand Creek on Former Pennsylvania Railroad

SS Chief Wawatam (Mackinac County, Michigan)
Built 1911, Taken out of ferry service in 1984; Cut down into a barge 1989, Scrapped 2009
Lost Ferry across Lake Michigan on Soo Line Railroad
No longer running