Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad

Reporting mark: DSP&P
Alpine Tunnel (Gunnison County, Colorado)
Built 1880-82 by the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad; collapsed and abandoned in 1910
Abandoned tunnel under the Continental Divide on the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad, southwest of St. Elmo
Abandoned and partially caved-in

Hortense Bridge (Chaffee County, Colorado)
Built 1880 by the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad; converted to vehicular use ca. 1926; replaced 1990
Lost Queenpost pony truss bridge over Chalk Creek on CR 162 near Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
Replaced by a new bridge

Romley Bridge (Chaffee County, Colorado)
Built 1881 by the Denver, South Park, and Pacific Railroad
Closed deck truss bridge over Pomeray Gulch (Chrysolite Creek) on FR 295 southwest of St. Elmo
Open to pedestrians only

UP - Arkansas River Bridge (Nathrop) (Chaffee County, Colorado)
Deck truss bridge over Arkansas River on Union Pacific Railroad
Closed to all traffic