Elgin & Belvidere Electric Co.

Reporting mark: E&B
CP/Elgin-Belvidere Electric Overpass (Kane County, Illinois)
Built 1903 for Elgin & Belvidere interurban line to pass under Milwaukee Road; E&B abandoned 1930
Slab bridge over Elgin & Belvidere (abandoned) on Canadian Pacific Railway
Open to traffic

Elgin-Belvidere Electric - Kishwaukee River Bridge (Boone County, Illinois)
Built 1905
Abandoned ribbed closed-spandrel arch bridge over Kishwaukee River on abandonded Elgin-Belvidere Railroad
Abandoned. Derelict crumbling/overgrown

Illinois Railway Museum - Boot Creek Bridge (McHenry County, Illinois)
Timber stringer bridge over Boot Creek on Illnois Railway Museum RR
Open to traffic

State Street-Kishwaukee River Bridge (Older) (Boone County, Illinois)
Lost pony truss bridge over Kishwaukee River on State Street and Elgin and Belvidere Electric Company
Replaced by a new bridge