LA 42

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Moss Bluff Bridge (Old US 171) (Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1924; bypassed 1969; removed ca. 1972
Warren through truss bridge over Calcasieu River on former US 171
Removed but not replaced

Old US 171 KCS Underpass (De Soto Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1934
Pony/through girder bridge over Trenton Road (former US 171) on Kansas City Southern Railway
Open to traffic

Old US 171 Vernon Lake Bridge (Vernon Parish, Louisiana)
Replaced in 1967
Concrete deck girder bridge over Outlet to Vernon Lake
Open to pedestrians only

UP Underpass (Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1937
Lost concrete tee beam bridge over Union Pacific Railroad on US 171
Replaced by a new bridge

US 171 Noble Overpass (Sabine Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1934; replaced 2003
Lost steel stringer bridge over Kansas City Southern Railway on US 171
Replaced by a new bridge

US 171 Underpass (NB) (Vernon Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1939
Pony/through plate girder bridge over KCS Railroad on Northbound US 171
Open to traffic