Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad

Reporting mark: C&LE
C&LE - Big Darby Creek Bridge (Madison County, Ohio)
Lost Pratt deck truss bridge over Big Darby Creek on Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad

C&LE - Mud Run Bridge (Clark County, Ohio)
Built 1919; Abandoned October 29, 1938
Abandoned concrete rigid frame bridge over Mud run on Ohio Electric Railroad

Ohio Electric Interurban Bridge (Lucas County, Ohio)
Used by Interurban until 1937. It is now part of the Farnsworth Metropark. One of the bridge's supports is the Roche de Boeuf, a historic Indian council rock, which was partially damaged by the bridge construction.
Abandoned arch bridge over Maumee River, S. River Road. Formerly Lima & Toledo Traction Company.
Abandoned. Barricaded. Partal span collapse.