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Alsip Tank Farm Bridges (Cook County, Illinois)
Set of 4 wire suspension bridges over Cal Sag Canal on Petroleum Pipline
In active use

Arkansas River Pipeline Bridge (Fremont County, Colorado)
Through truss bridge over Arkansas River on Pipeline
Don't know

Armco Power Plant Bridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Abandoned Warren pony truss bridge over Big Blue River on an Abandoned KCS spur

Associated Oil Company Pipeline Suspension Bridge (Monterey County, California)
Built 1911
Lost Wire suspension bridge over Salinas River on Pipeline
Removed but not replaced

Atlantic Cement Bridge (Albany County, New York)
Built 1964
Pratt through truss bridge over Rte 9w , on Atlantic Cement
In use

Bear Valley High Line Aqueduct (San Bernardino County, California)
Through truss bridge over Mill Creek on Bear Valley High Line Aqueduct

Cameron Suspension Bridge (Coconino County, Arizona)
Built 1911; bypassed 1959
Wire suspension bridge over Little Colorado River on US 89
Closed to all traffic, it is fenced off on each side of the bridge Carries pipeline / conduit

Chatham Street Bridge (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1964; closed 2010; reopened to pedestrians March 20, 2017
Polygonal Warren through truss bridge over Cal Sag Channel on Chatham Street in Blue Island
Open to pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency vehicles

Conrail - Wood River Bridge (Madison County, Illinois)
Built 1902
Pratt Through truss bridge over Wood River on Abandoned Conrail and Pipeline
Intact carrying pipeline but closed to all traffic

Devil's Slide Trestles (Boulder County, Colorado)
Built 1903-05; bypassed 1928; tracks removed 1935; reopened as a road 1955-1979.
Timber stringer bridge over Devil's Slide on Denver and Salt Lake Railway
Closed to all traffic, but still carries a natural gas pipeline

Dumbarton Hetch Hetchy Pipeline Bridge (San Mateo County, California)
Built 1925
Pratt through truss bridge across a portion of San Francisco Bay on Hetch Hetchy Water Project
Open to maintenance personel only

Factory Island Bridge (York County, Maine)
Abandoned pratt through truss bridge over Saco River South Channel on Abandoned Pipe Line

Falls Park Pipeline Bridge (Minnehaha County, South Dakota)
Warren through truss bridge over Big Sioux River at Falls Park in Sioux Falls on pipeline
Open to traffic

Fulton Pipeline Bridge (Hempstead County, Arkansas)
Pipeline suspension bridge over the Red River at Fulton
Pipeline is active

Grand Tower Pipeline Bridge (Jackson County, Illinois)
Built 1955
Pipeline suspension bridge over the Mississippi River at Grand Tower
Still carries natural gas

John D. Hand Memorial Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1897
Deck plate girder bridge over Mystic River on Pedestrian Walkway & water supply pipelines
Open to pedestrians only

Krotz Springs Pipeline Bridge (Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana)
Wire suspension bridge over Atchafalaya River on Pipeline
Intact but closed to all traffic

Melville Pipeline Bridge (Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana)
Wire suspension bridge over Atchafalaya River on Pipeline
In operation

Mobil Pipeline Bridge (Providence County, Rhode Island)
Built 1919; rehabilitated 1999
Concrete arch bridge over Mobil Pipeline on RI 103 in East Providence
Open to traffic

North Canadian River Private Suspension Bridge. This is near 5434C. (Okfuskee County, Oklahoma)
Bridge over North Canadian River on Private property, carries foot traffic and pipe.
Open to pedestrians

North Mill Arroyo pipeline bridge (Lincoln County, New Mexico)
Pratt through truss bridge over North Mill Arroyo on Pipeline

NYSW - Edgewater Tunnel (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Built 1894 by New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad to gain access to Hudson River Waterfront. Tracks removed 1992, Pipeline project completed 2013
Tunnel on Railroad through Hudson Palisades

Old Trails Arch Bridge (San Bernardino County, California)
Completed Feb. 20, 1916; traffic diverted May 21, 1947; bridge converted to carry natural gas pipeline
Steel arch bridge over Colorado River carrying a pipeline (formerly carried US 66)
Closed to all traffic

Passaic River Water Pipe Bridge (Passaic County, New Jersey)
Pratt through truss bridge over Passaic River on Pipeline
Open to traffic

Peshtigo Paper Mill Covered Bridge (Marinette County, Wisconsin)
Bridge over Peshtigo River for paper pulp pipeline

Pipeline 60th Avenue Overpass (Linn County, Iowa)
Warren through truss bridge over 69th Avenue on Pipeline

Pipeline Bridge (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Pratt through truss bridge over Canal on Pipeline

Pipeline Bridge (Boyd County, Kentucky)
Through truss bridge over Pit on Pipeline

Pipeline Bridge (Nueces County, Texas)
Pratt through truss bridge over Navigation Boulevard on Pipeline

Pipeline Suspension Bridge (Clay County, Kansas)
Suspension bridge over Republican River on Pipelines
Open to traffic

Rogers Bridge (Fulton County, Georgia)
Originally bridged Milton and Gwinnett counties. Gwinnett Bicycle User Group is persuading Gwinnett County to convert the old Rogers Bridge over the Chattahoochee River to a bike and pedestrian bridge (1999).
Abandoned through truss bridge over Chattahoochee River on former Rogers Bridge Road (now carries a pipeline) in Johns Creek
Converted to pipeline bridge

Sandy River Pipeline Bridge (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Built 1924
Parker through truss bridge over Sandy River on Portland Water Bureau Conduit 3
Open to traffic

Santa Ana River Pipeline Bridge (Riverside County, California)
Pratt through truss bridge over Santa Ana River on Pipleline
Open to traffic

South Boat Ditch Gas Pipeline Bridge (Clark County, Arkansas)
Wire suspension bridge over South Boat Ditch on Gas pipeline / Not vehicular
Removed but not replaced