Interstate 24

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CSX - I-24 Overpasses (Davidson County, Tennessee)
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over I-24 on CSX

CSX - Running Water Trestle (Marion County, Tennessee)
Built 1968
Massive steel plate girder trestle over Running Water Creek and I-24 on CSX Railroad, west of Chattanooga
Open to rail traffic

Holman J. Walker Bridge (Marion County, Tennessee)
Built 1965
Haunched deck plate girder bridge over Tennessee River (Nickajack Lake) on Interstate 24
Open to traffic

I75 Exit 2 Interchange Bridge (S) (Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Built 1959; portion of railing collapsed April 1, 2019
Prestressed beam bridge over I-75 Northbound to I-24 Westbound Ramp on I-75 Southbound
Open to traffic

Luther Draffen Bridge (Marshall County, Kentucky)
Built 1974 by the Allied Structural Steel Co.
Pair of steel through arch bridges over the Tennessee River on I-24
Open to traffic

Old L&N Interstate 24 Overpass (Grundy County, Tennessee)
Bridge over Interstate 24 on Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Intact but closed to all traffic

Paducah Bridge (McCracken County, Kentucky)
Built 1973
Two-span tied-arch bridge on Interstate 24 over the Ohio River between Paducah, KY, and Metropolis, IL
Open to four lanes of traffic